Playing Ultimate Collector comes with support Zynga

MMORPG Ultima Online creator Richard Garriott (Richard Garriott) announced the signing of a contract with the publisher Zynga. With Zynga Platform team his new studio Portalarium launched online project Ultimate Collector.

In a press release Garriott said that, in fact, Ultimate Collector ndash; is three games in one. This collection project in which gamers will hunt for different items: toys, gadgets, historical weapons, gadgets, and more. Then these things can be put in a virtual environment. In the draft, players can visit various shops, and objects can be changed in the game currency with which to open the new enhancements to the virtual home.

Today Ultimate Collector is in a phase of closed beta testing in the social network Facebook. Recently, Zynga is going through hard times: the director leaves the company, the stock price falls. In August, the company destined publisher EA. Hardly Ultimate Collector Garriott will become the new breakthrough, but we hope for the best.