Play The Dark Knight Rises visit iOS and Android this summer

Game The Dark Knight Rises to film in the universe odnoimnnomu Batman appears on the Android and iOS this summer. In addition to the spectacular fights with various bad guys, will be present in the action movie full trhmerny world.

Details about the new game from Gameloft, the developer of the project, was not followed, so it is unclear how The Dark Knight Rises will be associated with the film. Price as well stay a secret: Gameloft would make the game a free trial (with the levels that need to be open through micropayments) or simply allow players to buy the project from pre-open content.

As for graphics, for a project for mobile devices, it looks just fine. However, it is best to look at the teaser for the game, to get the full picture about marketing. About the existence of multiplayer in The Dark Knight Rises developers have not said anything.

This game is just one of a number of projects that need to appear in many favorite universe in the next few months. Also on the Wii U will re Batman Arkham City marked Armored Edition, which is to use all the capabilities of the controller of the new console from Nintendo.