PHDays 2012: hacked Apple iOS, Windows XP and FreeBSD

Positive Technologies Company announced the completion of the international forum Positive Hack Days 2012 and the break-event participants operating systems Apple iOS, Windows XP and FreeBSD.

According to the organizers presented

Hacking contest information, bypass security iOS mobile platform has been implemented through the gaps in the application Officesup2; Plus, distributed through official store App Store. Windows XP managed to break through a zero-day vulnerability in the core system, the same way the specialists have been opened defense mechanism FreeBSD.

Within PHDays 2012 also passed dozens of competitions for hacking and security analysis of various network protocols and products. Participants overcame a WPA-PSK for Wi-Fi, RFID-tags cloned from a distance, looked for ways to get around firewalls, hardware hacking and Cisco picked password encryption algorithms.

Positive Hack Days – event on the practical aspects of information security. The Forum program includes lectures by leading experts of the Russian IT-market, workshops, business seminars, and various contests for the protection and hacking of information resources.

Last year

Positive Hack Days attended by over 500 people, including specialists from Russia, Europe, USA and Asia, representatives of leading Russian and foreign IT-companies and independent experts. The Forum was widely reported in the professional environment and has been recognized as “the most interesting event of the year” in the field of information security.