Opera Unite: Looking for an alternative

For those who forgot, briefly recall the history of the development did not take place technology Opera Unite, announced with fanfare by Norwegians in 2009. It was in the middle of June, Opera Software publicly announced its intention to re-invent the network and officially unveiled a new product that changes the perception of the Internet as a client-server communication. Developed by novelty allows a few clicks on the computer to run a full web server with photo albums and chat, organize, live audio and video streaming, sharing files with other users of the network and to perform many other tasks.

Decision quickly had to taste gikam advanced, but has not found wide application of the user base browser Opera. Neither the original idea or the use of open standards, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, no flexibility, and extensibility were not able to keep afloat an innovative platform, the announcement of decommissioning work on which was seen by many fans of Opera with hostility. Desperate people tried to save grown fond to develop and deploy an international collection of signatures in support of Unite, but the efforts were not successful: Opera Software have finally closed the project. Amid widespread rumors of a possible transition of ownership of IT-market giants Facebook and laquo; Yandeksraquo;, this news only fueled the interest of fans of the few third-party Opera software solutions with similar functionality.

Speaking of notable alternatives Opera Unite, first of all, the American company supervised by the project CodeLathe Tonido, focused on a variety of platforms, including mobile. As a Norwegian design, it allows you to deploy in minutes on a workstation file and media server with a direct connection to the computer, which is used to identify the address of the form username.tonidoID.com. That, in fact, Tonido and differs from infesting the WAN cloud-services assumes that you transfer content in performing mediation cloud.

In Tonido cloud technologies are also used – oninbsp, may be involved as a user to store files and to synchronize data between different devices. Storage capacity ranging from 250 MB to 200 GB, depending on the tariff package subscriptions to the service. Total developer offers three tariffs – Free, Pro and Biz. First, as is not difficult to guess, is free and is good to become familiar with the basic functionality of the project, the other two can assess opportunities Tonido fully and estimated annual payment of 40 to 100 U.S. dollars.

Expand Tonido you can on computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and using a special hardware solution TonidoPlug worth about a hundred dollars. Get access to the server and content – from any browser, mobile gadgets based on Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone (they are planned to build the appropriate client applications) and game consoles Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 3. Administration platform through multilingual web interface that supports Russian and allows you to perform a lot of tasks – from rassharivaniya files, directories, audio, video and photo albums in your PC to setting access rights to the data and configure the network server settings.

Strength of the project is the connection of additional modules, greatly extend the functionality of the server. Using them, you can use not only for Tonido distribution of files, photos, and multimedia traffic, but also as a blog site, torrent pump storage services of various notes, system backup of important data and tools for remote computer management. Familiar with the intricacies of programming Tonido users can tailor to meet their specific needs. All necessary documentation describing the API interface is available at product development.

Another, if somewhat simplified, replacing Opera Unite can serve not require installation and consists of a single executable file size of 560 KB Windows-utility HFS (HTTP File Server). With the help of anyone, even a novice user can run on your computer web server for online file sharing. The program supports c HTML-templates to change the design of the online platform, provides comprehensive control access to data and broadcast traffic on the network, as well as interacting with the DynDNS, CJB and No-IP, service providers of dynamic DNS. Of these services make it possible to get in using a domain that is bound to not having a static IP-address of your computer and allows remote users to establish a direct connection with it.

Anyone who is seriously concerned about information security and gives priority to secure communications, we can advise RetroShare cross-platform program for file sharing through decentralized encrypted networks F2F (Friend-to-Friend). Feature of the latter, we recall, is the ability to establish connections only from trusted users and organize the data without fear that they may be intercepted by third parties. About the features and settings with RetroShare recently told our newspaper, so there is no sense to repeat. Just to say that, in addition to sharing files, the application allows you to secure correspondence with participants F2F-networks through kaknbsp, mail and internal messenger, chat with them in the forums, and search for the information you need.

Very well with the audience file sharing network and playback of media content on the fly to cope BitTorrent-client Tribler. From other similar solutions using peer to peer protocol, the program distinguishes the social orientation and independence from torrent trackers, provided by the direct exchange of information between participants (peers). Tribler, users can view a list of other participants hands P2P-network and create their own channels, within which to search for and download the necessary information. In order to combat spam and low quality content a system for rating assigned are automatically filtered channels with low scores. The program is open-source software and is available for platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

Finally, as another simple and uncomplicated replacement Opera Unite can act familiar to many users browser Firefox c extension installed Browser Server. This add-in adds to the browser and the server functionality can whip up over the Internet to organize files of any size. For correct operation of the expansion the authors recommend the development of a mandatory read the documentation provided with the product and make the appropriate exception settings involved in the operating system firewall. Will not be amiss to remember is that at hand computer must have its own external (laquo; belyyraquo ;) IP-address means by which a remote user can connect to leverage data from the server.

These are major policy decisions, which we wanted to tell, and that more or less able to replace departed this life platform Opera Unite. Alternatives, as you can see, a little bit, but it just yet. Technology in this area is not standing still and are developing rapidly, paving the way for new products and innovative start-ups. One can argue about the correctness of the Opera Software solutions and the reasons for the sudden closure of the project, but one thing is clear: for the second time to achieve success in this field of Norwegian company unlikely. However, it all depends.

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