Notes in his pocket, three alternative Evernote

Until recently, the easiest tool to quickly save any information plus a pencil paper. However, with the proliferation of mobile devices and the extension of their functionality has changed the world. Most people do not always carry a pen and organizer, but never forget the phone. Therefore, it is a mobile device is on hand every time you want to record something important. But the modern smart phones can be much more than just a store text notes. You can use them and make photos, and record voice memos, and transmit location information.

All this is embodied in the most popular service in the world to create and sync notes Evernote, the number of users which in December last year exceeded 20 million. But one Evernote world is large enough – there are many services that are more or less repeat functionality laquo; slonaraquo green.; So if you do something lacking in Evernote, or, conversely, want a simple solution for recording notes, read our review.


Springpad – is both the best known alternative to Evernote, and its most formidable competitor. First of all, because Springpad, unlike Evernote, completely free. In particular, the free Springpad saving of data in offline notebooks for use of mobile clients that Evernote is a premium opportunity.

Overall functionality of both services: they both allow you to create different types of notes, including record audio, add photos and attachments. Both contain a means for organizing notes on a notepad. And here and there are opportunities to exchange notes with other people.

Compared to Evernote service Springpad is more like an organizer, and information saved in it to look more carefully. And if you are using Springpad, it’s much less likely that your notebooks into a big basket with a text and multimedia waste. On the other hand, Springpad has not yet been translated into Russian, and the real competition for Evernote in Russia it will be only when it happens.

Good organization of data in Springpad is achieved, above all, because the user is offered a large number of types of records. In Evernote all entries are annotated, regardless of what you have in store – recipes, tasks scheduled for the current week, interesting links and a shopping list for the next trip to the store.

In Springpad for different accounts, you can choose your type. For example, if you want to add a prescription service offered to fill in fields such as ingredients, cooking time, a way to feed and so on. If you add a task, you can specify a deadline for the implementation and set a reminder, if your shopping list, then next to each item will be moved to the check box. Bought desired – put laquo; ptitsuraquo;.

At the same time, if you do not want to take the time to fill in additional fields, you can always add a simple note, and write in it all you want: at least contact details of the company, though the impression of the restaurant, though-do list. For each note, you can customize napominalschik. The addition of a notification can be automatically synchronized with laquo; Calendar Googleraquo;.

Entries Springpad, you can add e-mail and you can just as easily share them on social networks. Any note you can quickly make public (in this case, it falls into the search engines), or get a link to send proxies (the article in the search engines do not fall). Among all the tools to create the ability to add notes stand out product information by scanning the bar code and find places nearby.

Currently with Springpad you can work with mobile devices running Android and iOS, as well as through the web interface. The lack of official clients for desktop platforms (albeit temporary – they are, of course, will be in the future) have demonstrated the excellent service. First of all, it is a means for quick note-taking, and all that you have trouble remembering, being somewhere away from home.

Main question certainly arises from inquiring user has rated the excellent functionality Springpad, – what lies? That is why the service is free and as its creators to earn it? Those looking for hidden banners and pop-ups waiting for the proposal to move to a premium account will be disappointed, because Springpad used a completely different way to monetize. Somehow it reminds contextual advertising services to Google, something – links to partner sites to express your browser Opera. Springpad is integrated in a huge number of affiliate links, but the thing is that they are palmed off to the user, so that in most cases it does not even notice advertising. Suppose you make a list of movies you want to watch. Springpad helpfully offers to add the information about the film from the database IMDB, and gently tells you where you can buy tickets at a time, or buy a disc with the movie. Affiliate links, but as they appear in the subject, and next to the usual information, the user safely laquo; proglatyvaetraquo, advertising, and it does not stop him.


While some complain that they are in Evernote lacks some tools, while other users find them there too much, and ask the service easier. Well, Evernote can actually be used for a variety of tasks, from writing recipes to making daily to-do list. One of the intended service – assist in the collection and sorting of different information from the Internet. To simplify the addition of data from Evernote have special add-ons and bookmarklets for browsers.

If you use Evernote just for that, you should pay attention to Searcheeze. This service allows you to store images, text snippets and video from the Internet to the server Searcheeze.

All Stored information is combined by topic and presented in easy to read format that resembles a newspaper layout. Every element of the theme has its own block, which is used to refer to the source. Photos are combined in a single unit Lightbox and appear as fotoalboma.

This collection of materials can be saved for personal use and can be opened for public viewing. The service provides the ability to quickly publish links to recent topics in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress. But perhaps the greatest advantage of the service – a joint edit topics. If open access to topics other people, then they will be able to gather information on the project. This possibility, as, indeed, the entire functionality of the service is free of charge. It is worth recalling that in Evernote the opportunity to work on notes is only available for premium users. Invite people to work on the collection of information as you can simply enter the address of their e-mail and add friends from Facebook.

Now the drawbacks. Searcheeze not yet support the Russian language, and does not work with our popular browser Opera. Bookmarklets, designed for easy data collection, work only in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (for Mac OS) and Google Chrome.

Also noted a slow loading JavaScript-program Searcheeze. It takes no less than five seconds. Bookmarklet will run separately for each page from which you want to store the data, even if you move to a different page in the same tab, where the application was started. In general, each time to click on the link to start the application, and then another, and wait until it starts, ndash; this is too much. But the service is quite new (check on it was opened in October last year) and running in beta mode, so long as such flaws can be forgiven him and watch for its further development.


As you know, Evernote can store not only text, but also pictures, attachments, audio notes, scanned documents, and so on. But those who use the service only for recording text notes, often speak of his congestion. Well, if you just need a good notebook, Simplenote – is a good alternative.

Make an entry in

Simplenote much faster than Evernote (especially compared mobile clients services). No need to press the button to create a new note, think about the title, keep it. Just start typing, and it will be automatically saved. We can say that it is as easy as to write something on his arm tucked a piece of paper. But, in contrast to the information on a sheet, data entrusted Simplenote, will be saved and synchronized with all connected devices to your account.

Organize notes, compared with Evernote, too simplified. There are no pads, only a long list of notes that are sorted by title or date of last change. There is also the ability to add tags and sort them, but the main way to retrieve data from a Simplenote search. It works in real time, as you type, leaving only the relevant results. Notes to which you refer most often can be fixed at the top of the list. They will be there no matter how long ago they were edited. A similar function was to Evernote recently, although it is implemented slightly differently – for quick access to a user is invited to make a shortcut to a special panel notes. The method of the Simplenote, seems to be more elegant.

In Simplenote is the ability to publish content and notes on the Internet, which is also made as simple as possible. When selecting the appropriate option service simply generates a link to a note. If the tags notes the mailing addresses of other users of the service, then you have a reference to the notes, they will be able to edit it.

Since Simplenote automatically saves any changes the user makes to his notes, it is possible that accidentally deleted something important. So the service keeps up to ten versions of each edit notes (and in the paid version – up to thirty). The paid version, which is estimated at $ 20 per year, also offers the ability to add notes, sent e-mail, sync with Dropbox, RSS-tape of the notes and edit them in the list view (in the application for the iOS).

Now support for various platforms. There is only the official Simplenote app for devices running iOS, as well as a web interface to add notes directly in the browser.

Official client for desktop platforms, as well as for all mobile platforms other than iOS, do not. But there is ample opportunity for third-party developers who are actively using onymi. Therefore we can find a number of applications for Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac, with which you can synchronize your notes with Simplenote.

List of applications published in the Downloads section on the official site service.


Limit to the number of alternatives Evernote discussed above services? Not at all. There are, with which it is convenient to gather information for future writing, essays or articles,, supporting the organization of data with heshtegov, and many others.

Take notes – is the most obvious thing you can do on a mobile device. And not because the person is prone to pedantry, rather the opposite. Amounts of information encountered every day are becoming more and more, and keep everything in your head is impossible. And thanks to the service to create notes, you can make your life more organized.

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