Next game from Peter Molyneux will be called Cooperation

Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux), game-experiment is called Curiosity is due out in September, has already managed to say a few words about svom next project. The game will be called and will be developed Cooperation Sun the same independent label 22 Cans, Molyneux created after retiring from Lionhead Studios.

Molyneux said that the Cooperation will laquo; very, very otlichatsyaraquo, from Curiosity, in which, we recall, players will split huge cube and look in nm something that can change the life of any gamer. He added: laquo; If you think that Curiosity is the biggest mystery to appear in a digital world, the Cooperation mdash; cooperative is the greatest achievement that the world has ever znalraquo;.

Game, as the name implies, will be competitive. As for the target platforms Molyneux said nothing, but, presumably, it will be all those same PC, iOS and Android.