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Course, the gameplay revolution there was not a hint mdash; we still participate in races, moving away from aggressive police officers and expand its fleet. The thing is, how it is filed. Criterion Games, the Creator of the series of devastating arcade racing Burnout, decided to apply their experience in the creation of Most Wanted. As a result, we are dealing with a mixture of ideas, which are perceived by the game as laquo; bad Need for Speedraquo;. In short, if you try to tie Most Wanted 2012 issue of the series, nothing good will come of it.

Sports cars prostitutes

First Burnout creators trampled one of the main incentives for the passage. From now on all machines, except for the ten cars owned by the drivers of the most-wanted list, available to the user from the start. No need to buy or win in difficult fights mdash; enough to drive past a buzzing sound system and blinding headlights of a car parked somewhere in a secluded place. Even if such nemudrny option seems too tedious, allowed for 149 rubles to buy Origin access to everything under the sweet name laquo; Most Wanted Time Saver Packraquo; (quoted verbatim). It remains only to show the final movie for the money, and also to introduce tariffs on assassinations laquo; bossovraquo, in the action.

However, they

Racing shells out just gorgeous, and their range includes everything you can imagine. Criterion combines incompatible, umeschaya in a game very different classes and brands of machines. Unless you do not worship only American tank, be sure to find something to their liking. And even if they worship, a huge Ford F-150 is easy to replace them. laquo; Rabid bloharaquo; Ariel Atom and e brother Caterham R500 Superlight, large laquo; muskulyraquo; Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, aggressive hot hatch Ford Focus RS500, a bold concept Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro, astronomically fast and just as expensive Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Aventador and Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, rally classic Lancia Delta Integralehellip; even have domestic Marussia B2!

List goes on and on, as he has 42 models. Machine drawn so well that create unexpected effect mdash; like you found myself among a collection of toy meshes. Want to twirl each in their hands, touch, see, and then move on to the next. And so long as the whole set not come to an end or process does not get bored. The downside to this effect mdash; superficiality. Hardly you will pass one or two races at the wheel of the classic Porsche 911 Turbo, as a glance at the next turn falls to the tempting shiny Ford GT. In short, the garage itself is not, there is only a set of toy cars, which for a moment take off the shelf, and then return back.

This superficial approach secured the organization of races. Our goal in the game is to win over drivers from the list Most Wanted. I mean, not the rider and wheelbarrows mdash; any hint of plot here is not in sight. Of course, for this car arcade minor matters, but remember how well integrated into the overall picture of the simple little story in Most Wanted sample of 2005. It ensures the proper subtext going on, giving the player an extra motivation to move to a head. Here, all for the sake of machines and vehicles.

To get the right to call a regular competitor in the contest, you must get a certain amount of Speed ??Points, issued for winning races. On any car has a total of five rounds, each of which not only brings the infamous glasses, but also allows the car to equip some improvement. Tuning utterly primitive. Three types of tires, short / long cab (for best acceleration and top speed, respectively), mild or strong body, two versions of nitro mdash; all. And it’s not entirely clear what to dance and try to squeeze out of the same EVO X that the Nissan GT-R is able to base, because of restrictions on the choice of weapons winning races with no Most Wanted.

Passions on the road

But before we meet laquo; Feyrhevenaraquo best riders, have to force one’s way through the crowd of other applicants and a pack of police officers. Imagination of developers needed only four types of racing: Ring race, a sprint from point A to point B, the separation from the cops in the required time and prohvatit, which is necessary to achieve a given average speed. The most interesting and fascinating to obtain the latest mode, because the rest of behavior spoils the impression of computer opponents.

Begin with, that the police in this town are very, very hard, if not mdash; rested. Their behavior is dictated not only by physics, which is subject to, and your car, but also ruthless script, the latter clearly prevail. Cops appear almost directly behind him, quickly cover vast distances and generally behave arrogantly. Run away from them on the entry-level cars are very difficult, and when it does happen, it does not usually need to thank your skills and luck.

Generally, these hide and seek with the official cars do not make sense, because the only penalty is a loss for the capture of Speed ??Points, earned in the organization of road disturbances. For first place in one race give as much points as three or four long chase, mdash; so if you’re tired shake dummy script with the tail, it is better to stop and substitute wrists for handcuffs. Honestly, even the bearded Hot Pursuit and e sequel to 2002 the issue was interesting to compete with the police.

Other claims are similar to those that are made of the police in Need for Speed: The Run mdash; sparkling blue-red lights Corvette could easily circumvent your McLaren MP4-12C, rushing at top speed, and then throw spikes in front of his nose. Such conditionality could still be forgiven if similar measures were applied with respect to the silicon carrier. However, it feels like a farce revolves only around our guests and all others are just working on the dancer.

Generally, artificial intelligence is given a big head start. One has only to type out the opponent in the bumper or successfully introduce him to traveling toward the van, as he immediately revived behind you. But if you find yourself in his place, the first virtual operator in detail prosmakuet accident, showing it from several angles, and then your car will be back on the road. This is especially noticeable during the races Most Wanted, where one is usually fraught with conflict restarting the race. In this case, all that can rival, mdash; is aggressively going to the ram, brazenly used his advantage in speed of recovery. Such moments are just irritating and not fuel the competitive spirit.

collective mess

Correct the situation could network game, good graphics and nice beautiful physics behavior of cars in Most Wanted is. However, here the creators decided to do his own way, making laquo; not as ransheraquo.; We were invited to participate in a series of five races, which includes both the usual race, and various tests. Among dozens of other players you are in exactly the same Feyrhevene, as in a single game, and on the map marker blinks indicating the starting point of the event.

Not yet in place to gather all the race does not start mdash; imagine what it’s like around completely random people? One can depart for leaving a game on, the other will ride around town in his udovolstviehellip, of course, the system provides for the mandatory start a few minutes after it occurred as a meeting place, but between the races is still a lot of empty, nothing filled time.

Start-in Most Wanted mdash; is just the beginning of a series of surprises. In cutting circles or sprinting is still more or less well (except occasionally twitching and falls into the earth rivals) but the match is worth mentioning separately. They are out of place here as well as Fingal eye before shooting for a passport. For example, in one of them wins, who will be able to miss more time with the other players at the site lies within the tube. Statement of the problem, as in most other tests so vague that the first did not even know what is required of you (the timer ticks away in the meantime.) And when you finally realize that you start to laugh at the absurdity of what is happening mdash; prevails in pipe Brownian motion and constant clashes, and especially thick trolls just put the car across and uhodyathellip, Organization in multiplayer is not at all, and the competition is too primitive, so expect to not have a pleasant stay. Why not do everything the old way and as it should, instead of trying to shove us svezheizobretnny bicycle spokes with torn and protruding above the frame of the seat tube instead?

Most Wanted From 2012 you can enjoy (only laquo; singleraquo;, dear readers), if we see it as an independent project, unrelated to NFS. This is a beautiful game about beautiful cars, which wants to try one by one, until will have an overall simplicity of the situation. However, it is difficult to ignore the staring everywhere logos and Need for Speed ??Most Wanted, which promise publisher solid runs and big profits. True, such a trick with buyers usually works only once.

compromise for fansSurprisingly, Criterion Games has fulfilled its own promise and presented to the PS Vita almost the same game as on consoles / PC. Same city Feyrheven with all its secrets and racing events is identical control, networking opportunities (for some reason, with the authorization of the local Origin), even the Russian localization mdash; Sun in home versions.However, is there a number of negative aspects. First of all, I had to sacrifice serzno graphics and detail mdash; Most Wanted looks much better companions on the genre with the PSP. Machines clearly disadvantages sites, and sights are vague and do not produce a completely unimpressed mdash; all this is the price paid for a huge open world. In addition, and so was not crowded Feyrheven esch emptier mdash; player pursue at best five cops (neither of which a dozen out of the question IMT), and the participants themselves racing though always less.Spoil weak visuals and local rezhissrskie primchiki like revolving around the launch pad gonki chamber. Well, it looks very strange, with such and such protruding pixels and laquo; lesenkamiraquo.;Esch is a caveat associated with a small screen laquo; Vityraquo.; The game works with a good frame rate (which is a definite plus), cars rushing with great speed on urban spaces, but some small elements of the world such as curbs, ledges or bars is sometimes difficult to discern mdash; scale of objects is clearly aimed at the TV or at least monitor . As a result there are unpleasant collisions and accidents, which, in theory, would not have happened on the screen with a big diagonal.A similar situation is with the interface. Line, menus and symbols are too small, look at them, of course, is not difficult, but the portable console fonts of similar size do not look. And ugly, and not very functional.Is a bit compromised port. Play, in general, it is possible and in some cases even exciting, but it was felt that the offer is not quite a full plate. Conjures up thoughts: that the worst of mdash; portable games laquo; on motivamraquo, large projects (with all known defects) or things like Most Wanted on Vita with amputated elements, but in the right canonical form.Rating: 6

LocalizationMost Wanted has been fully translated into Russian, but we should keep it with rejoicing. The few text elements have no complaints (eye cuts only stupid laquo; You: Beat the car Most Wantedraquo; after beating one of the drivers in the list), but with the cops Sun worse. A feeling that the talks on the radio cops carries the voice and the people who know our language as a second, mdash; they seem to understand the meaning of what was said, but in practice often get ridiculous. The impression is reinforced when the police of recite his small stock of replica many times throughout the game.Evaluation of localization: 7


  • impressive fleet of 42 models mdash; overweight from SUVs and sports classics to rapid supercar;
  • licked to shine machine models, dynamic day and night, lovely surroundings;
  • spectacular, responsive arcade physics;
  • pleasant soundtrack.


  • hectic multiplayer and stupid;
  • escape from police at the entry level cars can be a real torture;
  • absence of penalties for the capture of the cops chase makes virtually meaningless;
  • duplicate replica servants of the law quickly bored;
  • laquo; rabotatraquo, the purchase of new cars do not have, and the cars themselves are forgotten as quickly as accrue;
  • racers off the Most Wanted impossible, but they can easily dissolve the horizon;
  • sense of progress and a weighty motivation during transmission does not occur: the first competitor from the list that the Tenth mdash; Sun one.

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