Mozilla has launched a multiplayer demo HTML5-game

Mozilla with Web Design Studio Little Workshop presented a web-based 2D-adventure game BrowserQuest. The project is based on modern web technologies and is designed to perform in the browser. BrowserQuest is based on JavaScript and uses the HTML5 Canvas element to render 2D-world, HTML5 audio API for sound effects, WebSockets to communicate with the server, and localStorage mdash; for user data storage.

On udalnnoy side game also uses JavaScript and executed over Node.js. The load is distributed on multiple copies of Node.js on TPX different servers. The game works without problems with 1900 or more players at a time. BrowserQuest current status can be viewed in real time through a dedicated web interface. By the way, the game is open, and the code can e found any interested developer.

In developing its Little Workshop of the project focused on the use of Web standards, which are already widely supported in both desktop and mobile browsers. As a result, the game will work on both tablets, and PC.

In future games based on web standards will become more sophisticated Sun. Even today, you can create projects with 3D-graphics, and support for game controllers in the future may bring browsers beyond casual games.