Mobile Digest: ten most needed programs for Windows Phone 7.5

Became the owner of a portable device with the latest Microsoft mobile platform on board? Congratulations. It remains the case for small – to become familiar with the operating system Windows Phone, now provided by the developer in version 7.5 Mango, and pump apparatus smelling factory paint quality software. And if the first task can quickly deal laquo; method tykaraquo, then search for a place in decent smartphone applications can take a long time. The thing is, that at the time of noteworthy programs that fully disclose the potential of the system’s online store Marketplace, there are over 50,000 products, one, two and a handful. In the future, with the increasing popularity of devices WP-picture could change, but for now have to literally bit by bit, as the gold from river sand, fish out in Market worthy public recognition of development, which is devoted to a brief review of this article. All of these applications in the material installed and tested on a Smartphone HTC 7 Mozart T8698, OS version – WP 7.5.

laquo; Yandeks.Kartyraquo;

No sadder story in the world than the story of Windows Phone involved in mapping services Bing Maps, malofunktsionalnom, speak the language and basurmanskom Godea except for positioning on the ground. Sheer frustration, even for inexperienced users, which is able to replace the popular mobile app circles laquo; Yandeks.Kartyraquo, working in conjunction with the online service of the same name.

Unlike tools Microsoft, decision laquo; Yandeksaraquo; able to find with home owners WP-smartphones, and provides a common language to subscribers of mobile operators laquo; Bilaynraquo, (Russia) and laquo; Kievstarraquo, (Ukraine) free web traffic. Among other features of the program featured satellite imagery, detailed maps of 263 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, search homes by address, and with them – cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, gas stations and other facilities. In addition, for the application of the above modules, showing the display portable device to-date information on road traffic congestion.

In the settings

Laquo; Yandeks.Kartraquo and you can select the type of navigation maps (schematic, satellite and folk), playing with scale and sliders in charge of the GPS-receiver and a collection of information about traffic jams. Sun simply and tastefully. Recommended.

FB2 Reader

Lovers use your phone to read books definitely appreciate application FB2 Reader, designed to work with documents in the format FictionBook. The program supports downloading of electronic editions of Dropbox cloud storage and OPDS-directories, gets along with packed in ZIP-archive file. Fb2, provides automatic switching between portrait and landscape mode, the screen is able to hyphenate for better perception of the text and allows you to attach the book to your desktop for quick access to them.

The first thing you notice when working with FB2 Reader, – the speed of the reader. The application handles the lightning hefty Talmud and promptly turns the pages. Another important feature of the product is the interface implemented in the spirit of Windows Phone, and characterized by common minimalism are clearly seen in all components of the program, including setting. In the past, the user can disable the lock screen system, select the font size and colors, add text alignment, set the desired brightness of the display and adjust the display progress indicator reading books.

FB2 Reader is distributed by the author on a commercial basis. For those wishing to try out for free in the reading room provides a trial version that allows you to upload only one book and blocker to view the last 50 pages. In future builds of the program (at the time of writing, we used version 1.6) is expected to include support for the inclusion of Electronic Publication (ePub) and TXT, bookmarks and tables of contents, SkyDrive-storage and other goodies, with a full list of which can be found at mobile application developers.


One of the strengths of the mobile platform, Microsoft is the tight integration with Facebook, a common thread permeating stored in phone contact records, calendar, photo and video galleries, the notification bar, as well as other tools that focuses on the exchange of information on the Internet. As a consequence, to interact with the said social networking can immediately without installing third-party applications. On the one hand, it is convenient, the other – forcing the user to break the stereotypes and get used to scattered in different corners of the working environment, Windows Phone controls account Facebook. Those who are not willing to put up with this situation and accustomed to decisions laquo; everything odnomraquo, it makes sense to look at the eponymous program developed by the Redmond giant.

Client application provides access to the basic functionality, and Facebook allows us to keep abreast of ongoing developments in the social network. Through the program, you can analyze the news feed, view pictures online service users and lists upcoming events, send messages, make friends, publish, record and perform other familiar tasks. For more information about the product is available in Marketplace, proceed on this link.

My Balance

With this application, the name speaks for itself, you can control the balance of your mobile phone and an account with friends and family over the Internet. The program allows you to take a pencil unlimited number of telephone numbers served by mobile operators laquo; Mobile TeleSistemyraquo; (MTS), laquo; Bilaynraquo, and laquo; MegaFonraquo, in various regions of Russia. The interests of user information can be displayed on the tile (tile) My Balance on the main menu Windows Phone.

All data – balance, packages SMS, MMS and balance network traffic – My Balance requested through available in the arsenal of most telecommunications companies self-service customers. The program can access remote servers as requested by the user, and automatically at scheduled intervals. Great traffic for worried owners WP-smartphone provides the ability to update the data only with the active Wi-Fi-connection. It is worth noting also the exclusive developer responsiveness on the part of corrections detected laquo; bagovraquo, in the product and its more than reasonable price.


Speaking of explanatory software for Windows Phone 7.5, you can not ignore the application for reading news feeds RSS and Atom. Among those we liked aggregator SimpiRSS, which is different from the functional analogues rich fillings, including scoring mechanism English-language publications, support for Google Reader, YouTube, and audio podcasts, feature rassharivaniya interesting notes on social networks and other goodies. A notable feature is the ability to automatically reader to seek out at the viewing sites in the internal browser RSS-feeds and subscribe to them.

Separate note caching RSS-flows for later reading without having to connect to the Internet and the availability of options to save traffic. In particular, SimpiRSS can download multimedia content only with a broadband connection, can work in text mode and exclusively used for page rendering service Google Mobilizer, optimizing websites for viewing on mobile devices.

Available in Marketplace and commercial assembly SimpiRSS, cost a little more than two dollars. It is true, how is it different from that considered, we did not understand because of the same description of the programs- that free that distributed for hard cash. And if there’s no difference, why once again climb into the wallet?

TuneIn Radio

Listening stations broadcasting on the internet has long been a way of life for many users of both stationary and portable computers. Owners of devices running Windows Phone plunge into the waves of the network radio program will help TuneIn Radio.

The assets mobile application – an impressive and cutting to certain categories list of online radio stations broadcasting news, sports coverage, and the music of different directions, styles and genres – from jazz to rock, and children’s songs to romantic rock ‘n’ roll and fascinating hearing blues. For ease of use TuneIn Radio provides search box, saving time and removes the need to climb on the long list of Internet radio stations, which contains over 50,000 entries.

TuneIn Radio supports work in the background to determine the current location of the user and automatically generates a list of broadcasting stations in the region (which is extremely useful for listening to local news), no questions asked downloading radio program. Application is translated into Russian, it does not require for their work dime (except for the payment of network traffic).


Those who instead of listening to Internet radio prefer to watch TV online, the company SPB Software, more recently, which is part of laquo; Yandeksaraquo; offers SPB TV – Mobile Player for streaming TV.

SPB TV provides a free, subscription and maintenance fees access to 150 television channels from more than 20 countries. In the program mode laquo; kartinkeraquo picture-in, and a quick preview of transmission, and has built-in TV program has a function laquo; video zaprosuraquo.; Special emphasis on the developers make the player to automatically adapt to varying network bandwidth and application interface, repeating the basic functions of management or TV. In the past, the player SPB TV for a money distributed, but then the company, to the delight users moved its product in the category of free solutions. And rightly so.

IM +

The multi platform instant messenger for Windows Phone until the situation is extremely tight, and the only more or less viable option in this area is IM +, penned by the German company programmers SHAPE Services.

Supports instant messaging Skype, ICQ, laquo; VKontakteraquo;, laquo; Mail.Ru Agentraquo;, Facebook, Google Talk, laquo; Ya.Onlaynraquo;, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber and curated by SHAPE Services mobile service Beep . Also appear in the Plus program mode Push-notifications, the ability to send images, the function block incoming messages from unauthorized contacts and full multitasking support Mango. Missing from the application and minuses. Judging by the reviews, particularly frustration for the user to call a slow and unstable work program, part of an impressive appetite for energy, permanent session break while working on Skype and annoying banner ads. In the last two misunderstandings can be overcome by purchasing commercial editions of the product, with all the others – will tolerate before quality alternatives.


Official application, which can be a great addition to those provided in the Windows Phone 7.5 tools to work with the micro-blogging Twitter.

Corporate Twitter-client can simultaneously work with multiple accounts, allows you to place on your personal blog page short notes, read messages of friends and other users of public records service Twitter, as well as apply to the electronic news made using a mobile phone camera pictures. In addition, the program has a popular search tweets and boasts a huge number of possible settings. Digging into the past, you can activate the appropriate theme, select the service, which will be loaded attached pictures, disable geolocation features, determine the size of the cache to store tweets to set time data updates and pokumekat over other equally important parameters. The application interface is translated into six languages ??except Russian for some reason do not. Let us hope that this is temporary.

Voice Recorder

Users of mobile devices is often a need to whip up a voice memo. For example, dictate the phone number, address, brilliant idea or any other short, but important information. WP-owners of devices in such cases can resort to a part of system and office suite application or OneNote, which is much faster and more efficient for the special program called Voice Recorder.

Key feature Voice Recorder is a minimalist interface, with a single button on the list of records but stored in the phone audio format WAV. No settings, no extra features in the software provided by the recorder. Except that there is a built-in player for listening to voice notes, also completely devoid of any lotions. Such simplicity impresses: clicked on the button, has written that it is necessary and then save the data – nothing more, everything is clear, both in the pharmacy. Not surprisingly, the Voice Recorder application has found a lot of fans and has received many rave reviews from the user base, including our.

‘s the whole collection of software solutions for the mobile platform Microsoft, which we wanted to tell. Perhaps readers of 3DNews, with extensive experience working with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, there will be willing to share their findings and ideas on the topic notes. Please keep those comments in the form below feedback.

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