Mobile Digest: ten most needed programs for Android

Mobile platform Google Android, despite his youth, was able to quickly take the lead in the smartphone market. For example, in April every second smartphone sold it worked under the operating system. A wide variety of smart phones in various price categories allows the platform to successfully withstand competition from Apple iOS, RIM, WP7 and Symbian. Another success factor is the large number of programs for Windows – now in the Android Market has more than 200,000 applications. If you have just acquired Android-smartphone and a loss from a wide variety of programs, this stuff is for you. We bring you the top ten most-needed programs that will unlock the potential of your laquo; guglofonaraquo.; All programs installed and tested on the smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, the OS version – Android 2.3.3.

Dialer One

Possible standard dialer in Google Android is not impressive, so the Android Market is full of alternative development. One of the best – the program Dialer One, which has developed Yermek Zhumagulov. Home laquo; fishkaraquo; program – easy quick search for contacts in the mode of T9, and not only in name, but by number. As a result, for the detection of the desired subscriber usually need only enter a few letters / numbers in the data of this contact.


Also a quick and easy set – to make a contact to the list, simply select the appropriate context menu item, so you can save up to 99 contacts. To access them quickly in a box, you can simply press and hold the corresponding number.


Dialer One is perfect for viewing the call history. You can individually take your incoming, outgoing and missed calls or, for example, view only calls from unknown numbers.


Application can also be used to view a list of contacts, however, it is not all that smooth. Subscribers who have more than one number, displayed as different contacts. In addition, after you select any menu item and return back does not open the contact list, and call history. However, you can switch between them at the touch screen, so it can hardly be considered a serious disadvantage.


Are in the program and rather exotic feature – geopoisk in laquo; Yandekseraquo.; The search is performed with the user’s location, and the list is issued on request establishments nearby. You can also directly in the application to see the location of the object on the map laquo; Yandeksaraquo;.


Finally, Dialer One notable simply tremendous level program settings. Can be changed as visual appearance and behavior. Additionally, the application supports the search for contacts in 22 languages, including English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian and others. It is convenient that the program can do and back up all your application settings.


Thus, despite its free, Dialer One is a powerful and convenient tool to quickly find and call contacts. The program is definitely worth the attention of all owners of smartphones on Android. For the month of use Dialer One showed their best side- everything works quickly and accurately, no lockups.

Handcent SMS

If the previous program helped us to make a call, the Handcent SMS is designed for the equally important function of mobile phones – sending SMS-messages. Compared with pre-system Android-Handcent SMS application provides users with a much greater opportunity for working with SMS-messaging, and with options to display them. The popularity of the program says the number of downloads from the Android Market – today there are more than 10 million


Handcent SMS supports different styles of tree display messages, such dialogue can be displayed in the style of iPhone. Only in the last version of the application is available 11 skins, in addition, you can also change the font type and color, size, contact photos, design the program, background color and design of the widget.


Speaking directly about the features of the software, they are very wide. In addition to all the standard features such as send / receive messages and group them by contacts, Handcent SMS can search for SMS and MMS and packet sending SMS to multiple contacts. It also supports T9 input mode signature in SMS, display the number of characters typed, sending the finished text encoding Unicode, and the contents of SMS-messages can be let slip (used service Google text-to-speech).


Among other interesting and useful features of the program is to acknowledge the possibility after receiving SMS in the popup window with a text message – in this case the smartphone is unlocked automatically, and you can write a reply in the same window. When you activate this feature, you must be careful – if the phone is unlocked in your pocket, there is a chance to send SMS in response to some gobbledygook.


Naturally, with Handcent SMS can choose the ringtone that tells about the arrival of messages, and set the type of vibration, which will then be activated. You can also change the behavior of LED-display smartphone – the color and flicker frequency. Also, the application is able to create black lists, SMS-messages to protect passwords and more – to the study of the program’s features to spend more than one hour. For Handcent SMS, there are several individual plug-ins that add to her new skins, fonts and emoticons. All of them are from the Android Market, and completely free.

laquo; ES Provodnikraquo;

If no winner of the two previous programs Android-smartphone is able to live, without the next hero of our review use laquo; guglofonomraquo, in full does not work. It’s about so familiar to all PC users things like File Explorer. Application with the telling name laquo; ES Provodnikraquo, is another example of an almost perfect program – is stable, many features, is updated regularly and also be charged. To run the program requires the device with Android 1.6 or higher, for the ancient smartphones on Android 1.5 there is a separate version of the application.


Course, the main purpose of the program – to view the contents of your phone and memory card, and up to the task it copes perfectly well: go through the folders is very fast, and the interface is clear at a glance. Just in case there is a help file, which explains the purpose of each button on the main panel.


Can sort (type, size, date modified), folders and files can be presented as a large or small icons, as well as a list. Objects can be selected in the multi-selection mode – essentially being similar sandwiched Ctrl key on the PC. It is possible to choose and all the files and folders.


Addition to standard copy / move objects, laquo; ES Provodnikraquo; able to archive them in ZIP-archives, including password-protected. Naturally, the application, and can unpack: besides ZIP format is also supported, and RAR. Here and there a simple text editor.


Directly from the program, you can send the file via Bluetooth or by using one of the installed applications – Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and others. There is also a SD-card analyzer, which will scan the card and shows which folders occupy the most space. laquo; ES Provodnikraquo, easy to customize to your liking – you can change the color of folders and all the design of the program. Among other features laquo; ES Provodnikaraquo; – access to the computer’s files (via Samba), file management via FTP and Bluetooth, view media content, backup applications.

laquo; Mobile bankraquo;

Surely the vast majority of our readers, somehow earning a living, available in plastic card, more popularly known as laquo; kreditkaraquo.; It’s convenient – these cards are accepted almost everywhere now, and ATMs are located at each corner. Many banks offer to their customers and bank online, with which you can control the flow of money and make payments using a computer. However, mobile application offers a very small number of banks, one of the best – u laquo; Alpha Bankaraquo.; That’s where the owners of Android-smartphone comes a program called laquo; bankraquo Mobile, developed by our compatriot Alexei demes.


Main purpose of the program – control flow of funds. The application uses the information about the movement of money in your account of the service SMS-messages from the bank. Of course, for proper operation laquo; Mobile bankaraquo, necessary that the service you have been connected. For example, the aforementioned laquo; Bankaraquo Alpha, a service called laquo; SMS-chekraquo, and costs 59 rubles a month (in the primary service package).


Currently, the list of supported application of the Bank has more than 75 positions, and is constantly updated. laquo; Mobile bankraquo, in visual form shows recent cancellation and receipt of funds on your card, and it is also able to automatically calculate the amount of the commission, if any – for example, when the withdrawal took place at an ATM laquo; chuzhogoraquo; bank. In addition, the program can make payments – of course, if the bank offers this feature. For example, in the case of the same laquo; Alpha Bankomraquo, and you can make payments on templates added in laquo; Alpha Klikeraquo, (online banking). Also, an application can send SMS-requests – they can be used to find out your balance, credit limit and more.


Another interesting possibility laquo; Mobile bankaraquo – install the widget on the desktop. There are four variants of the original and two sizes of the widget. It’s not an extra option – set a password for the call application. As to the pluses include regular updating of the program and, as a consequence, increase the number of supported banks. I use this app more than six months, the program works almost flawlessly – only recently have seen the problem with the advent of SMS-messages in the log of the program, respectively, in the activity log information is not updated in a timely manner. It is hoped that in the next version laquo; Mobile bankaraquo, this problem will be solved.

Beautiful Widgets

Offered by HTC style desktop with large digital clock, the current temperature and weather condition icon many liked, and often the owners of smartphones from other manufacturers are looking for a way to get a similar picture on their devices. In the operating system Google Android make it easier than ever – just download the appropriate software and install the widget on the desktop. One of the prettiest of programs of this kind is Beautiful Widgets. The popularity of the application says the number of downloads from the Android Market – they are now more than 500,000, and this despite the fact that the program is paid. So the real number of users who have downloaded the program, much higher – since there are many ways to get a particular application is free, but I would suggest that the authors maintain, for 80 rubles against the 10-20 thousand, which is the average laquo; guglofonraquo;, – quite inexpensive.


Application is a diverse set of widgets for your desktop. In the first place, of course, the so-called widget Home – it is the very combination of hours, the current date, temperature and weather forecast. In addition, you can independently set the clock widget, date, weather forecast in various sizes – in general, it is necessary to experiment yourself to choose the best option. There is also a nice widget battery consumption.


Novoyavlenny buyer should immediately download an additional package with animation weather – the application itself has to do with watching the forecast for the next few days. If the current style of the clock and weather icons are not satisfied, you can always download custom skins – offers a wealth of options, and among the works presented are quite original. In general, the scope for lovers decorations opens just huge. If you do not wish battery life, you can download and another addition to the program – live wallpaper. True, ihnbsp, the appearance is not as impressive as the other features of the program.


Weather and clock widget, the app offers so-called toggle – Compact widget to enable / disable certain functions of the smartphone: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and so on. All these tumblers twelve. Also worth noting is another feature of the widget Home – when you click on a particular part of it run certain applications. For example, by default, pressing the clock displays the alarm clock, the date – the calendar, and the icon of the weather – a detailed forecast for the next five days. The weather information is taken from the Google services or Accuweather.