Mobile Digest: Review office suite for Android

Applications for Android are different – white, blue, red. Or, to speak in a serious manner, the free and perform their duties solely hard cash, entertainment, and designed for specific tasks, friendly, completely devoid of practical value and malicious demanded broader user audience, appearing in various ratings and timidly treader where something in the back of technological progress, by knowingly or slyapannye laquo; kolenkeraquo on, for a couple of minutes – all you name it! And there are programs, without which our everyday life as without hands. Among the add include applications to work with web content, IM-networks, e-mail and various document types. About new products, representing a class of mobile office tools, and will be discussed in today’s article.

Before you go directly to the familiarity with the characters of the material, let us make a small digression and briefly describe the criteria for evaluating business applications for Android, which we followed in the preparation of the review. First of all, is of paramount importance-level compatibility with popular file formats package Microsoft Office: agree, it’s silly to keep in memory portable software that can not find a common language with the doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and other widespread file formats . The second important point to which we have been paying attention – functionality. The package should provide the full extent of the needs of ordinary users and it does not cloud the brain meaningless options. Another plus in the treasury of a decision awarded for stability, ease of interface layout and competent management of the program. Also, the emphasis was on a reasonable price / performance ratio of the product and the availability of Russification. Total – five key criteria that allowed us to evaluate software solutions use familiar from school a five-point rating system.

Google Docs

Honorary right to open our first survey fell to Google Docs for Android – corporate client for the eponymous online office suite renowned Internet Corporation. Designed with an eye to the common minimalist application allows you to upload files and convert them into editable Google, see all sorts of text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files and PDF, works collaboratively with others to use optical character recognition (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) to convert images into editable formats, send print jobs through the service Google Cloud Print and manipulate other functions for quick access to which is provided corresponding widget that is placed on the desktop portable device. The product interface translated into 46 languages, including Russian, and the program comes with a detailed documentation, clear neizbalovannogo overseas catchwords domestic users and reveals all the nuances of working with the client application.

At first glance, plus Google mobile development more than enough, but in reality the Sun does not look so rosy. Weakest point of the program – rigid adherence to the network channel, every time when there is no Internet connection transforms in general is quite good and promising product to the level of useless and forcing the user to look closely to alternative solutions. Apparently realizing that alone laquo; oblakahraquo, does not go far, the developers of Android-version of Google Docs implemented in the application caching data (at least in settings such exist), but to understand the logic of thereof, we have not succeeded. Perhaps the full support of the offline mode will be added in future versions of the program.

The second flaw

Google Docs for Android is in the mediocre functionality related changes of certain documents. First, before editing the files need to be converted to the format of documents Google, and secondly, you can only adjust the text blocks and the values ??of cells in a spreadsheet. No tools to style, layout, formatting, and other data manipulation is not provided. Furthermore OCR-engine application is not friends with the Cyrillic alphabet and the English text with the recognition of coping through time. All these and other roughness put Google’s crafts on the step below the others, and she has taken a point. Total program can be evaluated except at C grade.

OfficeSuite Pro 5

Office suite company with ten years experience behind the development of software for a variety of mobile platforms, Palm OS, Symbian, Java ME and Windows Mobile to the Apple iOS to Android and have eaten more than one dog in this delicate matter. The wealth of experience Mobile Systems demonstrates polished to a shine functional OfficeSuite Pro 5, including viewing and editing files formats doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx, a utility to view PDF-documents (including Password protected), support for ZIP-archives built-in file manager, presentation templates, integration with Google Docs and other tasty snacks.

Special mention deserve the Russian interface and advanced editing tools that focus on a convenient toolbar and helps you manage fonts, layout, and format text, bulleted and numbered lists, various functions in the spreadsheet application, notes in the presentation slides, and other options until the character count in the document.

As part of the pledged

Functional OfficeSuite Pro 5 is not bad, and the program can be safely put a solid top five, if not problems opening files larger than 3 MB, forcing the application to report an error, and mediocre accuracy of the display of documents in Microsoft Office. Even in the simplest test file containing text and a couple of pictures, office suite managed screwed up alignment of graphical objects, and document a little more complicated entangled in some fonts and gave nonsensical rubbish. While in the first case, Sun can be attributed to a lack of memory of mobile devices (for information, used branded Android-tablet laquo; Beeline M2raquo;, built on the Chinese model ZTE V9 Light), in the second can only throw up your hands and regret imperfection digital technology.

ThinkFree Office Mobile

One of the best implementations of the Office for Android, comparable in features with the above decision, and the most accessible for cost performance. Akin to a competitor, the package ThinkFree Office Mobile allows you to view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, incorporates viewer PDF-files transparently work with cloud services Google Docs and ThinkFree Online, and is equipped with a localized interface. Is no problem to find a common language with heavy files, not buggy, properly display documents can automatically back up data and boasts an impressive array of tools to work with spreadsheets. The highlight of the application is a scroll left-right menu bar, miniature, not take up much space on the screen and greatly accelerate the work with office documents.

Speaking of bugs, in a brief acquaintance with product defects, then we were able to identify those few. First of all, it should be noted slowness in order to launch the program laquo; tyazhelyhraquo, files, the processing of which at the office sometimes takes more than a minute, and the absence of the quick rollback just made changes to the document. Esch one, even tiny, but still a fly in the great barrel MDA called ThinkFree Office Mobile was the lack of ability to retain data in tabular format files xlsx. What caused such a restriction – for us remains a mystery.

Quickoffice Pro

Office suite, available for a variety of mobile platforms, including Android, and, according to the development company, established more than 300 million mobile devices in over 180 countries of the world – an impressive performance! Filling Quickoffice Pro Standard: editor Quickword, spreadsheet Quicksheet, training program presentations Quickpoint, PDF-viewer and file manager QuickPDF, which are accessed from the main window.

By Quickoffice Pro features largely duplicates the above packages. Oni sufficient detail on the official website of the product, so there is no sense to repeat. A distinctive aspect of software solutions note integration with online services Google Docs, Dropbox,, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe, support for ZIP-archives, speech synthesis technology and multitouch, advanced master Excel functions and allowing the insertion of finished pieces and diagrams editor presentations. You can also write to the pros office presence in the spreadsheet application tabs mechanism that allows a single stroke to switch between sheets in the document.

Grabs at Quickoffice Pro and annoying flaws. The biggest problem – lack of memory when opening large documents, which sets the program in line with OfficeSuite Pro 5. The second annoying laquo; ficharaquo – the default edit mode, and then when scrolling text norovyaschy track the location of the cursor and turn occupies a good part of the workspace virtual keyboard. Finally, the third claim to the product – on the abundant ridiculous (and often totally unnecessary) reductions application localization. laquo; Obnovl.raquo;, laquo; Create new dokum.raquo;, laquo; Otkr.raquo – these and many of the names of menu items hurt the eyes and does not add optimism to potential buyers Quickoffice Pro.

Documents To Go

Key feature of this product is the American company DataViz is speed – the program opens in seconds multi-megabyte documents and does not complain about a lack of memory, like some other members of the review. The rest of Documents To Go – a typical representative of the family of mobile office applications, depending on a virtually no way inferior to peers. The package supports file doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx amp; pdf (including password-protected), can work in conjunction with Google Docs, and synchronize data between mobile phone and PC, allows viewing the history of changes and notes in documents . Judging by some users had time to test the product in, Documents To Go smoothly breathing to the formulas and mathematical symbols in vordovsky file, but in this case, similar problems have been reported.

Only thing you can complain about when using Documents To Go, so it is a miscalculation in ergonomics, user interface, forcing editing documents often refer to the full-screen pop-up menu items. The implementation of two-story context-sensitive toolbars, as in ThinkFree Office Mobile, would be in this case the most preferred, would simplify menu navigation and control of an office productivity suite. This is our personal opinion.

Olive Office Premium

Craft wizards of the Celestial Empire, wrapped in a beautiful fashion with obrtku nameplate laquo; premiumraquo, and in practical terms, which is a remarkably senseless toy. Of the more than a dozen used in our sample documents Olive Office Premium opened only two files – presentation with five slides, and tiny text publication. Through trial and error we found out that laquo; kitaetsraquo, not friendly with files over one megabyte, consistently crashes when opening PDF-documents, dislikes Cyrillic fonts in emphasis does not see the files included in vordovsky graphics. Not a program but sheer misunderstanding.

Equally amusing is the product interface. If you look closely, you’ll find that the design of the main screen, Olive Office Premium Chinese guru coding cleaned with copied discussed two paragraphs above Documents To Go. And not only copied, but also tried to localize the individual elements of the interface in Russian, apparently using some run-down system of machine translation of texts. The result was something terrible and indigestible. It is doubly sad that Chinese software companies can and know how to make high-quality products, but in this case the Sun turned out quite the opposite and Olive Office was the only office suite, does not hold water.

Smart Office

Perhaps the most successful realization of the mobile office for Android, as evidenced not only positive user audience, but our impression of the product. Smart Office package so adjusted and balanced in terms of interface, reliability, speed and ease of use that does not appear the slightest regret the money spent.

Among the most outstanding features of the program select thoughtful mechanism display the smartphone or tablet content document that can visually flip through, switching to a three-dimensional view, and zoom at the touch screen. The last function to come to mind many owners without support interface laquo; multitachraquo; devices.

Second laquo; killer ficheyraquo; Smart Office editing capabilities are developed, providing flexible operation with the stored data in the buffer and allowing laquo; on leturaquo; view will look like this or that changes made to the document. As part of the product are a lot of ready-made templates of documents, not only for presentations, but Word and Excel. In addition the development of Picsel supports vector format WMF and EMF, as well as graphics JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, has built-in help system and correctly handles appearing in the diagrams and flowcharts Microsoft Visio.

Not managed in Smart Office and no contentious issues, to which can be attributed view documents in 3D, it presupposes that a member of stereoscopic glasses. All this thing looks beautiful and fascinating, of course, but is needed these three-dimensional effects are an average user? The second point which should also emphasize, for the lack of review of documents and view notes. In some cases, these tools are useful. Otherwise, by and large – the product looks quite well against the competition and is recommended for everyday use in the office work in the field.


Market business applications for the Android platform is today in a time of formation, and at this stage is quite obvious uniformity of the proposed development to the consumer not being able to give the championship laurels particular solution. On the one hand, such uniformity of products simplifies the selection, on the other – makes careful to look closely to even the most minor flaws of each program.

Traditional drawback of most represented in the Android Market office suites – inability to work with large files, leaving out of business a number of interesting alternatives. Practice shows that this problem is solvable, but for some reason, software companies have been slow to address it by focusing on the expansion of functional applications, not on eliminating their weaknesses.

Finally, we add that the choice of an office equipment should not settle for the first available product and the right to give their money. We recommend to install a trial version of the phone and play with it, look for similar applications and thoughtfully read in the Android-Market experienced users reviews, criticism which, as a rule, immediately gives a first impression of the development, brings clarity to the process of finding the right software and minimizes minimize the risk of erroneous decisions. Good luck!

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