Mobile Digest: dozens of programs for the new iPad

Since the release of the new iPad has now been several months, but Apple’s new tablet is unequaled at least one parameter: the resolution of its screen Retina Display, amounting to 2048×1536 pixels, leaves competitors a chance. These specifications are open to application developers new possibilities. This collection assembled a dozen applications, adapted to the new Retina-display iPad. Games deliberately not been included in this review – they will be the topic next release mobile digest. All applications are run and tested on iPad 64 Gb + Cellular running iOS 5.1.1.


In March, along with the update iPad, Apple announced the application iPhoto, laquo; zatochennoeraquo, under the screen Retina. The program is five dollars and works on devices with iOS 5.1 and above, in addition, the first iPad is not supported. iPhoto is designed for viewing and editing images on a tablet. Thumbnail grid with a scrolling lets you view photos in either portrait or landscape orientation. With iPhoto you can also compare multiple images, placing them side by side.

Application fully supports multi-touch gestures, so the editing process quite intuitive. With iPhoto you can tweak the exposure, contrast and nasyschennostnbsp, pictures, or to rely on the work of automation – this is a button laquo; Avtouluchshenieraquo.; After all the manipulations you can view changes – in the upper right corner there is a special icon, when clicked, shows the original photo. The program has a few brushes for photo editing is also possible to apply a variety of effects, making the picture, for example, black and white.

Another original feature is the ability to iPhoto to create virtual albums – laquo; Dnevnikovraquo.; You can add these notes, maps, calendar date and weather information, as well as put them in iCloud, prichm albums will be available in any browser. Look up the work would be something like this. Edited photos can be published to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, as well as to implement streaming of photos and slide show on HD-TV on a Wi-Fi via Apple TV. Naturally, iPhoto would not replace any more or less advanced graphics editor on your computer, but for simple is fine.

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    The App Store has a lot of programs for musically gifted people, but the application GarageBand, familiar to many owners of systems on Mac OS, stands alone. For just $ 5 iPad owner receives a powerful tool for composing music full, and for podcasts with different effects. In addition, we can recommend the program to parents who want to develop musical skills of their children or even open their talent in this area.

    There are exhaustive application downloaded a huge selection of a variety of instruments: piano, organ, synthesizer, drum machines, drum machines, guitar, cello and more. Each tool has different modes of use, which opens wide field for experimentation. Some of them like a drum machine for hip-hop can create something more or less like the music just with a couple of clicks. But, of course, to write something nice for hearing a no talent, or at least music education are essential.

    Many instruments sound different depending on the point of contact and power, and support for multiple clicks here can be very useful – you can play with all ten fingers. Another interesting feature is the ability to GarageBand cooperative work: with a bunch of four iOS-devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can make a real jam session. By songs easily send to friends via e-mail or copy in your library iTunes. You can also share your music via Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud. On YouTube there are many videos that show created in composition,- here, for example, one of them.

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      As the number of different social networking sites to check for updates in them becomes more difficult. Has already become a very popular application Flipboard allows you to combine content from multiple services, making the process of familiarization with him easy and convenient. Application support services Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and others. The main feature of Flipboard is a unique feeding mechanism of content – the application itself assembles material from the different services in the likeness of a glossy magazine.

      Flipboard immediately loads and displays attached to posts in laquo; Tvittereraquo;, Facebook and similar services image, so that each page of the virtual log is generally present a lot of pictures. Each post can be viewed in full, leave him a comment or click laquo; laykraquo.; The app has a variety of options for displaying content – you can display only the favorites, or all records completely, or just photos.

      Another key feature of Flipboard – the ability to output a specific news topics. In your account settings, you can select special editions and just news sites. Each section is available a wide variety of publications, so that the user can easily form their own band, consisting of both events from social networks, and from notes and papers by various news sources and services other subjects. Flipboard is set each owner of iPad, but the app looks really nice on the screen of a new tablet Apple.

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        Social networks are becoming more and more popular: the typical iPad owner often accounts for at least a couple of services. Twitter is becoming more widespread in Russia, and in the latest version of iOS official client is pre-installed. laquo; Rodnoeraquo, the application allows to use more or less a social network, but you should pay attention to the competition. A functional, comfortable and nice at the same time looking applications to work with Twitter is Tweetbot. Application exists in versions for both the iPhone, and for the iPad. Tablet version also supports the new Retina-display iPad, including why the application is worthy of all the holders of the latest product Apple.

        Tweetbot is divided into nine tabs – on the left side of the work area is a vertical line with the characteristic icons: the tape, records, personal messages, favorites, search, personal pages, lists, retweets, filters. Every action in the program is accompanied by sound – unobtrusive and quite enjoyable, however, in the settings you can turn off the sounds. An interesting feature is the ability to customize Tweetbot several laquo; taymlaynovraquo – that is, for example, at work, read the tweets of some people, and in his spare time – very different.

        Another advantage of the application is its simple and intuitive interface. For example, a single click on a tweet brings with him a list of possible actions – reply retweet and so on. If you press and hold your finger on a specific message – there is a new menu with other possible actions. Double tap or swipe to the left allows you to see tweets dialogue entirely or see attached image. Also worth mentioning is the built-in Tweetbot filters that allow or restrict the output messages from specific users or with specified keywords or hash tags, or tweets, written using certain applications.

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          Fotopedia National Parks

          High resolution screen makes iPad perfect new way to view photos. Especially when these photos were taken by professionals and do not show the view from the windows on parked cars for the trash, and the most beautiful places on our planet. Application called Fotopedia National Parks is just and offers users enjoy the sights National Park. The program includes two thousand gorgeous photographs showing the diversity of the nature of the United States of America. All pictures are taken by photographer QT Luong.

          The interface is simple and clear that, in general, is to be expected, because the functionality of these programs is usually minimal. A still image can display a description of what it represented, and where it was filmed. The photos can be displayed in a random order, it is also possible to view the structured collections – dedicated, for example, canyons, rivers or lakes. You can also see on the map the place where it was this or that picture, add a picture to your favorites. Of course, there is the opportunity to share favorite photos with friends by sending it in laquo; Tvitterraquo, or Facebook. True, there is a small negative is that the reference to social networks are not published on a specific photo, and on the collection containing it.

          Present in Fotopedia National Parks and the ability to start a slideshow of the photos, and in the settings you can set the interval between photos. Unfortunately, using the program can not be stored like the picture or put it as wallpaper – most likely, it is done so as not to violate copyright on the photo. However, since the application is free of charge and with their functions to cope with a bang, then find fault with him is not worth.

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   Hotel Reviews and Photos

            Summer is approaching inexorably to a close, and many have not yet had time to rest their just two weeks off (what little the employer releases once a month) to the sea. Many Russians prefer the familiar relaxing resort in Turkey or Egypt, but more and more people, sated by these countries, traveling to more exotic places in search of new experiences. Also worth noting is the increasing number of independent travelers who do not use the services of travel agencies.

            Just on these fans travel program is designed with the long name Hotel Reviews and Photos. Starting the application screen resembles Flipboard. Program immediately seduces stunning views of beaches of the Dominican Republic and offers to book a bungalow on the island of Jamaica. Another interesting section is devoted to advertising and compared these photographs hotel and the surrounding areas. It will be useful to study regardless of which hotel you are going to book – such tricks marketers found in almost any country.

            Otherwise the functionality of applications similar site You can view the hotels in a particular city or country. In the description of each hotel there is a brief summary, are its advantages and disadvantages. There are also a selection of photos, descriptions of rooms, a map with marked location of the hotel and so on. Of course, here it is possible to book your favorite hotel – for this application uses the services of partners like On the downside, the program may include a small base – for example, Russia does not at all, as well as many popular resorts.

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              Although the LCD screen is not the best solution for reading books, giving displays technology-based E-ink, plates, many owners use them for such purposes. Retina-display of the new iPad is great for displaying text information – thanks to the high resolution of the fonts on the screen look almost perfect. One of the applications to read, fully supports the Retina-Display, a company Kindle Amazon.

              Application will be particularly useful for owners of similar electronic book readers or users of services Amazon. However, and lovers of honor will probably find this program useful. To add a book, purchased by non-Amazon service, just send a file to the specified e-mail program. You can also take the help of iTunes.

              Main advantage of the advanced features of the program are synchronized. Technology called Whispersync synchronizes open books, notes, bookmarks, and selections in books between many different devices: Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, PC, Mac, Android smartphones and Windows Phone 7. Thus, on any device you can always skip down to the page where you left off before. The other features are pretty standard Kindle: Setting the font, color scheme, brightness control from the program, search for the book. Also, you can connect to the application dictionary, however, it works only with English. There is a possibility to search for the selected word or phrase in laquo; Vikipediiraquo, or Google.

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                Day One

                In this era of social networking craze, which lost half the Internet users, keeping a personal diary or daily log seems irrelevant. But some 15 years ago, many teenagers had their own secret diary, with whom they shared their innermost thoughts. Now everything is written in laquo; Tvitterraquo;, laquo; Vkontakteraquo;, Facebook and so on, but surely some users still retain the need abstracting their ideas, experiences, and other creative works only for himself. Application called Day One just created for this purpose, in addition, it can also be used as a diary.

                Day One exists in versions for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and with the support of sync via iCloud or Dropbox, you can always access their accounts from different devices. The application interface is initially seems too minimalist, but eventually you get used to it and you realize that that’s the charm is the whole program. Text formatting settings there is little, but there is support for Markdown, with which you can make entries to your liking. Each entry can be assigned to a certain date, and you can send the text via e-mail or laquo; Tvitterraquo;.

                As for the use

                Day One as a diary, here of the application is not as extensive. You can set reminders, but the mechanism of their addition can not be called easy: in fact, reminders are not bound to the actual records. So the beauty of Day One is a simple, easy to use interface that facilitates note-taking came to mind thoughts and ideas. So that none of your loved ones to Do not read your secret outpourings, to run the program you can set a password. Last year, Day One has been awarded laquo; Best Application for iPad in the category laquo; zhizniraquo image;.

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                  Star Walk

                  Sure many owners of iPad, who have young children, is under enormous interest of their children to the tablet. In such a situation it is important to direct interest to the educational channel, the benefit to the App Store a large number of interesting and great to applications expanding horizons of the younger generation. Examples of these wonderful programs otnositsya Star Walk, won such honors as the Apple Design Award 2010, Best Apps 2009, Best Apps 2010, AppStore Hall of Fame.

                  Star Walk is exactly what its name- with it you can literally walk across the sky, studying all its facilities and admire the cosmos. Program uses augmented reality – it is possible to impose a virtual constellations and planets on the images from the camera plate. Almost all more or less well-known objects in the sky map signed, present their schematic representation. In addition, you can always display a detailed description of the constellations, planets, nebulae, and other objects.

                  The Star Walk is the main calendar of astronomical events. However, in case you missed the solar eclipse, you can always see how it was. Feature called laquo; vremeniraquo machine that allows users to track the movement of astronomical objects in space and time, speed it up, slow down or even reversed. There is in the application and search, so you can always show your loved daze looks like Cassiopeia and where exactly it is in the sky can be seen. Also in the Star Walk contains a section entitled laquo; Picture dnyaraquo.; It contains stunning photographs of our universe, liked the photo you can not only maintain but also to send an email or share it with your friends in laquo; Tvittereraquo, or Facebook. As you can guess, the new Retina-display iPad beauty space look really nice.

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                    Barefoot World Atlas

                    Another educational program that gets into our digest will help parents not only to expand the horizons of their child, but along the way to pull your English. Application called Barefoot World Atlas has rather large volume (1.56 GB) and high by the standards of App Store price ($ 8). However, even five minutes studying the program enough to understand that the money and the traffic was well spent.

                    So, as the name implies, the application is an atlas of the world, but only a globe. You can rotate the globe and zoom in to view the numerous objects on the map. It can be both flora and fauna, and the famous historical and cultural sites. In addition, the map can be found from different professions, specific to a particular country. For example, Moscow, according to the authors of the application, is known for its dancers. Each object is drawn, not only in 3D, but also animated, besides, his name pronounced in English voice leading BBC Nick Crane. Near the conclusions and summary – Description image.

                    You can also get information on each country of the world – the program will kindly inform the local time, the distance to this point, information on climate, population and territory, the number of cars per 1000 people, and even displays the rate of the local currency. Operation of the application is accompanied by background music, which varies depending on the currently selected country. Also worth noting that almost every object in the program added a real photograph – that is, you can always show your child looks like Tower of Pisa or the gray wolf in its natural habitat.

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