Mobile Digest: a review of alternative browsers for Windows Phone 7.5

Gone for oblivion are the days when smart applications in Windows Phone Marketplace has been a one-two and a handful, and only on browsers that can replace good, but it still falls short of the ideal of Internet Explorer Mobile, and did only dream. Now, when the dream became a reality and the amount of software solutions for the platform WP 7.5 was close to the 100 thousandth mark (according to the statistics of the resource, there was an agonizing problem of choosing sensible software for mobile web surfing, the authority of which we dedicate this material. Just say that all mentioned in the review of alternative browsers built on the engine, IE, and download any of them can be just by pointing the camera at the portable two-dimensional bar code.

UC Browser

Development of Chinese magicians provided not only for Windows Phone 7.5, but also for other popular mobile platforms. Browser-Redmond giant with well logic switching tabs open and impressive functionality, including a download manager, option color scheme switching browser for daytime and night-time, a special mode laquo; inkognitoraquo, allowing work on the Internet anonymously, and other interesting solutions. By the authors of the program focuses on the intelligent system, it automatically preload the pages as you type the URL-address, and built-in sync bookmarks between your portable device with UC Browser.

Kind words with labeling software Crafts Made in China deserve caching pages, allowing you to quickly return to your previously downloaded content, a simple turning of pages left and right, and the ability to open new tabs in the background, which is so lacking in IE Mobile. Fans of artistic delights like settings to change the subject of graphic design interface of the browser.

Overall mobile creation of coding guru from China is commendable, but a picture of perfection spoil minor flaws, and then pop up when working with the software. Among those we assign to malfunction built-in search forms with the Cyrillic alphabet, the inability to restore open tabs after unloading the application from memory, clumsy handling of HTML-code for this option is activated Compression Booster Mode and transmission of data through an intermediary server that handles content without regard to the current web standards. The category of questionable decisions have ranked as tools for file downloads with loading of various objects in your local store it copes with a bang, but that’s due to system constraints Windows Phone platform with the data stored nelzyanbsp, nothing to do but to move them to the cloud SkyDrive. It would be logical to assume that this function is designed for owners affected by the procedure of jailbreak (unlock) smartphones.

SurfCube 3D Browser

Mobile Browser, a key feature of which is an unusual user interface, in the form of three-dimensional cube on each face of which there are various elements of program management. Slight movement of the finger from one side of the display to another mobile phone or smartphone shaking you can switch between the main browser window, the list of favorites, settings, options, and other applications. For aesthetes provided virtual joystick and realized the possibility of including the classic tab bar, for beginners there is a brief guide with animated illustrations explaining the nuances of the browser controls.


Stuffed 3D-effects bright wrapper hides browser rather serious functional filling. The distribution SurfCube 3D Browser includes not only privychnye solutions for web surfing, but i tools to compress content by means of Google Mobilizer and private browsing. There are also options to prohibit the operating system to change the orientation of the screen when you turn the device, and pause the program when phone is locked. This last feature is useful when listening through a Web browser for streaming audio and online radio.

Worth noting that the idea of ??a cube developers SurfCube 3D Browser was a success – the result was an original and easy to manage browser smartly functioning even in the battered smartphone HTC Mozart. A little frustrating but lacks the dynamic page loading indicator (progress bar): in the case of slow Internet connections have to wonder – download the data or not.

Browser Plus

Minimalistic browser that is implemented in the style of Internet Explorer Mobile and different from the last support for tabs, anonymous browsing mode and functions Reader View, when activated by the web content is displayed without additional components, which increases the readability of articles, e-books and so on. Among the other features of the program note for the built-in search page and quick access to the search bar Google (or Bing, depending on the settings). It’s simple and no frills, be.


Another browser

Asian. Good, but suffered from large, draw all the advantages disadvantage – low speed. Columnist for so long and reluctantly draws scalable laquo; schipkomraquo; pages that discourage any desire to use the function pinch-to-zoom. Connoisseurs coding of the Celestial Empire is definitely worth thinking about refactoring his creation, for that matter, and to add to the application recovery mechanism of tabs when you reopen the program.

As part

Give the user BaiduBrowser is almost an exact copy of the above UC Browser, wrapped in a slightly different colorful wrapper. Caching of pages viewed, the boot files and images, customizable start screen, night, eye protection, support for different color schemes – all this and much more is available in the arsenal of the Chinese product. Just say that the presence of a download manager application is largely nominal advertising character as browser can only download MP3-track and only in their own isolated storage. Listen to the audio files can be uploaded to the embedded player, but to access it from the outside can not. At least we have failed.

Sleipnir Mobile

Japanese browser, available not only for Windows Phone 7.5, but for the platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Apple iOS, and compares favorably with other software solutions supporting management through gestures. LANGUAGES simple: sign in the shape of L closes the current tab, drag the page left or right edge of the display switches to the open tabs, move your finger from the left edge of the screen to the center of the panel provides access to tabs and browsing history. Hold your finger on the link, the user can open the page in the background, double click on the tab to perform its consolidation in the panel tabs, and holding down shift and – closing.

Grabs a product from the Land of the Rising Sun, and other entertaining features. Notably the system for synchronizing bookmarks between desktop and mobile versions of Sleipnir Mobile service with Fenrir Pass program and the ability to adapt to the demand by modifying the variable User-Agent. Mass enthusiasm is scrollable tab bar for convenience placed at the bottom of the browser interface.

Products with the label

Laquo; Made in Yaponiiraquo; always famous original and progressive ideas, carefully laid in her eastern developers. No exception, and mobile browser Sleipnir Mobile with polished, akin to Japanese cars, and deliver high quality. The only flaw that we found in the course through the world, is the lack of options for changing the screen orientation (from portrait to landscape and vice versa) when you turn the handheld device. It is hoped that with the implementation of this option, the authors of the browser will not delay.

Beyond Browser 2

Most controversial in our review of the product, designed, if not in a hurry, it really is definitely not pay enough attention to important user details. Those in Beyond Browser – car and small truck. Take, pop panel, so small that they have the skills necessary to Voroshilov arrow to get a finger on it to scatter nanoklavisham. Among other things, seen things – stupid catalog of links that can be neither deleted nor edited, and extremely slow download data from the Internet, accompanied by constant reboots sites and tiring his having the add on the smartphone screen. Beyond Browser 2 is clearly made on the basis of laquo; and so soydetraquo.; One can hardly find another explanation for such a strange behavior of the application, as did the authors of the browser and will strip off the owners of WP-Seen money for their artisanal crafts.

Next Browser

Distinctive feature of this browser is the possibility of rapid switching between tabs. The user can move from one site to another loaded both by turning pages, and using a similar IE Mobile Panel with tabs, which is enough to open the top of the touch screen and slide your finger down. Wonderfully convenient solution! Of nice extras – lock screen rotation for selected tabs, the ability to change color schemes and support for full-screen mode of the browser. Next Browser may be the best solution for those who want a simple and functional tool for web surfing, in which nothing is superfluous.

Metro Web Browser

And last

Browser in our review, strikingly different from the products listed above user interface, completely devoid of any controls to make effective use of living space display. Provides only a tiny button in the lower right corner of the screen, clicking which gives access to the main application menu, tabs, list of frequently visited resources and settings. Called good, this approach does not take it, because it makes it difficult to navigate through the program, and it is not good, especially when you have to handle multiple open tabs.

Otherwise, Metro Web Browser – strong middling with good filling. The assets of the browser have the means of private browsing, search for applications in the Marketplace and has a broadcast traffic over data compressing proxy Google Mobilizer. Also, the developer said about the ability to operate at the browser locked screen smartphone and other options that can win the hearts of the most seasoned web surfers conquering vast network with Windows Phone.


Material renewed emphasis on the fact that we have considered all browsers are built on the IE and in fact is built on maykrosoftovskim browser. Original designs that use different engine, currently in the app store has been submitted. Why – is an open question. At Microsoft we are assured that there are no obstacles to the creation of this kind there are no solutions, and therefore, it makes the reluctance of developers to develop the market for these solutions.

Be that as it may, a decent alternative to Internet Explorer Mobile, and let him have common roots, is still there. Fans of clever software advise SurfCube 3D Browser and Sleipnir Mobile, connoisseurs recommend making laconic Browser Plus and Next Browser.

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