Mission Control Center: file manager for the cloud


Laquo; oblachnyeraquo; service to store and synchronize just appeared on the horizon-line, most people wondered whether to trust them with your data? Now, with this promising market went even giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, as many have felt all convenience of online document storage matured another question: how all this does not get lost? Because each service to store data offers a certain amount of disk space free, it is clear that much more profitable to place their files on multiple services, you pay for the premium features of one of them. For example, using five laquo; oblakovraquo, from Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo, and SkyDrive, you can immediately get 29 GB of storage.

But remember that it is stored on each service is not easy, especially if in addition to multiple services using a pair of triple-accounts for each of them. There could not do without the kind of control center laquo; oblachnymiraquo; services. Our today’s review is about that – as managers of the files that are stored online. They can be used not only to view the data in a single window, but to search all laquo; oblachnymraquo, services, and copy files between them.


Manager laquo; oblachnyhraquo; Primadesk proposes to merge data into a single interface for more than twenty variety of services, including file storage, photo sharing, web mail, etc. Among the twenty-six services, which are supported at this time, there are popular in our country, like Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Picasa, Photobucket, SugarSync, Flickr, SkyDrive, Twitter.

Perhaps the most important function Primadesk – this search. Service indexes all user data that is stored in the connected accounts, and makes them searchable. Then you can search through all online content by keywords. Added a filter to the service by the date by which you can filter the results of the most recent data. Also easily filter by content type: the results can only show tweets, photos, documents and email messages.

However, it should be borne in mind that the service does not recognize the file types and the above filter works only for categories of services. So, for example, the images are stored on Dropbox, fall into the category of documents, not photos. Not very logical, and we hope the developers will pay attention to it and get better at the next update service.

Add a new service is quite fast: somewhere is enough to specify the account information somewhere – and even allow access Primadesk application to your account. Once the accounts are added, you can go to the list of documents, photos, or mailboxes. Each of these categories is presented in a separate web application.

Interface documents and photos is very similar to the file manager. Connected services are shown in the left panel.

Loading data from them done very quickly: just a couple of clicks of the mouse- and you can view all the files stored online. And not only view, because Primadesk supports copying data between different services. In addition, files can be deleted and downloaded to your computer. Works for image files preview. And Primadesk allows you to quickly create a link to access the file and send it by mail. You can specify the time period for which offers access to the file, the password to download and receive notifications of downloading.

Note that not all service functions work as might be desired. For example, even though support for Evernote and states of the interface Primadesk notes can only remove. No copy, no preview is not working.

Besides you can not copy data between the services that belong to different categories: documents and photographs. For example, to transfer photos from Picasa to SkyDrive Photos without problems, but on Dropbox does not work.

As web applications for email, it has a fairly traditional interface. Its only advantage over conventional webmail – collection of letters from several mailboxes at the same time.

Within free account Primadesk can add up to five accounts, and, for example, Gmail, Picasa and Google Drive count as three, even if only one is actually used uchetka Google. For five dollars a month, you can remove this restriction. Another advantage of the paid version for the backup data. This may seem a bit odd, but, among other things, Primadesk proposes to create another copy of the data that is actually already a copy of the information from the hard drive. In the free account, you can store up to 1 GB of data, and after the transition to a paid data plan – 10 GB or more. Backed up in the online file manager.


Main advantage Otixo before Primadesk – WebDav client protocol and FTP. Because of this ability to work with the service significantly expanded. If a laquo; oblachnoyraquo, service is not listed supported, but it works with WebDav, it can be connected. For example, Russian users can add to your account at Otixo laquo; Yandeks.Diskeraquo;.

Otixo supports Dropbox, SugarSync, Picasa, SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive and other popular services. For all services, where it is not prohibited by the terms of use, you can connect to multiple accounts.

After a simple connection procedure, consisting of a login, password and authorization application Dropbox, services are added to the file manager window. There are no restrictions on the number of connected services there, but there is a limit traffic. As part of the free version, you can copy and upload files totaling up to 2 GB. Traffic limit can be removed by purchasing a premium subscription for $ 10 a month. There is also an affiliate program, providing for an increase in traffic on the 100 MB for each new member to Otixo.

File Manager Otixo be commended. It works perfectly – you can copy files not only from the context menu and toolbar buttons, and dragging and dropping between different services. As for copying from one service to another takes some time for each operation is displayed in the window manager, but working with a service that does not stop.

With Otixo file manager can copy and move files, rename them, delete them, download to your computer (so far only one), and create a cloud services to new folders and upload files to them directly from the interface Otixo. Preview files works not only for images, but for some other types of files. For example, the contents of PDF documents can be viewed with Google Viewer.

Service also offers a content search. Results can be sorted by name, size, date last modified, and by location. To index files was always relevant, provides synchronization with connected services that can be started manually.

Yes Otixo function and file sharing. The service can generate public links and send them to the address above, accompanying message. For each file you can specify the duration of the links and to protect it with a password. Files that have been granted access are marked with a special icon in the manager. In addition, a special section MY SHARED FILES, which should see all the shared files and their duration, but we have it, unfortunately, did not work (as it turned out, not only for us – the corresponding topic has long been established in our support service ).

Another interesting possibility Otixo – working together on projects. In his account, you can create a workspace – Space, copy a link to the files stored on the different services, and open access to it to other people. Depending on which of the rights granted to other users, they can view the files related to a project, add files from your account, comment on content, download files. But no one other than the owner of files, does not know what service they are physically stored, which can be considered as an additional layer of security. As part of the work area are divided into three sections: in the first the files are stored in the second stores all user actions, and in the third a list of invitees.

Although Otixo that is primarily intended for working with files in the browser, with support for WebDAV access to files can be obtained and from the desktop. To work with Otixo on Windows and Mac can be, for example, use the free client CyberDuck. Select the type of connection to its settings WebDav (HTTP / SSL), provide the server dav.otixo.com and your username and password to log in Otixo.

Content all on Otixo services displayed in the CyberDuck. With this client files can be viewed, downloaded to your computer, edit and synchronize folders with folders on the local drive.


Another solution designed to simplify the management of files stored in laquo; oblakeraquo; – it Joukuu. You can work with the data, not only through the web interface, but also by the client, which, however, so far only exists for Windows. At the moment Joukuu only supports three services: Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.net, but in the near future promise to add work with SkyDrive and SugarSync.

Like other similar services, Joukuu offers free and paid accounts. The first one has some nasty limitations: you can not connect multiple accounts on one service, you can not create your own categories for files and search the data stored on multiple services.

Free Joukuu Lite client created in the style of Windows 8. Service list are displayed at the top of the window. Under it is a list of categories. By clicking on them, you can hide all files, except for documents, images, video. If you select the data display on all connected accounts at the same time, the root folder will be displayed in the same window, and in front of each of them will be shown an icon of service. Opportunities to work with the files are reduced to release them in a folder and delete.

Joukuu Lite supports the creation of new folders. Adding files to laquo; oblachnyeraquo; services is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the application window. You can also add files and folders to laquo; oblakoraquo, by using the context menu of Backup To Lite. After you select the account file downloads automatically.

Also stored in laquo; oblakeraquo the files can be opened on the desktop and edited using a desktop application. This applies to files and Google Docs – it opens in MS Office. After that, the changes are saved and the files are converted back to the format laquo; Docs Googleraquo;.

Honestly, the competition Joukuu looks weak, because almost no benefit from the service there, and limits to spare. Besides, we have not been able to try a web service interface – register it seems it does not work.


Almost all services that provide access to online data storage, be sure to have a mobile application. But most file managers for laquo; oblachnyhraquo; services until they can not please their users to access from smartphones and tablets. But this does not apply to service SMEStorage, which offers to manage your files with devices based on Android and iOS, and BlackBerry. All wireless clients paid. In addition, the service has a program for all major desktop operating systems.

SMEStorage supports over thirty different services, including SkyDrive, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sites, Dropbox, Box.com, iCloud, iKeepinCloud, Amazon S3, SugarSync, Windows Azure, Ubuntu One. Also possible to connect to FTP and WebDAV. Under a free account to each user to up to 5 GB for synchronization of files on other services (for hosting data using Amazon S3). Sync settings are specified separately for each connected service.

Web interface SMEStorage, frankly, is hardly intuitive. There are a lot of links and poorly visible signs, and immediately identify the main amid all this variety is difficult. In all felt flavor of Windows, which certainly does not like the followers of Mac.

The SMEStorage File Manager is an online, searchable, fast loading images on Flickr, and the means to communicate with other people. For each shared file, you can specify a password and the period during which it can be downloaded.

To collaborate can be useful data sharing within the group. The group can invite other users and manage access permissions to the data. Add files to the group may be from the file manager, but it is also interesting that they can get there automatically, based on pre-established rules (eg, file names contain certain characters, or files that are placed in a particular folder.)

One of the distinguishing features of SMEStorage – availability of desktop clients to work with. Some of them are paid, but the base can be used for free. MultiCloud Explorer for Windows – is a file manager that supports multiple tabs. It can be connected to all available services, add new accounts, search through all the files, share files with other users.

Client works, I must say, not very fast – in the transition from folder to folder every time you need to wait for a few seconds. But it is possible, without leaving the program, copy the files from laquo; oblakaraquo, a local disk, or vice versa. When loading data with SMEStorage MultiCloud Explorer, you can encrypt files, and tag them with tags. Last later is useful for search. Another nice feature – add frequently used files in laquo; Izbrannoeraquo.; This virtual folder can be accessed from both the desktop client and web interface (for this in the file manager does not need to go, Favourite link is visible on all pages of the service).

For a free account at SMEStorage is a limit to the number of connected accounts – no more than three (it is also impossible to connect multiple accounts of the same service.) However, there is one trick. As you remember, the service Otixo connectable accounts is not limited, but only restriction on traffic. And Otixo, as SMEStorage, supports via WebDAV. Well, add all your accounts laquo; oblachnyhraquo, data warehouse Otixo, then create a new account SMEStorage WebDAV, specify the connection setting Otixo and get access to all files (tested – works!). Of course, downloaded from a large files so you should not – quickly reached the limit Otixo to 2 GB, but this method makes it possible to search for all files stored in laquo; oblakeraquo, directly from the desktop.


Manager to work with files stored in laquo; oblakeraquo, appeared recently, and interesting to see how each of them find their ways to attract users. On Primadesk emphasis on search, Otixo pleases support an unlimited number of accounts and working with WebDAV, Joukuu allows you to work with files from the client program, and the SMEStorage create applications for mobile platforms and relies on teamwork. There is no doubt that the developers of these services follow the competitors, so in the very near future, a file manager for laquo; oblakaraquo; certainly will learn from each other all the best.


Same time provide the best service is difficult. As the functionality of most-most can be considered SMEStorage, but it is not very user-friendly interface, and works slowly. To copy files between services quickly view and edit files in laquo; oblakeraquo;, best Otixo, but should take into account that some of the features so far tested, and therefore can not work. Primadesk can offer a good range of supported services and web client with several verbal accounts, but the separation of the pictures and documents you can not copy data between all of your accounts.

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