Microsoft Office 365 Preview: first sight

In today’s article, dedicated to Office 365 Preview, we review the main application of a set of Home Premium- quite enough for an overview of the capabilities of the new online service Microsoft.

Last week at a special event for journalists in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) has officially opened a new era in the development of one of the most famous software products- multifunctional package Microsoft Office 365. Editorial 3DNews unable to full-time participation in this event, and also received a free test available to x86-tablet running Windows 8 with the corresponding version of Office 365.

Great coincidence to present to our readers a preview of the major functions and features of a new office product.

Microsoft Office 365: is not “cloud” one


Known and previously called Office 365 is now assumed a new integrated software for office work using a variety of devices ndash; smartphones, tablets, PCs, combining all possible input, including touch the touch screen, stylus, mouse and keyboard. At the same time, Office 365 ndash; is a completely new way of taking notes, filling, processing and reading of various forms had udalnnogo interaction with colleagues and friends through the exchange of text and video conferencing, access to social services, and many other previously unseen opportunities and ways of doing things.

And all this will be available to owners of any devices running different versions of Windows 8 on a variety of platforms, including Windows RT, in a single online “cloud” service that brings together the countless users around the world in cm.

Speaking to us at the press conference, Steve Ballmer said that now the Office- application is not only in the traditional sense, and now Office- an online service, transformed in the same concept that you can see in Windows 8 , Windows Phone, the design of Metro. He also called the release of Office 365 as an online service as the most ambitious release of the history of the family of products Office.

Here are the parts of the recording performance of Steve Ballmer, where he talks about the key characteristics of Office 365.

Office will have different options- tvrdye and oblakoobraznye

New online office platform does not replace, but complements the existing family of variants Office. From now on home and business users will have the following options for office suites:

  • Office 365 ndash; Services Office on online subscription, constantly updated and constantly podklyuchnny to cloud servers to Microsoft. Available in a version for home users, businesses, students and government agencies.
  • Office 2013 ndash; Traditional software for desktop and laptop PCs with classic perpetual license. Along with free Microsoft Account also provides many cloud capabilities like Office online storage of documents and their concurrent changes by multiple users.
  • Office for Windows RT ndash; on devices running Windows RT will have a set of basic office components such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • Server office components (Office Servers) ndash; Service Exchange, SharePoint, Project and Lync, razmeschnnye on cloud servers are full components of a business version of Office 365.

In turn, the family of online services Office 365 presented today the following provisional (Preview) version:

  • Office 365 Home Premium Preview ndash; ability to install Office on the PC up to a total of five to give an additional 20 GB of disk space in the SkyDrive online storage for documents and 60 free minutes for all calls via Skype. Home Premium version includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher.
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium Preview ndash; for small enterprises with up to ten employees, each employee can install the full version of Office suite of applications on the PC 365 ProPlus number to five, enjoy the facilities raspredelnnogo access to documents, mail, video conferencing HD-format.
  • Office 365 ProPlus Preview ndash; 25 verbal records, with five plants ProPlus Office 365 for each user. Version includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, and Lync.
  • Office 365 Enterprise Preview ndash; version for larger companies that have all the features of Office 365 ProPlus in conjunction with Exchange Online for full control corporate email, SharePoint Online for enterprise document management and Lync Online for interactive staff.
  • In addition, at the time of the announcement of the list of the final versions of Office 365 is also expected to appear online service Office for Mac.

Office 365: how it works

So, you choose the best one for your needs version of Office 365, subscribe, download the package and get access to a selected set of applications. Because Office 365 is an online service, there is no need to check for updates, adding new services and features- all this is automatically downloaded and synchronized with your “off-line” version of Office. In addition, the online subscription does away with the extra costs for the purchase of a new version of or upgrade to the new version ndash; your Office 365, in fact, always the latest version.

Moreover, if you have a subscription to Office 365, you now do not have to be pre-installed on the PC Office applications for the job- enough podklyuchnnogo Internet devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8, which can be used full service launch of Office on request (Office on Demand). Finished ndash; and close the application, which in this case is completely removed from the system.

Configure once styles, the basic attitudes and appearance of your Office 365, the next time it appears with these options and design even when starting from a different computer.

Enough once noted in the settings of your verbal entries in various social networks- and ready: access to records of LinkedIn and Facebook, photos, contact information and status will be available directly from most applications Office.

Every document created in Office 365 Home Premium, is automatically stored in the online storage SkyDrive (in the business version for this is the SharePoint). If desired, of course, you can always carry a flash drive with sohrannnymi copies locally, but when this is not possible, users of Office 365 Home Premium can access all of the documents in SkyDrive sohrannnym through his verbal account from any system with a browser and Internet connection . Even with Windows Phone-smartphone that is running SkyDrive.

Also, in the case of joint work on the same document there is no need to send each other sohrannnuyu latest version, the online store will be available whenever the latest, regardless of whether they IDT text document, spreadsheet or notes in OneNote.

Biznesunbsp, a set of application services Office 365 for PCs, tablets and smartphones running Windows provides the flexibility of working time and high efficiency in decision-making. Exchange of text, audio and video data, video conference with multiple parties in high resolution Lync, quick exchange on the principle of social networks in SharePoint, corporate mail exchange server through zaschischnny Exchange – options interaction was many times more. Add to etomunbsp, works in most browsers, and supports touch navigation app Outlook Web App and the synchronization of mail, contacts, and tasks via Exchange ActiveSync, which allows you to “be on” all the events of even the most udalnnom “TRAVEL roaming”.

And to complete the picture we were shown a huge 60-inch touch screen that can also be used as a complete unit to work with Office 365. At least for the visual presentation could not be better.

Office 365: Start raboty

Interface pre-installed Office 365 ndash; is something quite unusual for users of traditional versions of Office on the desktop. Those who have already pre-test version of Windows 8, the interface design will remind Metro, although the tablets with touch screen, granted we tested, Sun still unaccustomed Sun ponachaluhellip; quite specific and requires some getting used to, whether it’s IDT settings, call menus and applications, or specific sensory “pass” on the surface of the screen with one or more fingers.

However, nothing extraordinary, compelling and clear: an hour or ndash; look, and the user, especially not before colliding with a touch screen, especially under Windows, are confidently stroking the screen and famously pokes through a virtual on-screen keyboard.

In the new office suite using the touch screen, in fact, nothing complicated: in touch, you can still access to the context menu ndash; unless, of course, just guess where to stick. Particularly difficult to get used to the presence of some new applications of circular context menus through which you can get a few touches of a very fast access to different document. A simple flick of a finger, you can also resize your windows, start a new application, adjust the size and location of images and so on.

If connected to the tablet normal keyboard and mouse to work at all goes into the familiar office mode, with support for context menus and keyboard shortcuts.

Office 365 Word

Opening document Word, you start to get into a new laquo; chteniyaraquo mode; (Read mode). Document in this mode, you can not edit, but it will automatically format a readable form. The screen- nothing more, just what will be needed in the process of reading, such as arrows to turn pages, tools for translation or search the Web. Interested pictures, tables, or graphs can increase the touch of a finger or the click, not the paragraphs of interest- swerve and miss.

When you close the document Word remembers the last open page and automatically make her a bookmark, so that next time you can continue reading from that place even on another PC or tablet (provided input through verbal record SkyDrive).

Esch one major plus read mode ndash; now with an Internet connection, you can view online videos without leaving the document Word.

Available while editing a unique opportunity to Office 365′s collaboration on a document, and each user is currently edited can mark a segment of the document, to avoid overlap.

While teamwork can leave comments for other members of the group under editable content and keep track of all the new messages, and put a password on the editable area to no change has not come into force without your review and approval. Now, as an opportunity to send a link to an editable document located online colleagues, even those who have not installed Word, ndash; enough just to open the link in any browser.

Very practical and, in my opinion, the most interesting innovation: Word now easily open PDF documents and supports the transfer of paragraphs, lists, tables, and other items from the formatted PDF-documents.

For integration into a Word document for photos, videos and a variety of objects is now available online to insert mode: when you move the mouse quickly insert it changes the alignment and text wrap around objects so that the user sees the result in advance.

Esch one interesting new interactive feature, which is available for online users directly from the interface of Word, you can search for images and photos on resources such as Flickr and the like, with the found image without saving the intermediate can be placed directly into the edited document.

Also, Word also added a significant list of new document templates, ready capital pages, headers and footers. New label “Design” (Design) allows you to save design elements in one place, saving time for development of the following documents.

Office 365 Excel

Strength of the new spreadsheet Excel ndash; powerful complex data analysis. The program automatically analyzes the content and provides the user with a choice of many ways to autofill the remaining cells in the table (Flash Fill), as well as the design of tables and graphs without making formulas and macros (PivotTable). Just select the best fit of the proposed.

Optimization Excel interface for touch screens can handle tabular data by using your fingers as easily as using the traditional mouse and keyboard, except to come to practice a little to remember what gestures and touch what actions correspond.

New tool for auditing content Spreadsheet Inquire amp; Compare allows you to scan the table for finding bugs, hidden information and broken links. Also available are advanced tools for data visualization (Quick Analysis Lens), charting (Recommended Charts), their registration (Chart Formatting Control) and even animation (Chart Animations).

With the Timeline Slicer data can be divided into several periods and analyzed in the “filter” for a time. In addition, in the new Excel is a feature the integration of various data and design elements taken directly from the Internet, such as a map service Bing Maps.

The professional version of Office Professional Plus package also includes functions for Quick Explore krosstablichnogo analysis and Quick Trend to plot historical trends from the available data. Power View tool allows you to make all of the collected data into a single visual presentation, and the PowerPivot add-in will apply the optimal algorithm for processing large data sets.

Similar to Word, the results in Excel, you can discuss with colleagues in real time using Lync, send as a link with your browser and upload to social networks.

Office 365 PowerPoint

Strong point for the creation of PowerPoint presentations and design has always been the presence of a huge number of patterns, blanks elements and tools to process design. The online version of Office 365 PowerPoint add to this the advanced features for intuitive lgkoy run on devices with touch screens, as well as opportunities for communities to create presentations in the group.

As in the above applications, collaborators can exchange comments directly in the process of creating a presentation, and a preview of the document is available on the link in the browser, even those who have not pre-installed PowerPoint.

Of design innovation program worth mentioning advanced guides for perfect alignment modules, graphics, and text boxes, interactive “smart” guides to view real-time results for inserting graphics in a particular spot on the page, a set of basic guides to create visually uniform design slides throughout the presentation, and more.

Through design of the finished presentation can be modified with one click, select a suitable design in the list of pre-made themes. The new PowerPoint also significantly expanded functions for working with color (Eyedropper), supported by the search and implementation of illustrations from online photo banks like Flickr, and there are ample opportunities for the integration of online video and sound design series of slides or the entire presentation as a whole.

For more nicely presentation program has a function Presenter View, which dates Rapporteur additional tools to manage the presentation. On the second screen, you can quickly change the scale of individual slides, increasing important information freely switch between slides using only visible Rapporteur “reshtki Show” (Navigation grid) tedious for viewers, “rewind”, and one click to swap images on the big screen and monitor speaker.

Office 365 Outlook

Utility Outlook provides a single interface for scheduling of working hours, retrieval, management, mail and so on – in short, a single interface for all daily routine work. Now this gentleman set added esch and tight integration with social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.: you can read, leave comments, upload files raspredelnnym access for different groups directly from the interface of Outlook.