Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 3.0 software to sync Windows Phone 8 and OS X

Microsoft introduced a program for the Windows Phone 3.0 operating system OS X, which is designed to synchronize data between your computer and mobile devices based on the OS of mdash; earlier program was called Windows Phone 7 Connector. The program added a number of new features that greatly simplify the data transfer from the computer to the phone and vice versa.

Design Windows Phone 3.0 is more minimalist, compared with the previous version, making it easier to use the program. Among new applications mdash; support Windows Phone 8, iPhoto 9.3.2 and Aperture 3.3.2, Retina-displays, as well as displaying battery status smartphones based on Windows Phone 8. Members, in addition, were able to drag files from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

With the new program, users can sync music, video and other media files between iTunes and the devices based on Windows Phone, but only supports file transfer DRM-free. Photos and videos can be synchronized with iPhoto libraries and Aperture. The program can be downloaded at App Store.