Microsoft announced the list of top 40 games Xbox Windows

Microsoft Windows 8 to bring major changes in the ecosystem and the business model, which has already caused a negative overall assessment of the gaming industry. Basically – because of the closed nature of the integrated store Windows Store, which will be installed in all WinRT-applications.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is making a big bet on the integration of the operating system services, Xbox, including the online service Xbox Live. Games for Windows 8 with Live functionality will be promoted under the name Xbox Windows. Microsoft has announced the list of the first wave of 40 such games:

4 Elements II Special Edition;A World of Keflings;Adera: Episode 1;Adera: Episode 2;Adera: Episode 3;Angry Birds;Angry Birds Space;Big Buck Hunter Pro;BlazBlue Calamity Trigger;Collateral Damage;Crash Course GO;Cut the Rope;Disney Fairies;Dragons Lair;Field amp; Stream Fishing;Fruit Ninja;Gravity Guy;Gunstringer: Dead Man Running;Hydro Thunder Hurricane;IloMilo;iStunt 2;Jetpack Joyride;Kinectimals Unleashed;Microsoft Mahjong;Microsoft Minesweeper;Microsoft Solitaire Collection;Monster Island;Pac-Man Championship Edition DX;Pinball FX 2;Reckless Racing Ultimate;Rocket Riot 3D;Shark Dash;Shuffle Party;Skulls of the Shogun;Taptiles;Team Crossword;The Harvest HD;Toy Soldiers Cold War;Wordament;Zombies!!!

All these games will run in the WinRT-environment, and earned their achievements will be recognized in Xbox Live. In the list you can find games from the traditional set: Mahjong, Solitaire or Minesweeper, which are likely to be immediately present in the operating system, while the rest will be set through the shop Windows Store.

Noteworthy that among these items difficult to find a game that does not belong to the casual genre and moved to mobile platforms. Illustrative examples are projects like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. The explanation is in the major innovations of Windows 8 mdash; e sensory environment, which is not designed for any one game, produced for previous versions of Windows. Microsoft wants to attract customers innovations, and therefore relies on the game with touch controls, that is, to mobile.

Should think that the situation with the choice of games from a range of Windows Store, which will be offered exclusively WinRT-application is unlikely to change even in Dalkeith term. Third-party developers of traditional games do not need Microsoft to give part of the profits, because it does not provide the current distribution model.

Surprisingly, the Windows desktop environment and will not receive an official and convenience store applications, games and media content. Microsoft generously otdat this area came to outside companies like Electronic Arts, promote their own game store Origin; Valve, Steam digital distribution system which will soon offer not only games, but also the program, and others. Creators of the impression that the Windows desktop environment is destined to gradual extinction or existence as a sort of vestige for compatibility with old programs and games base mdash; special interest in the development of the Microsoft ecosystem is clearly not experiencing.

The problem is that Microsoft, Windows united in two completely foreign environment, did not ask the computer manufacturers mandatory presence of touch. This makes the ecosystem WinRT so isolated that doubts the need for the integration of the environment into a desktop Windows instead of moving as a standalone product, designed exclusively for touch devices. Perhaps its for the traditional version of Windows desktops and laptops would be enough to support running WinRT-applications through shortcuts in full screen mode, and the availability of Windows Store?

On the one hand, developers who want to produce applications for the Windows Store, which will work on any equipment, will have to calculate their interfaces for mouse and a touch control. As has already been shown, the data management techniques require different interfaces. Desktop applications with some optimizations can be controlled with your fingers, but it is, at least, is ineffective. On the other hand, Windows 8 Release Preview clearly shown that good touch applications, the full merenbsp, designed for use nbsp; natural gestures, touch, two or more fingers are inconvenient to work with the mouse.

Since developers can not know if the user has their programs touch screen in front of them with a dilemma: either forget about the desktop environment, and earn only on WinRT, or to do some hybrids using touch control as possible. But this prospect bodes Window 8 defective sensory environment against Android and iOS.

Wide variety of hardware platforms ranging from high-end desktop computers without touch control, and finishing plates, and the lack of requirements zhstkih privedt inevitably to the fact that some applications will be calculated only on the multisensory control, and accordingly they will be difficult to control the mouse, or contrary. The same difficult situation can be observed in relation resursomkosti programs. It can hardly be assumed that all applications and games in Windows Store will be calculated on the weak performance tablets. Surely there will be software, ready to use all the power of desktop computers, and their number may be considerable. This is indicated by a desire to sell Microsoft through its application store software products worth up to $ 1,000. In this case, the mobile users are often faced with unacceptably poor performance of applications from Windows Store.

Esch question as well stay not completely razreshnnym – whether the application in Windows Store support only one platform: x86 or ARM, but not both at the same time? To this should be added around the rather strange interface and desktop integration WinRT-environment where the traditional Windows environment and then there are distracting and even annoying elements of the approach of the mouse cursor to the edges of the screen.

Will successful Windows 8 and how the system will be accepted by the market and consumers, time will tell. But hardly any doubt that Microsoft will have a significant work on Windows 9, and may need and conceptual changes.