Master class on training YouTube

Some web services are so firmly established in our lives that to see how we used to do without them, it is very difficult. For example, with a service YouTube, many do not leave during the day, turning to him with your smartphone, laptop, or even your TV. In this article, we have compiled some tips that will open for you new features and YouTube will use this service with great convenience.

How to watch a movie laquo; for izbrannyhraquo;

If you often looked at the YouTube and similar services, you probably encountered a situation where it was impossible to view the video content because of restrictions imposed by the copyright holder. Sometimes in an effort to protect the copyrights of individual organizations reach the point of absurdity. Spread movie to the public, but only in a certain region ndash; Well is not this nonsense? Fortunately, in this case, running the simple folk wisdom: laquo; If one person came up with the lock, the other can figure out how to open it without klyucharaquo;.

Restriction region is by filtering IP-addresses. So all you have to do to view the banned videos, ndash; using a proxy server in the country where viewing is available. Manually search proxy ndash; difficult task and useless, because you never know what country the proxy you will need next time. For one clip to laquo; pritvoritsyaraquo; Frenchman for another ndash; laquo; kanadtsemraquo, and so on. In addition, the available proxy server often run very slowly and barely make it possible to load a web page, and what can we say about the whole video!

To have on hand fast proxy all (or rather, the most popular) of the world, it is convenient to use the free utility Advanced Onion Router (formerly Advanced Tor) This application opens to the user anonymous network Tor (The Onion Router), that implements a particular routing data transmitted with the activation of the network of servers.

Works this application is very simple. Run the tool and press the button Connect. Wait for the Information window appears Connected to the OR network.

Next you need to select the server of the country to which we have ranked as YouTube. To do this, click the small button next to the New Identify and select from the list area- say, France. The screen filter cuts off all other IP-addresses, except the French servers. Highlight the address and press Select.

Now it is small ndash; to be done in setting masked application (in this case the browser) proxy settings. No need to register address of the selected server in the network TOR, and the following data: Port: 9050 Address:

You can reload a page on YouTube and watch laquo; Content izbrannyhraquo.; If in the future need to obtain the IP-address of another country, your browser will not need to change, just select the address in the Advanced Onion Router.

How to keep subtitles to movies

Online video ndash; is not only a variety of music and fun videos. This is also a great repository of useful educational videos. Since YouTube ndash; international service, many of the published video clips contain audio track in the language ndash; Spanish, German and others. In this case, either have to guess about the content of the speech, or try to complete the transaction on their own, using the built-in video subtitles (of course, if they are present), and send the money, such as Google Translate.

This task can be simplified by downloading the full text captions to a video once. Unfortunately, most of the subtitles, which are used on YouTube, can not be loaded, and those that do can be downloaded are in a proprietary format not supported by Google and video players.

To download subtitles convenient to use a small Java-utility Google2SRT 0.5.3, which allows you to get the subtitles to any video on YouTube, keeping them in the popular format SRT. This format is supported by most media players, and these files can be edited in any text editor.

Program is very simple: in the upper field contains a reference to the movie, and the bottom ndash; path of the file to contain the subtitles. Now you need to click on the Read, then the program will analyze which languages ??are available subtitles, and will display the full list. If there are subtitles for multiple languages, you can choose the ones that need to be downloaded.

To start

Google2SRT package must be installed Java. It can be downloaded for free from the official site. Errors that may occur when you try to run Java-based applications can be found in the material “JAVA-application: breaking barriers OS”.

How to save online videos on your hard drive

To save online video, you can use special software like YouTube Downloader. In addition, many download managers also support the preservation of videos posted on YouTube and other similar services. A good example of such a program ndash; Orbit Downloader.

But perhaps not everyone knows that you can save favorite video itself, without resorting to any other program, except the browser. While viewing the video on the hard disk to provide a temporary file, which loads the cached video. This file is usually not the usual extension and located in a directory with other temporary Internet files. Enough to change the extension of the file to laquo; uznavaemoeraquo, players such as FLV or MP4, and video can be viewed by any player, say, Media Player Classic.

For example, if you have watched video on YouTube, using the Opera, “secret” file to be found in the folder that stores temporary data. For Windows 7, the default is C: UsersИмя_пользователяAppDataLocalOperaOperacache. To know the exact address of the folder by typing in the address bar opera: about. After that, the browser will display a page with information about the location of all configuration and temporary program files.

In the case of Firefox find the file even easier ndash; browser will tell the way that stores uploaded the video. To do this, make a few simple steps. Type in the address bar about: cache. Address of the folder in which to save the temporary files will appear under Disk cache device. By default, this is C: UsersИмя_пользователяAppDataLocalMozillaFirefoxProfilesechniiee.defaultCache. Now, if you click on the link List Cache Entries, you can see a detailed list of references to temporary files with their size, date saved to disk and the date when the file is deleted. And if you click on the appropriate link, you can see the exact path to the file on the disk.

Google Chrome by default saves cash in the folder C: UsersImya_polzovatelyaLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultCache. And in order to extract the files from the cache Internet Explorer, you need to go to the folder C: UsersИмя_пользователяAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5.

If you’re too lazy to look through hundreds of videos cached temporary Internet files, you can use the laquo; for lenivyhraquo.; Quite a bit to change the link to the video, correcting at the start address to, or After clicking on a link will be available web service, offering load specified roller with a choice of quality of stored video.

You can further simplify your task of keeping the video, if you set the appropriate dopolnitelnyymodule, of which there are many.

as “pull” the audio track of a video

No secret that YouTube ndash; is not only a repository of video clips, but also just a huge database of music. Some clips contain no video picture or show throughout the track freeze, followed by a background melody. Therefore, this service is very useful laquo; tselyahraquo in education, to find good music. If any of you found the music video will like, favorite songs easily convert to popular format MP3. You can use other convenient service minus; It allows you to quickly convert the original video to mp3-file with the default settings of 128 kbit / s and 44 kHz.

“take a bite” pieces of video

Clips on YouTube are laid out is usually not very large (five or ten minutes), but there is a long clip ndash; recording of press conferences, lectures and so on. In some cases it is necessary to focus the viewer’s attention on a particular piece of video, for example, starting from the second minute and seventeenth seconds. To do this, you can tweak the video link, adding to its end of the text # t = 2m17s. When using such a link format downloaded movie will start its playback from the specified time.

And if it is necessary not only to indicate the beginning of the clip, but also to determine the time when the player has to stop? In this case, you can use the service Splicd. Enough into the box on the home page of the service to insert a link and specify the start and end of the movie.

Splicd generate a link to a page with an integrated player that plays the designated piece of video.

Video Search: filter out junk

We looked at many different examples of configuring and managing YouTube. But there is another important point that should be mentioned ndash; video search. Generally, in order to find an interesting video, users type in the search box, Google (or other search engine) standard request, say, laquo; marc lavoine grand amour youtuberaquo;. This request can be made more precise, such as specifying the quality of the video, which should have a clip. However, this is only available in the advanced search on the site YouTube. To do this, on the results page to click on the link “Search Options”. Using the advanced search YouTube, you can, for example, exclude from the results of all the clips in low resolution, find only long or only short clips and so on.

If you want to watch a video of your favorite artist on YouTube, be prepared for the fact that in the search results, in addition to the original recordings the singer or group, you’ll find a large number of fans that are sitting on a stool in the kitchen and try to emulate the success of celebrities. To weed out this “plankton”, you can use the Find gt; Mix gt; Watch. Enter the name of the artist on this page and the service will filter the results so that only the original performance. In addition, it will automatically create a playlist, and you will just have to sit back and enjoy your favorite music.

Sometimes we forget the name of the video, but the visual memory leaves scanned images of the plot. To find a video with “forgotten” the name, it is convenient to use a visual search, the proposed service oSkope. Select a category or just do a search query in this service, and you’ll see a lot of screenshots of suitable videos. Place your cursor on the screen shot, and it will increase. Thumbnail size and the way they are displayed on the screen can be controlled.


YouTube developers constantly working on improving the service code, so many laquo; tricks with YouTuberaquo; quickly lose its relevance. For example, until recently it was possible to look HD-resolution videos directly from Google, using a special request form, but today, this option is not available. Therefore, we can not rule out that some of the features described in this review, also eventually lose their relevance. But it is to replace them navernyakanbsp, comes a new arsenal of YouTube, which we will describe in the following publications. All successful show!

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