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Since the first mention of the third in addition to the story Mass Effect 3 has attracted attention not so much the ability to once again plunge into the universe grown fond, but as a sort of laquo; rabotaraquo thesis, Montreal team Bioware. Prior to that, worked for dancer (some add-ons to the second part of the game, and the lion’s share of the multiplayer for the third) in the main developers under the Casey Hudson, the boys now have a carte blanche to the further development of the series. And Omega is quite possible to be perceived as such utter test of aptitude, ability to master a full and fourth. Yes, even without the hype around these thoughts DLC scolding fairly. Do not mince words, the developers have promised as much laquo; biggest addition of ever released in the series, with a lot of new kontentaraquo;, pile up the price as much wringing of 1200 Bioware Points ($ 15 equivalent). It turned out, I must say, very bad, but to a level consistent like nightingale trills clearly far.

point of no return

Galaxy, which we drew its developers for all three parts of the Mass Effect, mdash; like a bottomless chest full of all sorts of amazing and strange things. Spectacle laquo; sinekozhih valkiriiraquo; T’Loak Arias, who sat on the couch in the bar of the Citadel, no doubt, to those you can easily carry. It was too unusual to see militant Asari is native land laquo; Omegiraquo, and discusses difficult share laquo; queen in izgnaniiraquo; mdash; station troops captured laquo; Tserberaraquo, who create there own mischief, and Aria was left out in the cold. Only now, with the release of the eponymous DLC, she finally decided to take active steps to regain the due property. Without Shepard of charisma and coolness which enemies themselves hastily buried in the grave, in this case it can not do. It should be noted that for all the fullness of perception commotion around laquo; Omegiraquo, it is useful to read the comics laquo; Vtorzhenieraquo; (Invasion), which is the background to the events described in the appendix.

Aria clearly set very firmly

In contrast to the same laquo; Leviafanaraquo;, Omega mdash; is completely self-contained story of the discharge laquo; and let the whole world podozhdetraquo.; Galaxy, the Reapers, laquo; Gornraquo, and other pleasures laquo; masseffektovskogoraquo; epics go into the background, leaving us in one single station for a couple with Aria and her personal vendetta. For a couple, but not alone mdash; to knock laquo; Tserberraquo, the station must unite disparate pockets of resistance (laquo; history of my zhizniraquo;, mdash; with irony in his voice sighs Shepard).

And here comes into play another character mdash; Nayrin Kandros, the head of one of the local gangs. Since the personal whim Arias laquo; Normandiyaraquo, in a raid on laquo; Omeguraquo, does not participate, all you have to go add in the company of these two heroines. And if the explosive nature of the mission T’Loak we were to meet back in Mass Effect 2, then it sort of acts Kandros counterweight. Selfless, principled and dedicated to the end of first inhabitants station, it contrasts sharply with the concentration on their own ambitions Aria and their relationship mdash; probably the best thing that gives us the addon. And the fact that Nayrin mdash; first ever series representative of the female half turianskoy race, only adds to her appeal. Even wish to take it to the team on a permanent basis the developers are not allowed.

Entire operation to conquer laquo; Omegiraquo, consists of three major stages, diluted boring optional task in the spirit of laquo; suppression prinesiraquo.; Together, this gives about three hours of game play mdash; less than what was stated, but not bad either. The bad news is that for most of this time, addition is a shooter, and the shooter is linear, easy and boring. It’s very cool beginning and seasoned for at least the ending, but all that is between them, mdash; this walk on a dull technical levels. Honestly, for a city of sin, as laquo; Omegaraquo, could come up with more interesting and memorable locations.

Expected Supplement brings several new boreholes in the arsenal and pack-ins for their modifications, as well as two previously unknown opponents. First mdash; modified it a little funny robot laquo; Lokiraquo, of the last part, which got a shield generator and an energy sword for close combat. The second kind of monsters we first pretty parrot and only then will get to grips with them in open battle. Meet adjutant mdash; another experiment result laquo; Tserberaraquo, with technologies Reapers, loves to jump high and far, and also infects some strange muck. Cute, in a word.

Still laquo; doraquo per second;: Adjutant readied to pounce

Role same component in Omega reduced almost to a minimum. Seems a lot of talk, but that’s the notorious variation here is not in sight. Situation where the game generously give you the opportunity to choose, you can count on the fingers of one hand, besides almost all of them boil down to the adoption libo Nayrin high moral or egocentricity Aria, without incurring any significant effects were. All the fateful moments developers registered in advance, to go against them will not work if they wanted to.

But the real bummer

Waiting there, where, apparently, he least expected mdash; after the completion of the story line. To be back on board laquo; Normandiiraquo, and once looking at the galactic map, you realize that there has not changed anything. Very laquo; Omeguraquo; map can not even look mdash; since you find it. Aria will meet you again on the same couch in the same bar the Citadel, as if nothing had happened. None of the party members made no comment on your lack of a ship. Latter-day enemies no longer show the nose. The developers did not even bother to somehow weave line Omega into the overall fabric of the game, but just roughly piled on top of her. That’s the most frustrating.

Unfortunately, such flaws can rough standing ditch initial positive impression of the new DLC. In contrast to the Leviathan and the Extended Cut, it will not be anything significant in a global sense, and not in him a level of pathos and drama that in the rest of the game. This is a local, closed over a story that holds except on the two heroines and captivating colorful entourage familiar realm of outer rabble. However, what would be considered a minus, and that relates to the merits, everyone decides for himself. For example, those who got throat storyline about the Reapers, the addition will appeal clearly is its abstraction. But to argue with the fact that for such entertainment wring unreasonably high price tag, no one really would.


  • fact return to laquo; Omeguraquo, which so oddly has missed the original game;
  • colorful characters and overall vigorous pace;
  • couple of new barrels, modifications to them and biotic abilities.


  • not read comics people will not really understand the background to the conflict laquo; Omegeraquo;;
  • story is very linear, the rare moments of choice, in practice, do not change anything, and the Galaxy as a whole event DLC absolutely no effect;
  • for such volume filling overpriced.

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