Group began open beta testing microblogging service Futubra

Internet company Mail.Ru Group today announced the launch of a public beta version of microblogging Futubra, tailored on the patterns of the popular service Twitter.

Presented national developer platform largely duplicates the original service and is characterized by advanced multimedia capabilities. Futubra allows not only to publish the text messages, and upload photos and video to tape events subscription form on the topics, organize events and comment on other users entries microblogging network. The company notes that all the content of the project – is public.



Currently working on an online platform Futubra employed 20 people, the project is fully funded by Mail.Ru Group. The company is planning – development of client applications for mobile platforms, Apple iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone 7.

“Creating Futubra, we focused on what we ourselves are lacking in todays microblogs and social networks. On the one hand – this is a beautiful and vivid picture of the content, on the other – the absence of restrictions on access to any information of interest to you people. The result is a service at the junction of sociality and the media, in which users can read each other like tape media. We hope that people will like this concept and win your audience “- said Anna Artamonova launch new items, vice president for strategic projects Group.