MAGIX Music Maker MX 18: a lot of music out of nothing

We strongly believe that everyone should be engaged in the life that he is interested. Only when the work is fun, you can realize their creative potential. But the reality is, unfortunately, often quite different. Choosing an occupation, most often guided by the rules that are based on stereotypes, and covered with dust and cobwebs.

One of the most common misconceptions: to be a designer, you need to be able to draw on paper. Yes, this is a big plus, if a person has this talent and can, so to speak, laquo; during delaraquo, to sketch with a pencil or pen. But this condition is not mandatory. In real life, the designer may not be able to draw a straight line, but on the computer it becomes a master of his craft. A more difficult situation is among those who suppress the desire to create music. Yes, there are tragic cases, when really the elephant stepped on the man’s ear and difficulty separating from the buzzing sound of the trombone cleaner. However, in most cases, to be a composer, you just have the desire and the right means chosen for the job. Who said laquo; instrumentovraquo music;? No, no, we mean the software. And to be precise, MAGIX Music Maker MX.

At the thought of creating your own musical compositions come to mind mountains scribbled by hand scores and hard furnished music studio. MAGIX Music Maker MX is built in such a way that a person could laquo; okovyraquo cast off, and begin to create, not zamorachivayas such things as musical notation.

Program interface is visual so that you can deal with it much more quickly than with laquo; chelovechkamiraquo dancing, on the staff.

Laquo; What about musical instruments? – You ask- laquo; What about the studio for recording and tedious lessons guitar or keyboards? Raquo; fairness issue. When a person learns to ride a bike, or support him, or put an extra pair of wheels, so he did not fall immediately. So is the case with MAGIX Music Maker MX – this program afloat man, even if he laquo; nolraquo full, in the composer’s craft. This application has everything you need for the earliest creations – is blank, there is virtual instruments. This is sort of a simulator for the development of musical imagination and memory. But if you dorastet to the point when you feel that it is able to pick up a real guitar and start mastering laquo; tedious lessons igryraquo, then MAGIX Music Maker MX will give you the opportunity to move to the next step. By purchasing a high-quality microphone and arrange a mini-studio, you can on the same interface to record his parts and mix them into a single composition. Moreover, the expanded edition of the program comes with an attachment Premium USB MIDI-keyboard.

Architecture and philosophy of the program corresponds to the usual strategy of MAGIX. For instance, if you are used to wonderful programs for editing the same developer, the process of developing a new application should take you very little time. For example, when you install and run the application on the first screen appears with laquo; neponyatnymiraquo; downloads. These downloads – additional content, which automatically loads the server.

This procedure is also in other programs from MAGIX. In principle, this step is optional, and if you want you can skip. However, we recommend (especially at first) in the music editor to set all that is possible, – good examples of songs and library tools will quickly learn the application, which is especially important in the early stages of development of crafts musician. The download process will take time, since the beginning of MAGIX download manager will download the necessary files from the server, and then to install them. If we consider that the size of libraries in the hundreds and hundreds of megabytes, the time it will take quite a lot.

By default, the program included training mode Easy mode. It differs from the standard in that corner of the screen in a message box, which shows the explanatory inscriptions, commenting on the appointment of a member interface.

Window MAGIX Music Maker MX by default divided into several areas. The largest part of the application window is reserved for multitrack virtual studio.

Total in the program can be up to 96 independent tracks in the extended edition and 64- as standard. In our view, even a very, very complex project would not be able to completely take all tracks virtual studio. If at the same time will be played dozens of instruments, then it will be no music, and continuous chaos.

Similarity applications from MAGIX is manifested in the fact that they work the same keyboard shortcuts. For example, the simultaneous scrolling the mouse wheel and pressing CTRL makes project in Arranger Field scaled up or down – just as in the programs for non-linear editing to change the scale of the timeline Timeline.

Below is a library of samples – based on it you can begin to create your first mixes. Number of tracks in the library depends on the installed version of the program. In the youngest editorial about three and a half thousand samples, and the most advanced edition of Music Maker MX Production Suite includes more than 10,000 titles.

Added to a track sample is a complete piece of music – chord on the keyboard, a series of shock, a short game on the bass and so on. If you have never created their own music, try to listen to contemporary songs from the point of view of the composer- and you will see that all pop music is built on the same variations on the same NCCA plays the main theme. If, say, a music track begins with a chord on the piano, then most likely they will repeat over and over the entire length of the song. Beginning in the eighteenth century in musical science, this way of presenting music called Rondo. Therefore, working with the finished piece, we are in a sense, go feet Mozart, repeating the project MAGIX Music Maker MX same samples.

Some samples have completed form – put one after the other, they seem to be inseparable. Such laquo; zakoltsovannyeraquo; samples in the jargon is called DJ loops. The program to make laquo; lupraquo; easier – simply drag the desired track on the sample, move the cursor to the edge and laquo; vytyanutraquo, the required length. Finished blocks of samples can be copied and pasted into the project an unlimited number of times.

The program is very convenient to realize the volume control of each sample. In the center is a direct musical unit, indicating the volume level. By moving the control points on it and changing its shape, you can control the sound.

Another way to control the volume – with a tool Volume Mixer. It displays a virtual mixing console and allows you to control the volume level on each track.

For clarity

Next to each track, you can choose an icon that will visually indicate which type of instrument is used in a particular case. You do not need to switch over to laquo; soloraquo, to understand what kind of soundtrack contains, say, the drums.

To each sample, placed in the project window, you can use a unique effect. Set of effects in MAGIX Music Maker MX copy for each instrument. The effect of selected directly on the work area. You can also apply effects to the entire track.

Despite the fact that the program is very stable (without a hint of advertising say that this applies to all programs offered by MAGIX), in the application there is an option that is responsible for laquo; force mazhorraquo.; For start-up projects in the program, you can specify the time period over which the current work will be automatically saved to disk.

Music Maker MX also includes a built-in synthesizer, with which you can compose and edit sequences.

Receivable at this synthesizer melodies can apply various effects postprocessing. The program supports the VST-effects, making it possible to download any of the thousands of free VST-plugin.

Among other things, the program has a lot of different designers to create musical parts. You can simulate drums, strings, playing the synthesizer.

Creating multi-track composition, the user can easily keeps one team each track as a separate file. This is useful, for example, to treat a lot of tools in the audio editor.

Finished projects can be exported to files MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, AIFF, FLAC. Also, you can write to CD directly from the software and the ability to publish on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Features MAGIX Music Maker MX is not limited to the creation of the musical material. With this package, you can even perform assembling music videos. Tracks can contain not only audio but also video series, as well as static graphics.


MAGIX Music Maker MX – this is one of those programs where you can get carried away and forget that you have not taken some time in the music school or choir, saying it no hearing. Well, no, yes, okay. And we’re still going to do. After all, Sir Paul McCartney at the time did not have a choir for lack of voice and hearing. So no need to rely on someone else’s opinion.

Some would say that working with MAGIX Music Maker MX deprives a person of individuality. Like, ready to party and set of samples – it does not work. Certainly, laquo; suhayaraquo, work with the program – it’s not what it feels pianist, choosing their own chords and improvising on the fly. But maybe it just needs to grow? And then one day will come the realization that without first pumping his musical talent in something like MAGIX Music Maker MX nothing would have happened.

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