Look sharp: software for multiple monitors

To good get used quickly, and many comfortable things are perceived as a matter of course. For example, the system unit with multiple monitors is not considered a luxury and expensive whim. But still some seven or eight years ago, afford such a configuration could not everyone. Now, almost any modern graphics card has multiple ports for two, three or more devices.

An additional monitor makes working on the computer more comfortable. The one who does not work in the use of multiple displays, it is difficult to imagine that simplifies many of the extra space on the desktop. This is not a virtual desktop and a real screen – he is always in sight. The windows are placed on the screen of the second monitor, do not disappear from view when working with other applications. As far as dealing with such complex programs as graphics and video editors, here two ways about it – extra workspace saves time and spares the user’s perspective.

‘s just manage multiple monitors simultaneously is not as easy as it may seem to the uninitiated user. Of course, in the standard settings of the system are some of the functions to control the contents of the additional screens. For example, you can define the order of the desktop, you can select the size for each of them. But in this case, by and large, the standard features of Windows, on the management functions of the multi-monitor configuration, end. Some additional customization multi displays can be found in the video card driver, but they may miss.

New possibilities of working with multiple monitors in Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, the release of which, we recall, is scheduled for October 25, the owners of multi-monitor systems (according to data collected as part of gathering feedback about Windows, it’s 14% of desktop PCs and laptops 5%) would have access to more funds to adjust. The new operating system will be set individual display the desktop background on each monitor or stretched desktop background to all monitors. In the settings you can personalize Windows 8 will even discover new panoramic topic.

The new operating system will be implemented for the first time and such a useful function as displaying the taskbar on all connected monitors. And the way to display the icons can be flexibly managed. For example, buttons running applications can be displayed:

  • only on the task bar, where the window is open;
  • on the taskbar on all monitors;
  • on the task bar and the main monitor on the taskbar, where the window is open.

Changes will affect and how to access interface control. In Windows 7 the menu laquo; Puskraquo, only appears on one monitor, and Windows 8 will be possible to deduce the start screen, Charms panel or panel to switch between running applications from any screen – the corners and edges on all displays will be interactive. There will also be implemented the ability to run on a single monitor classical programs, and on the other – style applications Metro. Finally, the developers promise a Metro-drag applications between monitors with a mouse and using laquo; goryachihraquo; keys.

Therefore, Windows 8 eliminates major gaps that dealt with multiple monitors on Windows 7. But while the new system is not yet released, and was not widely used, applications from third party developers that solve old problems of multi-monitor systems, will be relevant.

The most famous of these programs – is Actual Multiple Monitors, DisplayFusion and UltraMon. But they are all distributed on a commercial basis, and given the improvements in Windows 8, there are very few willing to pay for the license, which, after the transition to the new operating system may not be necessary. I now turn to the free applications and see what they have to offer Windows 7 users.

MultiWall 1.0.17

  • Developer: Sumeet Patel
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

This little utility solves one of the major problems in systems with multiple monitors on Windows 7 – the inability to set different wallpapers for each display. With it you can set individual or background images to monitor or stretch one image to the entire region a huge desktop.

MultiWall allows downloading wallpaper directly from the application. There and then they can handle: can zoom, crop, rotate, apply various effects, invert color. In addition, support automatic download wallpapers from a particular site and automatically change each monitor at regular intervals.

Dual Monitor Taskbar 1.21

  • Developer: dualmonitortb
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Second monitor extends the useful area of ??the desktop, but not all of the standard features of the system are working on the second screen. For example, some discomfort may be due to the fact that the taskbar is only on the first screen. It turns out that the space for the location of the windows increases, and can be handled with a lot of windows. However, a large number of running applications leads to the fact that the taskbar is not enough space for the buttons open windows.

Solution would be to Dual Monitor Taskbar. This program creates a second taskbar on the secondary monitor. Second taskbar is largely similar to the original item. For example, it is the notification area. If on the second screen cursor to the button of the open application, you can watch the sketch in a popup window.

However, in contrast to the original elements of the interface, the taskbar programs Dual Monitor Taskbar has a few other possibilities. First, by default, the second task bar works as a continuation of the first. From the menu appears when you right-click to start the Task Manager.

If there is a desire to work on a second monitor to the exact copy of the task bar, you can turn on the option to display the test on the second screen buttons laquo; Puskraquo.; It should be borne in mind that this feature is extremely unstable. Buttons on the additional task bar are not grouped. Even the developer just in case your program has warned that this option is in the process of beta testing.

One of the useful features of Dual Monitor Taskbar – setting a rule of application windows. You can specify the applications that will only appear on the main monitor, and applications, which will be open on the second screen. You can also specify application-specific rule – only open on the screen, which is currently in the cursor.

Define rules

Location of application windows can be manually or prescribing in settings class and window title, or automatically. To automatically detect the window, which is assigned a rule, use the special tool identification. To Dual Monitor Taskbar laquo; ponyalraquo, to specify which application settings, you must drag the shortcut target in the area of ??the window of the program.

Dual Display Mouse Manager 1.1

  • Developer: William Bakshi
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Despite the fact that a second monitor makes the user experience much more comfortable for extended desktop has one small disadvantage. The fact is that when you work with deployed application windows that are open to all laquo; levomraquo, screen hard to get used to at first get the cursor over the buttons laquo; zakrytraquo;, laquo; svernutraquo;, laquo; razvernutraquo.; The same problem arises when you need laquo; skhvatitraquo; slider scrolling, which were located at the edge of the screen. Cursor in that every now and then tries to jump on the next screen.

Creator freeware utility Dual Display Mouse Manager came up just two original solutions to this issue. The first option is that if you run Dual Display Mouse Manager moves the cursor around on the screen, with a delay at the border that separates the area of ??the first desktop from the second. As a result, get the cursor on the desired button or the desired area on the border of the two monitors, it becomes much easier.

Another way cursor control – crossing the border of the two screens only if the user hold down Ctrl. If this key is pressed, the cursor will laquo; zapertraquo, on screen and beyond will not be able to go.

Dual Monitor Tools 1.8

  • Developer: dualmonitortool.sourceforge
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Dual Monitor Tools – a set of applications for working with multiple monitors, which includes five separate utilities: DisMon, Dual Launcher, DualSnap, Dual Wallpaper and Swap Screen.

Swap Screen is designed to quickly move windows from one monitor to another using laquo; goryachihraquo, buttons or icons in the system tray. Windows can be moved to a predetermined position, for example in the upper left corner. You can also define laquo; goryachieraquo; keys to minimize all windows except the active, to switch between desktops, deployment of the active window. With the Swap Screen and can control the cursor, for example to secure it to the active screen or slow down on the border between desktops.

Dual Launcher – this solution to quickly launch applications. The utility can be pre-determine which display to open the program is. You can also specify the window size and position on the screen. Dual Launcher to launch the offer to use a keyword or a random set of characters.

Presence of two or more monitors is convenient, but sometimes they can get in the way. For example, if you run some games. The utility allows you to disable DisMon additional monitors when running certain programs. No settings, the utility has not yet, and disabling the monitor to operate until the closing DisMon.

Dual Snap can also be useful for gamers, but for this program, you can certainly find other uses. Utility makes screen capturing by pressing a given key combination displays a screenshot on the second monitor. This allows you, for example, to keep before the eyes of the purposes of the map in the game, or a list of possibilities a player. Dual Snap can also save screenshots as PNG files or copy them to the clipboard.

Dual Wallpaper designed to manage wallpapers in two monitors. The program stretches the background image on the desktop or two allows you to set up a separate image on each monitor. It is possible to separately control the position of each image, resize it, and move around the screen.

GridMove 1.19.60

  • Developer: DonationCoder.com
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Main purpose GridMove – managing a large number of windows and intuitive placement of the screen to a predetermined pattern. The program allows you to quickly change the size of windows, open windows to fill the entire space of the screen, to fix some of them on top.

User can divide the screen into separate areas and to create a grid, which will then be placed newly opened window. GridMove support laquo; goryachieraquo, keys, so the organization of a large number of windows by pressing a combination is possible.

Of preset templates grid option is Dual Screen, which you can use to organize windows on two screens. Or you can create your own version of the placement of windows, which will be tailored to suit your existing configuration – be it two, three or more monitors. To create templates in variables like [Monitor1Top], [Monitor2Left], [Monitor3Bottom] etc. And if you accidentally activate on a single-monitor configuration template created for multi-monitor systems, the program will still handle it correctly. That is, just ignore the part that is responsible for the second and subsequent screens.

SoftTH v2.08b

  • Developer: Keijo laquo; Kegetysraquo; Ruotsalainen
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Systems with multiple monitors are comfortable not only for work but also for games. You can verify this by setting the program SoftTH. It stretches the game space to three monitors without the need for additional hardware.

Program works with games Direct3D 8 and 9 (the full list of games that just supported, published on the official website). To use it you need to connect to the computer three monitors. Moreover, since the visualization is enabled only one graphics card, the second card can be class low end, you simply have to it supports Direct3D.


Display – one of the few parts that outdated, still suitable to use it in their work. Therefore, even if you currently do not have an additional monitor, do not worry. Sooner or later you will come to the idea of ??upgrading, and when it happens, old monitor will not be superfluous. Will only have to re-read this article, and to establish a suitable program to take advantage of a large desk.

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