Kings Bounty: Warrior of the North continued banquet. review

Probably no need to say that the revival King s Bounty in 2008, has become one of the main events in the domestic gaming industry. laquo; Legend of rytsareraquo; invited fans of tactical battles incredibly addictive gameplay. In the role of the royal treasure hunter Bill Gilbert we traveled fabulous Endor, finding artifacts, doing fun quests and engaging in turn-based battles. Select a Class mdash; Warrior, Paladin or Mage mdash; significant effect on the style of play. So much so, that I wanted to go through the campaign several times, trying different combinations of abilities of the hero and the army.

In the ensuing year later laquo; Princess in dospehahraquo; dignity original mechanics shone even brighter. Famed Bill Gilbert took Casket fury and retired, replaced with e princess Amelie manual dragon. Improved the artifacts appeared, new fighters and a huge world to which we again dived to head for hours.

Laquo; Warrior Severaraquo; (Warriors of the North, as they call the game in the West) is on a similar path mdash; at least on paper. List of new features, it seems no less significant, but one important detail changes Sun mdash; Katauri Interactive just passed the baton, consult team laquo; 1C Softklabraquo; at the initial stage of development. Looking ahead, I want to say with sadness mdash; alone consultation was not sufficient to sustain a high level of previous King s Bounty.

Valkyrie like tough guys

However, at first it looks just fine. We have a new hero mdash; northerner Olaf, the son of King Island Nordlig. As usual, when you create a character, we can choose to specialize. No surprises here: Viking, scald and magician (that is to say a warrior, paladin and mage). Viking relies on his troops and application skills rage, causing tremendous damage. For the magician will go to battle three cripples, but the power of his spells is that it does not matter, well, scald is the most flexible option, which can become a hero support, and a very strong battle mage, and the commander of the largest army.

Most interesting innovations class got scald and magician. The first available skill laquo; Visyraquo, allowing his troops to reinforce the fight in any way. Without side effects, however, can not do mdash; for example, songs of praise, inspiring soldiers to fire damage, impairs their resistance to cold. Usually, the decision on the execution of a composition effect visy enemy army, but sometimes you can throw the element of chance, giving the enemies in half with allies buffs, or to earn a little extra gold for the fight, soldiers sacrificing protection.

Magus unable to become a militant minstrel, but it is waiting for a new school of magic mdash; runic. In fairness it should be noted that the study it can, and with Viking skald, but the greatest benefit from the use of fresh spells get heroes with high intelligence. The magic runes are various: the restoration of the special abilities of creatures, causing damage to single targets or groups of enemies, replenishment runes allied troops. The latter is very important, because now all the creatures can once per turn activate a rune from a personal inventory (if any): raise one of his characteristics, or get a chance to perform additional actions on a priority basis.

Matter what class is your Olaf taken separately, for the game to be joined five Valkyries. Beautiful ladies not only play the role of companions from the previous games, but also serve local equivalent boxes or dragon. With the discovery of celestial warrior character will acquire new skills rage. Heavy shelling, a magical attack on a variety of purposes, the call fire elementals, barriers ice wall mdash; current set is not surprising, but has the flexibility to implement multiple versions of battle.

from the slope

Global Map also initially causes only warm feelings. View open area the size of rivals locations laquo; Princess in dospehahraquo.; Alone snowy island that is home to the Vikings, here are four, not to mention the land of the elves, Liberty Island and a significant piece of land, which laquo; Legend of rytsareraquo; called Darion. Stop: Darion? Yes, yes, that’s right mdash; apparently inexhaustible reservoir of inspiration, the developers decided to go to the roots and moved into the game some old location, changing them slightly. Attempt to catch the nostalgia is not counted as a copy of the originals get worse mdash; lacks detail and study the inherent two predyduschim games.

The same can be said of the new territories. In general, any major claim to them has not presented, but they are somewhat less actuated mdash; here and there found objects, to which it is impossible to reach, and sometimes there is a feeling that the level designers worked separately from the creators of quests. For example, one of the first islands alchemist asks you to bring him five sprouts thorns. Until then, they have met your humble servant in only one place, where once were used. The second time, the ill-fated seeds were found after hours and twenty games mdash; at that time to go back for a handful of coins and a meager portion of the experience was simply irrelevant.

General, laquo; Warrior Severaraquo, very bad with appropriate rewards for completing quests. This kind of sin and previous King s Bounty, but here the problem has reached a peak of absurdity. Okay, if this was only gold, mdash; during the time that you get to your destination, the production won the battle of the employer promised to surpass the amount of thirtyfold size. But here’s the bulk of the opytahellip, it’s not even funny. Quests pass unless then to get some unique item (happens very rarely), or read a funny dialogues mdash; latter, however, is justified by no means always, since that time, and worked here is worse than in the adventures of Gilbert and Amelie.

skald will not sing about these battles

Okay, let alone the quests and all the rest. In fact the main dish in King s Bounty of Katauri always step battle. Plot complication laquo; Warrior Severaraquo, clearly points to the fact that there will be many mdash; their native lands Viking bred clouds nowhere povylazili undead. Undead should destroy and at the same time to find out who they picked up from their graves, possibly ironic burying the hero of two meters under the ground.

Initially, of course, so happy as a child mdash; familiar mechanics refined with a new school of magic, skills and fresh Valkyries race fighters in the face of the Vikings. However, on the first island especially no choice mdash; fight we only Vikings against the undead. No variety, battles take place on one scenario, having learned that a monotone grinds thousands and thousands of ghouls. The armies increases spell power increases, but nothing really does not change.

Break the vicious circle, fleeing far away, do not get mdash; cards, opening new lands, for the most part are issued strictly conducted story time. With this one would accept it, if the game poses a serious challenge, but even at high levels of the majority of wandering troops destroyed without any problems, as gold becomes more than you can spend. With enemies that appear in the path of history, still sadder mdash; developers as if afraid to make them too strong and secure player, bringing everything was exactly the opposite.

When they choose, finally, on the mainland, that is, former Darion, the problem is not solved with the monotony mdash; Vikings come to place the familiar forces of people, and as opponents are the robbers, pirates, snakes and other animals. The beauty of the previous two games was that we could do to pick the army respectively personal preferences and a huge variety of wandering on the map to hostile groups. laquo; Severaraquo Warrior, also does not offer much choice mdash; certainly due to the fact that developers are afraid to give us too much freedom and destroy the balance more or less built.

Situation slightly improved, when the story throws us into Demonis, mdash; here where mighty armies capable if not destroy the troops Olaf cleaned, at least to create tangible problems and make people think. But the pleasure does not last long, and then, again, comes the turn of the extermination feeble opponents on the thumb scheme.

As you probably already clear that the main problem laquo; Severaraquo Warrior, is that the game is not designed Katauri Interactive, able to deal with its own mechanics at the highest level. However, those who did not expect anything new, but just wanted to continue the feast, can safely try. The idea still works, and travel on a big map is interesting, even though the bar of the fallen and depleted variety of opportunities in the battles. But in general, to the level set laquo; Legend of rytsareraquo, and laquo; Princess in dospehahraquo;, laquo; Warrior Severaraquo, slightly below.


  • new story campaign for 50 + hours;
  • runic magic provides interesting opportunities skald and the Magi, and the warrior relies on runes their fighters;
  • Gameplay formula King s Bounty, Katauri Interactive implemented in the previous games, is still incredibly addictive.


  • content a lot, but do not count on a particular originality or freshness;
  • balance issues: mostly weak enemies, ridiculously low reward from most of the quests;
  • hitting on some locations later conceived, you will not encounter any resistance at all from the low-level Army;
  • only two large laquo; bossaraquo, and only one of them new;
  • some bugs in jobs and placement of objects on the map;
  • imposed uniformity mdash; the army is changing too slowly, tactical freedom is much less than in previous projects.

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