Interesting JavaScript’omaniya from complete application to PC Emulator

Object-oriented scripting language JavaScript, one of the ten popular software development tools, needs no introduction. But most enthusiastic information technology users are unaware of how flexible and functional, the language, the interpreter command instructions which have in any modern web browser. Can be long and with an air of importance to talk about how JavaScript is widely used to add interactivity to online sites and create extensions for the browser, but much more interesting to talk about projects, not only related to the development of web applications that reveal a truly great opportunities scripting language.

Should begin with an overview of JavaScript PC Emulator – without a doubt, the most incredible implement a complete emulator x86-compatible computer, entirely written in these languages. Yes, yes, that’s right – a complete and functioning under this operating system Linux in the normal browser, either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Safari.

Authors develop a French programmer Fabrice Bellard (Fabrice Bellard), a hand in the creation of cross-platform emulator QEMU and other well-known projects in the field of free software. According to Fabrice, Javascript PC Emulator is a great solution for Linux users, and students clearly demonstrates how far stepped advances in web technology.

With emulated Linux environment with JavaScript can do all sorts of commands in the console operating system, manage files, compile a program in C, and even deploy network services, however, within the local host (access to the external network, unfortunately, does not provide ). For convenience in the JavaScript PC Emulator provides a text clipboard data between the virtual machine and the browser window, it is also possible discharge any files from the emulated PC. More detailed reference information is available in the FAQ section of the project, specifically aims to be the revolutionary product.

No less impressive is the creation of JavaScript-Michael Vincent (Michael Vincent), presented at apothecary and almost perfectly recreate the epochal interface platform Windows 3.1. Development enthusiast not only perfectly captures the spirit of the time, brilliantly silhouetted windows style pushed into oblivion system, but also allows you to play laquo; Saperaraquo;, tinker with the command line MS-DOS 6.22 and the various programs. Readers 3DNews, well remembering those good times, when computers were large, small monitors and black and white, and the sound of floppy drives mellifluous better than the masters of Russian and foreign music, surely surprise presence in JavaScript-reincarnation Windows 3.1 Internet browser. If we are not mistaken, it shall then be in the OS Microsoft came later – with the release of Feature Pack Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95. However, we may be wrong.

Narrating about emulators desktops, we can not ignore supervised by the Norwegian Anders Evenrudom coding guru (Anders Evenrud) project OS.js, in which hard work is to establish an online operating system using JavaScript and markup elements HTML5. At this stage, the Web platform includes a window manager a la Xfwm, browser, email client, entertainment and multimedia applications, and software development tools. OS.js supports virtual file system, is able to save and restore user sessions, incorporates a center application for finding, installing and removing packages in the system. A full list of the key features of the product can be found on this page of the ambitious project.

Deserves close attention JS-development Alexander Demin radio86, allowing cranking foliage past and playing with homemade eight-computer laquo; Radio 86RKraquo;, assembly instructions which were published at the time in the pages of scientific and technical journal laquo; Radioraquo.; As part of the emulator (packed in a single file!) Presents a variety of games, programming languages, debuggers, editors and other system tools, including an assembler and disassembler. I should add also that emulation is on the command level of the Intel 8080, and to demonstrate the graphics involved in the specifications of certain HTML5 tag lt; canvasgt;. For more information about the project can be found in the developer blog.

Who still, decades later, nostalgic for home computer ZX Spectrum, that is definitely worth a closer look to the draft JSSpeccy. Proceeding from the following link, anyone can dip into the memories of past youth and fun to spend time eight-game masterpieces. JavaScript-emulator supports file upload formats SNA and TAP, an abundance of which is represented in the global network, allows to reconfigure keys and suspend the execution of programs. JSSpeccy author is Matt Westcott (Matt Westcott), kindly providing the source of his creation for everyone to contribute to the development and further improvement of useful initiatives.

Lucky enough to get a sight you soon at hand shark programming and game console Nintendo Entertainment System, has undergone a rebirth in JavaScript-emulator JSNES. Thanks to the efforts of Ben Firshmana (Ben Firshman) any Internet user has the ability to once again look at the emotion Super Mario, Contra, Zelda and other iconic toys. No registration is required on the site, simply click on the above link, select from the list the appropriate ROM-file (the image of the cartridge) and immersed in the gameplay. If necessary, you can adjust the size of the on-screen image, set a sound or stop the application. IT-industry experts can download the source code JSNES, contribute to the author in the project development and optimizing the code emulator.

Many online

Represented JS-applications designed to solve practical problems. Of the most striking developments of this kind note and JSMad PDF.js. The first project enthusiasts is being created based on the JavaScript-engine player of MP3, in the second – the implementation of web-based tools for viewing PDF-files. And if the first is the development of academic interest rather than practical, the second has won support of the community of developers Mozilla. It is expected that developments PDF.js will be used for inclusion in the Firefox browser viewer PDF-documents, which not only simplify the work with files formats mentioned, but also a positive impact on the security of the user for the web.

Fairness, we note that we have listed products – only a fraction of solutions that demonstrate the scale virtually limitless possibilities of scripting language. Why are only present in the Chrome Web Store online design, multiplayer BrowserQuest JavaScript-and server-side framework Node.js, designed to create a scalable network applications! Due to the rapid development of technology HTML5, breathed new life into the JavaScript, we now have a unique opportunity to witness the changing priorities in web programming and key role in the promotion of multimedia-rich, interactive web sites. The future certainly belongs to HTML5, and there is no doubt that in time JavaScript may be the most popular among the professional community programming language. Ready to argue with this statement? Bring their case to a note in the comments.

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