Insignia: a review of a new generation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security

Talking about the differences the old and new generations of products for home users, developers laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo; primarily focus on improved antivirus engine, ensuring a higher quality of the detection of various types of malicious programs. Updated kernel compatible with Windows 8, support for new security technology, operating at 20% faster than in most common user scenarios (according to internal company test) and operates the antivirus databases and much smaller in size, which was achieved through further optimization and transfer of signatures in the cloud.

New versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security protection technology involved exploits that take advantage of vulnerabilities in programs to perform malicious actions, moreover, enabled enhanced protection against phishing network resources and malicious applications family Duqu. Recall, the main purpose of Duqu and similar to them in functionality virus is latent in the system installation and implementation of identity theft. The malware uses the mechanisms of malicious code in the process of Windows, including at boot time (before the anti-virus solutions.) To deal with such unseemly program KAV / KIS 2013 be blocked this introduction: the product does not allow for the bulk of malware that is it neutralizes.

Antivirus solutions used in automatic protection system against exploits based on the technology of Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). Support for such a mechanism built into the operating system of Windows, starting with Vista, and provides a random location of key data (eg, system libraries) in the address space, which complicates the use of some of the vulnerabilities. Technology laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo; offers the user function Forced Address Space Layout Randomization, which performs the same and can be used when a similar system in Windows powerless. In particular, Forced ASLR can function in a technologically outdated Windows XP.

Technology laquo; Automatic protection eksploytovraquo, to protect users from malware that exploit vulnerabilities in the programs and the operating system. It is based on the analysis of the behavior of existing exploits, and information about the applications that are most often exposed to malicious attacks

Lot of attention experts laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo; paid optimize the download and install security solutions. In the updated version of the product is now being used for this special bootloader: just download it from the site and run, and it will, automatically download and install the most current version. In this case, only the required components are installed antivirus. Such an approach, coupled with a reduced number of dialog windows installer not only saves network traffic, but also the time of the computer owner. In order to ensure the stable operation of KAV / KIS 2013 while installing the installer searches for incompatible software and produces active infection PC, if any.

before installation is to check if a newer version of KAV / KIS update servers laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo.; If a newer version of the product will be prompted to download and install it on your computer

Significantly edit underwent the procedure for activating the license for antivirus products, freeing the user from entering the registration code in case of a prior distribution KAV / KIS 2013 was downloaded from your account online laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo.; Is provided as a convenience to the purchase of a license (for example, in the case of upgrade or renewal of a registration code) directly from the application. In this case, the application downloads the data from the server and the partner provides computer owner can choose the right solution with the subsequent payment of purchase directly from the KAV / KIS without launching the browser and visit the online store. Number of acts committed with the user, also kept to a minimum to save time.

Reached the hands of developers have updated Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security and minor alterations to the product interface. Experts laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo, took into account the comments of users, usage statistics of controls, the results of the interface and ease it slightly retouched. Reportedly, in particular, on modifications of fonts, contrast, system notifications and pop-ups, reducing time access to required tools and eliminating rarely used options. For fans of the program by manipulating key combinations has been involved previously absent management support functions from the keyboard.

Kaspersky Internet Security and laquo; Anti Kasperskogoraquo, have a new interface, designed with the needs of users

These are the general differences

The old and new generations of anti-virus products laquo; Kasperskogoraquo Laboratory, for home users, typical of both Kaspersky Anti-Virus protection with a basic and more advanced Kaspersky Internet Security. If we take into account only the decision of KIS 2013, which includes a number of additional components, and provides comprehensive protection for your computer, the list of changes is a more extensive.

Among the most significant changes in the updated Kaspersky Internet Security should provide support for technology laquo; Secure platezhiraquo, providing security for financial transactions through online banking and payment systems (WebMoney, PayPal, laquo; Yandeks.Dengiraquo, and others) and also when shopping online. The new system is multi-layered security and a user attempts to log in to the online banking site of the bank or in the private office of the payment system has several complementary operations:

  • check that the treatment is actually the browser to the website of the bank or payment system (through reconciliation with the updated list of network resources) and ask to translate the web browser in protected mode, which controls access to other programs and processes to processed by the browser to the
  • analyzes certificate with which to establish a secure connection, which in turn prevents the transition to a fake site;
  • checks the user’s computer to the presence of critical for online banking vulnerabilities.

Technology laquo; Secure platezhiraquo, works for any sites that require authentication and interacting with different payment systems through the protocol HTTPS. In addition, you can add yourself to the list of trusted resources of any bank, payment system or an online store

Performing latter problem occurs rather quickly, as KIS 2013 scans your system for vulnerabilities on a certain type of endangering financial transactions in the global network. In the event of breaches user will be prompted to remove them automatically. You may want to defer the update and continue to work, but it can have a negative impact on the security of payment transactions.

When activated, protected mode laquo; Secure platezhiraquo, around the browser window appears green frame

No less interesting is the other involved in the new Kaspersky Internet Security technology called laquo; Protecting data capture hardware klaviaturyraquo, also standing on guard for the security of financial transactions. It allows you to protect data entry through a dedicated hardware keyboard driver and prevents the interception of usernames and passwords in those moments when the user enters them in the browser or another program. Use in combination of all these components KIS 2013 to create a safe environment in which you can confidently carry out banking transactions or to shop online.

Virtual Keyboard is designed to protect the most valuable confidential data from keyloggers when working in laquo; Secure platezhiraquo;, was reinforced by another technology called laquo; Protecting data capture hardware klaviaturyraquo

In KIS 2013 also integrates new versions of the modules laquo; Antispamraquo, and laquo; Parental kontrolraquo.; The first component is now using cloud technologies and heuristic analysis, which increases the efficiency of recognition junk correspondence. Also, from now on no training required anti-spam filter, since the information for his work comes from the cloud-environment, which already have a base of samples of spam messages. The second component in charge of the parental control system, validation rules sites by categories of their contents are updated, which allows more control over the child to access inappropriate websites. For the application of the new rules use the standard update mechanism bases. Module laquo; Parental kontrolraquo; supports instant messaging ICQ, QIP, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, mIRC, laquo; Mail.Ru Agentraquo;, Psi, Miranda, AIM. Digsby, Pidgin, Qnext, SIM, Trilian, Xchat, Instantbird, RnQ, Jabber, as well as with social networks MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

to better control the use of computer and network resources, children in KIS 2013 integrates advanced module laquo; Parental kontrolraquo;

Not managed in the new Kaspersky Internet Security without addressing the few popular user features. In his study of the use of statistics included in the software package of tools, developers allowed under the knife for the first time introduced in 2010 is the product edition module laquo; Safe sredaraquo.; Being built on the basis of technology Sandbox (laquo; pesochnitsaraquo ;) , he allowed safe to run any application is not credible in an isolated virtual environment. All actions running in a secure environment programs are fully controlled, and it can not harm the operating system and user data. Feature is wonderful, but he has not found the use of the user base.

These are the main differences

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 from the previous editions of products. New solutions are now on sale. You can buy them in stores, as well as an electronic license from partners laquo; Kasperskogoraquo Laboratory, and online Price does not change – onanbsp, is 1 200 and 1 600 rubles, respectively. To test developers offer free versions of the products, the duration of which is limited to thirty days. Term rather big and it is enough to determine whether it makes sense to give their blood for new security solutions laquo; Laboratory Kasperskogoraquo, or not.

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