Infinity Blade Dungeons release postponed to 2013

Representative studio Epic Games Wes Phillips (Wes Phillips) told All Things Digital, that the release of role-playing game Infinity Blade Dungeons postponed to 2013.

Laquo; Since then, as a team Impossible Studios began working on this project, he has been busy adding to his own ideyraquo;, ndash; Phillips said. laquo; addition, Epic Games has purchased the development team for more furniture and computers to create a RPG. Organization of the new studio and the introduction of additional elements will take some time, so the Infinity Blade: Dungeons will be released on iOS-devices in 2013 goduraquo;.

First Infinity Blade: Dungeons are shown together with the new model iPad tablet computer in March 2012. During a game of iPhone 5 was not mentioned at all. Then, the network appeared rumors that the project will appear along with the iPad Mini October 23, 2012.

Should be noted that in October 2012, after 20 years, Epic Games has left vydayuschiysyanbsp; designer Cliff Bleszinski (Cliff Bleszinski).