In Android 4.2 system will test the safety of third-party applications in real-time

According to recent

Otchtam in the mobile operating system Android 4.2 will be built a unique security system that will get rid of problems with malicious applications. The main feature of the system is the ability to scan applications in real time.

According to Computer World, the new security system is a kind of extension technology used in digital store Google Play mdash; such system scans all the applications downloaded to the store, for the presence of malicious code. Built in the same Android 4.2 system will check installed on your smartphone or tablet-party applications.

To download a program from the network, the user can choose to check the security of e immediately or postpone action until later. If you choose the second option, then the feature will be activated in your phone settings.

Vice president for development of mobile technologies Lokheymer Hiroshi (Hiroshi Lockheimer) said: laquo; We see security as something universal. Given that users need more insurance, we think that we should not neglect the various istochnikamiraquo.; Lokheymer added that in addition to 700,000 applications available in Google Play, the company is always trying to check on the safety of various types of applications that can be found on other sites.