iMindMap: Official editor to create mind maps

There are different ways to fix the course of his thoughts, or to bring them to the audience. You can write, highlight and select text in different colors, draw, draw tables, charts and graphs. The human brain is designed in such a way that he wants to take in information visually. Psychologists think about this a long time ago and developed the concept of the chart links, which may also be called mind maps, mind maps, etc. (English mind map). At the center of the diagram is the central idea of ??relationships, which runs a number of branches that continue to diverge further. The central idea may be a question, problem, issue or area of ??knowledge, and the branches – solutions.

Inventor of techniques is a psychologist Tony Buzan, although, of course, impossible to attribute authorship of the idea of ??one person. He has written many books on the development of thinking and memory, many stoked promote mental maps. And in 2006, under his leadership, has developed the software to create mind maps, called iMindMap. Thus, the imaging technique of thinking was moved from paper to computer, get a lot of additional features.


IMindMap – is not the only program on the list editors mental maps. Although the functional and spread it yields Mindjet MindManager and ConceptDraw Office MindMap, this application laquo; most human litsomraquo.; iMindMap Cross-platform – there are versions for desktop Windows, Mac and Linux, and mobile devices iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as laquo; oblachnayaraquo; version. The program has a visually pleasing interface and supports the Russian language. It does not take much to understand – a skilled user can immediately see that a given technique. But most importantly, mind maps are more laquo; zhivyeraquo, and interesting than similar editors, where they have some scientific form. However, better take a look at the screenshot and decide for yourself what type of card you like.

left – maps made in iMindMap, right – in Mindjet MindManager

The program is available in three editions: Basic, Homeamp; Student and Ultimate, differ in available functionality. The basic version is free, the training is # 36, 67, major – # 36, 256. There is also a version for mobile devices with access to laquo; oblakuraquo, for # 36, 13.99 per year. To get the free edition, you must register on the official website ThinkBuzan. Despite the large number of constraints, the main function – to create a map and export it as an image – you may well be able to use.

Create a map in the program

IMindMap has a familiar Office interface and menu design tape-style Ribbon. Open the map is displayed in the main data window, located on the right panel insert additional items that can be fixed. Switching between cards is on the tab below the main window.

interface iMindMap

Creating a new map starts with selecting the image to the central idea. If the presence of pictures you do not like, you can open your own. Then change the name of the object and begin to take a branch in different directions to any length. From tips teh branches – new branches, and so is endless. Each branch is given a name that is spreading along its length and can be aligned to one of the parties, as the text on the page. You can change the shape of the branches, bending it in different ways in a few key points. Changes in the same location – just grab the tip of a branch and move to any place, and the other branches automatically move. Branches at any level you can expand and collapse, producing a variety of actions on them – delete, cut and paste, repaint, change the font by the name.

Adding new branches

Essence of this process is to find all the solutions to the problem, the path of the task, etc. For example, you are going to run the site – this is the central idea. She would go from one branch laquo; razrabotkaraquo; others – laquo; napolnenieraquo;, laquo; optimizatsiyaraquo;, laquo; raskrutkaraquo.; On the last branch, in turn, highlighted laquo; banneroobmenraquo;, laquo; reklamaraquo context;, laquo; promoting social setyahraquo.; From laquo; promote social setyahraquo; – Facebook, laquo; VKontakteraquo;, Twitter and so on. Thus be thought out and clearly presents all aspects related to the implementation of this task.

It is said that the card can be added, and additional central ideas. Branches extending from it, will not overlap with the main tree. It’s more of a visual comfort associated with unbounded web. There is also a possibility in any part of the branch to create child cards – with the selected branch will be the central idea of ??which would be to withdraw all future branches.

Each branch can be attached to various objects, complementing its information value: icons, pictures, notes, audio recordings, and links. Icons are divided into groups, each symbolizes something different – a trip, a paper man, a calendar month. They are displayed next to the tip of the branch, as well as images, which are also attached to the branches. But the notes, audio recordings, and links are created and viewed / listened / open in the sidebar – on the branches will be visible only expressed by. You can attach a number of different objects, for example, add a branch screenshot of the site along with a description and a link to it.

Add a note to the branch

The branches can be attached to objects, and you can add images, tables, and flow charts that are created here with a simple editor. These items will be displayed under the branches, as pictures. You can resize, undock and drag to an empty space or other branches. From scratch is also inserted laquo; plavayuschiyraquo the text and pictures to indicate information that is not tied to a tree. All added objects can be moved to the back and the front, if they overlap each other.

Adding branches in more than one mode. You can draw standard branches by hand, giving them any form – in this case, the number of geometric points can be unlimited. Also inserted into the branch with the frame at the end, and the text is inside, not on the entire length of the branch. Between the branches can add arrows communication – it allows you to visually wrap around your tree and connect the individual elements. True, a lot of arrows is difficult to know where they all are. Superimposed on a branch in the form of a cloud frame, which goes to the child and the branch – but that is bad, it is not put back.

Framing branches

When you place the branches on the screen, you can attach laquo; clerical knopkoyraquo, to keep its shape and location. If you do not want to build the layout by hand, there laquo; volshebnayaraquo; function laquo; Uborkaraquo, which automatically will link your tree, giving it a maximum compressed form. By the way, the compression can be performed at each folding and removing branches or even on any map change, if you configure it properly in laquo; Parameters SmartLayoutraquo;. It also changes the style of the tree – chosen degree laquo; zakruglennostiraquo; branches (you can make them completely straight) and laquo; raskidistostraquo, that is, the minimum distance from each other.

map before and after laquo; uborkiraquo;

If you do not like the color scheme and the structure of the branches of the map, you can choose other colors and style of the tree (a type of curvature and thickness), as well as fonts and background color of the canvas. Map can be given as a stern corporate and cheerful children’s appearance, and if the result is like – tonbsp, add the specified style to the standard. Entire map entirely, you can save it as a template. When you create a new card is ready to use educational, personal and business templates.

IMindMap use for saving maps its own format IMX, and can export to many formats: as a bitmap and vector images, documents, presentations, web pages, designs, sounds, tables, files and OPML-counting. The free trial versions and saving is only available in JPEG and PNG, but the resolution, there may be quite high.

Map view modes

IMindMap mind maps can be viewed in a variety of display modes. If you want to show the audience a map (especially with a projector), then there are two modes: 3D and presentation. Three-dimensional look quite spectacular, also allows you to navigate through the branches online.

Map Display a 3D

In the presentation will be shown to create a map, step by step. Mouse click causes the next slide.


Map Display a presentation

Addition, Browsable map as a classic catalog, where instead of the branches shows their name, which you can expand and collapse. But of particular interest to users, planners of the time, can cause the map display in the form of a project, which has a bunch with Gantt chart.

Map display in draft form

Here should know that every added default branch is a problem which start and end date, and the status (completed or not completed). Initially, in both, with the date of a day, exposed the problem, and you can change these settings only in the terminal branches that do not have to continue. The changes in the subsidiary branches automatically shift the date range and the percentage of completion of the parent branch, which is the task of uniting, that, in turn, have their own, and so on to laquo; globalnoyraquo; problems – the central idea. Convenient to specify the percentage of completion by attaching icons to branches with stakes of the project, as well as on the Gantt chart. This scale, which clearly shows the time periods during which the various tasks (it is different, but we will not delve into them in this article.) Also, it is very convenient to change the duration of time and tasks. Finally, the branches that are not tasks, you can disable the use of project management.

synchronization laquo; oblakomraquo;

As mentioned earlier, the program is cross-platform, and is also present in laquo; oblakeraquo.; The web version is designed primarily to sync maps between different devices, but allows and edit them in the browser window. To use the service, you must have an account on the system ThinkBuzan. Although space on the server has 1 GB, free mode possible to synchronize all five cards, and it happens only once every 24 hours. A coin, these restrictions will be lifted. This service is paid separately from the purchase of the program, and you can download a version of iMindMap for your mobile device on the platform iOS / Android. Package called iMindMap Freedom, and a subscription to is # 36, 13.99 per year.

card management in ThinkBuzan Cloud

View and edit maps in laquo; oblakeraquo and you can in the same way as local. Rename, delete, sort them into folders as you can through the program interface, and in the web version. To add a map to laquo; oblakoraquo, you need to choose the storage mode laquo; Save ThinkBuzan Cloudraquo; and specify the appropriate folder. On site service is implemented using the laquo; Importraquo.; The export function in a variety of formats is available only in the paid mode.

laquo; Oblachnyyraquo, editor ThinkBuzan Cloud

Laquo; Oblachnyyraquo, the map editor is executed on the platform Flash. Its functionality greatly curtailed in comparison with the desktop version, and from the available languages ??English only. The process of adding branches remained the same, preserved their appearance. Still possible to add frames and-branch communications. You can change the colors, fonts, and the alignment of the text. Attached to the branch icons, notes, links, and on the canvas you can put pictures and floating text. Actually, that was all limited, but most importantly – do not lose the card appeal and online.


IMindMap created under the author’s ideas of mental maps, and sometimes referred to as the official software for this technique. The program was created for mainstream users, inexperienced in complex conceptual applications. It is inferior in functionality to many other editors, but it surpasses all analogues in terms of style, ease of use and cross-platform. iMindMap can be very useful tool for students, office workers and of all people who are prone to the planning and analysis. It can be used for different purposes: organizing projects and various aspects of life, note-taking books and lectures, knowledge structure. Through the presence of iMindMap on all major platforms and synchronization cards laquo; oblakomraquo, they will always be with you where ever you are and whatever device is currently not used.

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