IgroMir 2012: Day Two

From Japan with love

Special place on the court laquo; 1C SoftKlabraquo, held a long-awaited stealth shooter Dishonored. Judging by the huge booth (which you can see in the photo in the previous article), published in this game makes a big bet. And, let’s face it, it is absolutely justified. To be honest, at first you will be somewhat puzzled, and it’s not just plain old technology (design, however, redeems any visual defects). The fact that Arkane Studio looked at the current trends in game design, crumpled them and threw into the nearest dustbin. If you are accustomed to, that you are on the handle on the missions, pointing to a fork and pre talking about the pros and cons of the left and right path, to have to fit in with local regulations.

Two cornerstones Dishonored: gathering information and freedom of choice. The exhibition, in general, is the final build of the project, but for developers to download a demonstration mission. It protagonist arrives in a dark alley on a mission to kidnap a scientist. And we only know the approximate location of his house, and then, as they say, turning as you like. Have to study the terrain, eavesdrop on conversations, and guards watch over them to get to the right place. Entrance to the house at least three. But get inside ndash; is only half the battle. How to go through a dozen guards? Options ndash; mass. Here, there are no hints or convenient ways, all define your needs and outlook. laquo; player chooses a balance between action and stealth, we are not trying to tip the balance in any particular direction. You can be the shadow of others, or to cut and shoot in all directions, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind. This is your conscious choice. And the end of the story will not depend on instant decision in the final dialog, but your style prohozhdeniyaraquo;, ndash; studio representative said. At a subsequent public presentation of the project the same level was reached is another way in which for twenty minutes does not happen again to any of the situations that were from yours truly. This amazing replayability not very long ago we saw.

After cohort serious slasher (see previous article), and action games, we decided to relax a little. And who, if not Nintendo, know that people need to relax. Whole area with portable 3DS beckoning. Among the standard for the next part of this console adventures of Mario and rabbits our eyes are exceptionally interesting project called Castlevania: Mirror of Fate. As a spin-offom last year’s action adventure vampire, laquo; Mirror Sudbyraquo; close enough gets to the roots of the series.

As in gold for the family of Belmont nineties, we see a classic platformer with exciting fights, bosses and the castle, full of riddles and traps. The bottom screen shows the intricate map of Gothic labyrinth while on 3D-display character waving a whip, jumping on the chandelier and admiring rare landscapes. The process is plain, but carries no joke. And the effect of looks very nice, although it does have its drawbacks: it is necessary to deviate slightly from the recommended viewing angle, like a picture immediately begins to divide in two.

Splash around with the 3DS, we decided that it was time for laquo; bolshoyraquo; consoles. One of the first in Russia, we have tried to tooth Nintendo Wii U. In public, showing mostly simple arcade or kazualki, but major projects from the starting line could look at a private booth, where we immediately made their way. Perhaps the main exclusive to the new console at the moment is ZombiU ndash; game looks and feels fresh, to the fullest possible use of the unique controller.

Ubisoft initially approached the project with imagination. For example, the plot moves in unexpected ways: the main characters of a huge number. First, we see how the image will switch cameras, showing the surviving middle of a zombie apocalypse, then stop at one of them ndash; our character. Immediately realize the usefulness of the controller with the display: it shows the map and the characteristics of the hero. Using the sensor, the player can change equipment, analyze neighborhood, aiming to explore the contents or the chest. Thus on laquo; bolshomraquo, screen your character is really remove the backpack and will dig into it. Generally very well turned out to convey a sense of associating themselves with the protagonist. Sense of movement, running, water up to his waist ndash; all at a high level.

Air ZombiU have quite slow and measured, typical representatives of Survival Horror. laquo; This game is not about how you walk and soak zombie, and how ordinary people, being in the middle of hell, trying to survive by any means. Of course, you have to protect themselves from bat to shotguns and rifles, but you can not kill all smozheteraquo;, ndash; says a Ubisoft. And if you got into a fight, it is time to think about the retreat. Ghouls are slow, but damn strong and can vividly to pounce on your unprotected neck.

Most interesting is that, having died once, your character will always be vampires, and his place will be another character. Almost like in the Dark Souls you need to get to the glorious death, kill former alter ego, who addressed the zombies and pick up equipment. And it is not only time, reminiscent of the recent hardcore RPG, ndash; similarly arranged and network component. laquo; Players ZombiU while passing will leave graffiti on the walls, which will see other users. We want to create a sense of loneliness in the process, but to show that not only did you manage to escape and you unikalnyraquo;, ndash; explain creators.

ZombiU if not the reason for the early acquisition of Wii U immediately after the release, it certainly makes you think about such a possibility in the future. Do not be confused by the controller dimensions ndash; in practice it turned out that he was very comfortable in the hand and is not heavy. Pleasant surprise and projects with other consoles, adapted to the new product from Nintendo. Batman: Arkham City has undergone reconstruction ndash; version, subtitled received Armored Edition, different from the original, not only new armor and strikes, but also alteration of the balance. The game became much more research points and puzzles, where you have to use a gamepad. All menus are placed on a small screen, but, for example, management betarangi now is using the accelerometer.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the small screen is a list of a combo with a description of the buttons for it. Besides, if you click on the name of the desired reception, the hero will it automatically. Better than the original is different, and Wii U-version of Ninja Gaiden 3. Here the capabilities of the controller is mainly used to display the various menus and combo appear during the fight, but does not execute a single touch. In addition, we fixed some gameplay moments of the predecessor ndash; balance significantly tighten up, restoring complexity, which is famous for a series. And of course, the scene is re-emerging from brutal raschlennka liter of blood, without which the Ninja Gaiden ndash; not Ninja Gaiden.

Japanese again bet on the original controller, and it has paid off. Catch up until the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is time to break the bank and put together a solid round console The fan community.

Survive hide and fill its head


Noisy surroundings open exhibition we went to a quiet conference room, where the cozy room with a charming representative spoke studio Crystal Dynamics, and personally acquainted with the extended demo of Tomb Raider. The first thing that caught my eye, ndash; incredible event and entertainment spots, smoothly flowing into the gameplay. laquo; In our game you do not see any screen zagruzkiraquo;, ndash; developers say. Looks like we have seen in the recent Max Payne 3, but it was obvious where the story ends with the stage and starts the actual game. But in the new adventure of Lara Croft is sometimes lost mdash; so smoothly made the transition. laquo; Thus, the player is constantly involved in the process, and the download does not throw rate proiskhodyaschegoraquo;, mdash; says our interlocutor.

To any questions about the story line we have received categorical laquo; netraquo;, but the creators of the heroine spoke with pleasure. laquo; We want to show in great detail how Lara has to grow up in no time. She will have to make nasty, terrible things, constantly on the verge of smertiraquo;, ndash; creators share thoughts. Indeed, the scene of the murder of the first man made Lara very emotional. She really wants to empathize.

Himself gameplay resembles a mixture of the previous parts with Uncharted ihellip; Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The island will have to do to survive, and the firearm is not immediately available. Like Snake, Lara will have to hunt animals and fight not only with people but also with wildlife. Production of food, however, does not become mandatory classes (except for one scene of the moment), but it really helps: it’s more experience, and more stamina. laquo; We do not want to oblige users to something. Agree that the mere existence of the possibility of much more pleasant burden. You can choose what delatraquo;, mdash; commenting developers.

New Tomb Raider is very diverse: the screen is always something going on. For forty minutes we managed to climb up the wreckage, climb trees, hunt for deer, go down into a dark cave, otbitsyanbsp, from wolves ndash; and this is not the entire list. In this case the project is not rolled into laquo; mylnoeraquo;, sorry, laquo; kintsoraquo.; It seems, Crystal Dynamics forges one of the best games of the coming year.

And our next project, unlike the adventures fragile girl, dedicated mutual relish beating brutal and fearless heroes and villains. We spent a couple of rounds with the creators of Injustice: Gods Among Us from NetherRealm. While choosing the fighters, the developers responded to questions about plans for the future and why it was chosen as the universe DC Comics: laquo; With a choice of all was both easy and difficult. Since we have already done a project in this universe, then the license does not have any problems. And we can, and I would like to try something else, but sometimes it is all about ease of obtaining a license. I can not say exactly what do we do now ndash; while we focus on Injustice and DLC-going support after the release, as it was with Mortal Kombatraquo;.

Meanwhile, in the cave of Batman in action agreed Solomon Grundy and Nightwing. At first glance it resembles previous Injustice creation studio, but she looked into the details, you realize that this is a ndash; new game. For example, there is no system of X-Ray, tastefully showing effects particularly devastating blow. Characters have got two columns, each of which has its pros and cons, as well as unique techniques. Nightwing, for example, can not fight or a long staff, or two clubs. In the first case will be powerful blows and still will keep their distance. If we divide it into two parts, increase attack speed, but in effect you will lose. Arena also significantly increased in interactivity. Items that you can use for their own gain, a lot, and each character also has a unique animation and interaction with their own things. All arenas consist of two-TPX locations. For example, in the cave you can toss an enemy into the elevator, and as he goes to another level, the battle continues in the cockpit in the form of mini-scenes.

As for the plot, his promise to work out in detail: laquo; we never liked in fighting games: you’ll be forced to fight a bunch of enemies, while not quite explain why it should be done. We are working on a very interesting history, the key role which will play Batman. We are familiar with the universe, of course, the question arises: how the same Nightwing can beat Superman? It’s impossible. We’ll explain why this happened and why suddenly the heroes and villains were to peel each drugaraquo.; We can not wait.

Lead Game Designer Splinter Cell: Blacklist Richard Carrillo (Richard Carrillo)

Last to this day in our schedule was listed conversation with developers Splinter Cell: Blacklist. At the Exhibition games were not, and the interview was held in a small room of a nearby hotel. The demo version was similar to the E3, in which Sam made his way to a village forgotten by all countries of the third world in search of a big shot. Judging by what they see, the creators are trying to combine all the advantages of the first parts of the high rate of Conviction. Maps have become noticeably more spacious ndash; is where to turn tactical mind, besides there are more opportunities for stealth.

Laquo; You know, when many people see that the action takes place in the afternoon, they immediately think ndash; they say, is a shooter, and you want to shoot them all. But this is not the case. Conversely, a bright light casts an even greater challenge lovers secretive style of passing. We will offer the player a lot of opportunities for undetected penetration into the protected fortress in broad daylight. You will have to apply dozens of gadgets to distract the enemy, climbing on roofs and karnizamraquo.; For example, in one scene, Sam climbed into a small house, lured into the water and threw a pair of enemies there electric dart. The result of this action, I think you can imagine.

Action Mechanical recalls the previous part. Mark and Kill system moved intact, but significantly improved melee. Fisher beautifully wrings her hands, grabs the gun and in slo-mo performs spectacular finishing. As is the case with Dishonored, select a balance between stealth and shooting are given to the player. Developers offer all the features of each style of play, so you can use the one you like best.

This is not the end

All for today, dear readers. In the final article, which will be released tomorrow, we will introduce you to new products from Capcom, share feelings of multiplayer Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and will tell what contribution to the gaming industry make our countrymen.

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