IgroMir 2012: Day One

Cold steel for an elegant murder

This time, the show moved again, but not so far in the first pavilion of the Crocus Expo. He has a few more rooms where IgroMir held last year. Thanks to finally not have to feel like a herring in the bank. At the press day at all had the feeling of some desert, but the people were not so little. Plus the distance stands apart helped to solve another problem horrible volume. Now, there are small islands of silence, where ears can relax. Although, perhaps, it is applicable only to a zero day for media workers.

Largest and most powerful set of draft, as usual, was placed on the stand 1C-SoftKlab. Almost all the hits of autumn gathered in the center of exhibition space, immediately attracting anyone who has come to the light. Spinning on a giant screen trailers Injustice: Gods Among Us, Tomb Raider, Dishonored and many other games. But our first stop was the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Popular spin-off series was vivid example of the cohort of those projects that fall in love with the gameplay in every way detracting from the rather mediocre workmanship. Setting rather poor, close examination of the texture does not evoke pleasant memories of a time PS2, and all destroyed objects are melting before our eyes. But PlatinumGames sets a rapid pace of narration with a share of light madness that flaws do not want to pay attention.

First of all it is very competent slasher with an advanced combat system, but also with the intuitive control. The main character, a robotic ninja Raiden, beautifully waved cyber katana (animators worked on glory, so that you can enjoy kulbitami character long) while dealing with variegated opponents: from soldiers to acquaintances in the Metal Gear Solid 4 walkers. Some combos with their ingenuity when we first met much surprise. For example, our protagonist can throw their weapons out of the hands feet and set off almost a deadly break-dance. Many combinations ending spectacular finishing moves. Raiden throws opponent with lightning speed and jumps forward, hovering over him, cuts on dozens of pieces in a beautiful slo-mo.

Controlled division, stated at the time of the announcement as the main feature Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, successfully survived the change of developer and total reconstruction of the project. When you press one button, time slows down, and you specify a different direction Stick strikes. Weak enemies can crumble immediately, but stronger opponents first need nakostylyat familiar way. Wheelhouse yield many objects on the map: cars, poles and so on. In the demo, we even managed to take down the base Flyer. Unfortunately, the results of our destructive effort almost immediately disappear.

And, of course, it’s still a Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima so as producer follows closely to the distinctive features of the series are still in place. Then you and recognizable style, and talk to the codec, and even stealth elements that successfully diluted gameplay.

Just steps away from MGR everyone could try another slasher anticipated God of War: Ascension. Do not change the subject, we have continued to practice in the possession of deadly knives. Although to tell you about the next God of War something new problematic task. From part to part, whether it be a full numbering series or a spin-off for PSP, the essence of events has not changed one iota: Kratos with their swords on chains iznichtozhaet life on the map.

Ascension looks little different from the third part. Picture a beautiful, lush, and the special effects during the hot battles create an unforgettable fireworks show. And the action itself looks great. God of War belongs to the breed of slasher, where even pressing any button causes the character that effectively cut up mythical enemies for stuffing (in contrast to the old Devil May Cry). And if you come up with the knowledge of the process, the end of the world and does makes gape-mouthed. Left and thrust creators to gigantism huge bosses decent sized high-rise buildings are attached.

To similar path went and reincarnation DmC, also discovered nearby. After a personal acquaintance with the project from yours truly transgressed all doubts about its quality. Let the guys from Ninja Theory significantly changed the concept, make the combat system more accessible for beginners, but they clearly know their stuff. Despite the new wrapper, you feel old spirit: it is a very stylish game, with great fights and acrobatic appropriate component.

Behind closed doors

After meeting with public projects it was time to go and closed shows, talk with the creators in person and test products submitted to the accompaniment of their comments. The first on our schedule were CD Projekt Red. Frankly speaking, the main goal was to explore something about Cyberpunk or plans for the continuation of the story of Geralt, but all our efforts were in vain: Watch for announcements on our website or we can not say anything about it. But developers are pleased to have demonstrated an editor for The Witcher 2 RedKit. And the possibilities it were virtually limitless.

First representative studio quickly set up a small, but rich and beautiful location. Slight movement of the mouse on the desert formed whole forests and mountains, and the sky in the required time scale me day and night. The user will not even be able to personally make a route of the sun and moon.

If a player has the time and desire to understand, it is actually able to build a completely new project on the basis of engine RedEngine, officials say CD Project Red. In our case even Star Wars? Developers with a smile replied: Why not? Of course, if you have a lot of time and desire. The toolkit was originally there is a huge library of textures, models, animations, and other necessary components. Of course, you are free to fill up her own creations. In this case, the interface is intuitive, even when there are many settings it is difficult to get lost.

To create a simple adventure does not need a lot of skills. Quest is made easy with a flowchart. Almost any action provided in standard units, even the timing of the start of any event. If you have an idea for a role-playing game, but there are no thoughts on how to implement it RedKit great opportunity to feel in the skin developer.

Next in line was the CCP Games, representing a network shooter DUST 514. Although the game is very closely linked with computer EVE Online, it is currently the only PS3-Luxury. On PC? Maybe one day. Anything is possible, vaguely responsible developers.

As for the project, in terms of style, he vividly recalls Halo: Reach. At least demonstrated location strongly resembled the creation Bungie: muted colors, creating a melancholy mood, rolling hills, the design of the plant, where the fight. Each card before a fight is randomly generated from prefabricated elements, in the style of Dungeon Diablo. In fact, at the output we get about a thousand different arenas, and ihnbsp, the number will only grow, reported programmers. But in fact DUST lost somewhere between the main and exclusive Xbox Planetside. The scale of the battles is rather large. While in combat can come together only a few dozen people, but the creators promise to add support for hundreds of players simultaneously.

In this scenario, very useful interaction with the pilots of EVE Online. And users of both projects are on the same server. You can ask your friend to come down to the orbit of the planet, where there is a battle, and the enemy had smoked out of hiding bombardment. In this case, the spacecraft could easily run into the gunfire and turned into scrap metal. The interaction occurs at every level of gameplay, not only in battle. Members from different platforms can be to the same clan and corporations communicate with each other with items and money to build a joint manipulation or assassinations, what in the world EVE Online is not uncommon, say the creators.

Independent developers pride

Editor of characters: Your ability to create a character are endless. Combining the different equipment and skills, of which there are very, very much, you can engage with the style of play, but not limited to the standard set medic, sniper, spy, attack. For example, our eyes have built a character who was wearing heavy armor and wielding daggers. Not to say that it has been effective, but such variation in character customization is still happy.

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    This concludes our interview and explore the project had ended, but within a single article can not be more fit. In the near future we share personal experiences about Dishonored, talk with the developers of Tomb Raider, Injustice, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and will talk about what a Nintendo Wii U in materiale IgroMir-2012, a second day.

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