IgroMir 2012: completion

of giant edifice, small East and excessive inspiration

We could not get past the demo version of Lost Planet 3 mdash; new chapter on the conquest of the world by mankind frosty planet EDN III. All assumptions were confirmed after E3: series certainly changed, mostly for the better. And like Spark Unlimited uses the last chance to get in laquo; highest liguraquo;, squeezing out all the juices. Immediately evident that the action has become much more solid than before. And like the simple mechanics a la Gears of War has already yawnful but LP3 played surprisingly briskly.

First of all, thanks to the attention to detail and the authors of the general atmosphere. Or rather to say mdash; authenticity. Leisurely study of the cave quickly develops into a fierce firefight with flying locusts (so called local fauna). Weapon feels very good, especially the shotgun, which few who can competently implement. Were very relevant multi-QTE-scenes. For example, when an overgrown insect grabs your leg, you have a few seconds to fight off his hands. Do not have time? Do not worry, you still have the chance to stab an enemy with a knife while he drags the hero to the brink. And even on the verge of death will be the last opportunity to deal with the enemy aimed shot to the head.

And we must mention the huge robots. Driving one of these, you feel the power colossus. Steps to shake the earth, the drill turns to mush smaller opponents, and fight with the giant insects resemble a boxing match giants. Again, perfectly conveys all the feelings laquo; telaraquo.; It is worth noting and detail the cockpit: the glass is glued a family photo of the hero, the side is beautiful figure, performing an exotic dance, and fight against the country is reminiscent of the distant Earth.

After the demo Lost Planet 3, we moved at the next booth, where allowed to play in the next chapter of the adventures of Naruto. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, is likely to be the last project in the series, so the developers of CyberConnect2 decided to put the maximum. In versions were provided by two combat scene.

At first we as Sarutobi fought nine-Fox for the Hidden Leaf Village (for those not in the theme: Imagine a scene from laquo; Godzillyraquo, where the army stands against the monster.) We run across rooftops, dodging huge bite mouth, and throw back large shuriken, ogrevaya parallel giant monster on the head with an iron pipe. All this action epic looks, moves and blotches of Quick-Time Events do not give bored, but fight seems too fast and hectic. Do not have time to figure out what’s going on, the screen is full of special effects, and Sarutobi once again going up against a powerful attack.

But the second episode featured a lot better balanced. While fighting off the Fox village, Minato confronts the mysterious Toby, who runs a monster. This fight is as usual for the series and is a mixture of the standard fighting game with free movement of the arena in all three dimensions. As before, the battle system, on the one hand, the plain, and on the other mdash; addictive and deep enough (at long study of mechanics). Above mdash; incredibly impressive. Combos and superpriemy beautifully animated and delivered. Actually, the whole game looks wonderful, representing five minutes living fairy manga in color. But, of course, and the target audience for the project adequate. Indifferent to anime can safely pass.

Our last visit to the stand laquo; 1C SoftKlabraquo; turned breakdown Network Demo Aliens: Colonial Marines. The first thought after a couple of minutes: laquo;’s that mdash; Left 4hellip; uh, Aliens? Raquo;. Because the creation of Gearbox for online battles is a strong sense of deja vu, adjusted for fan service for fans of the famous epic.

The map command marines against swarms of strangers. Marines are divided into several classes, but they differ only in minor details ekipirovkinbsp, (at least, it was in the present build, and to release the balance of specialties most likely to twist). But the division looks ksenomorfov pointeresneyhellip, in some way. The idea is that each species has unique skills, but has the choice were only two individuals, one is able to rush to the man, and the other has the ability to deliver powerful blows. Sometimes appears on the Bole and laquo; mamochkaraquo; mdash; huge and very reluctant to part with life stranger. Even the whole team is difficult to cope with this monster. Again reminded of Left 4 Dead? This is normal.


Yet multiplayer project looks very raw and devoid of diversity. An hour or two you can have fun, but if it will remain, then after a couple of nights in a network game mode Aliens: Colonial Marines you are unlikely to return. Pleasantly pleased with only the details for fans: a great design of weapons and armor, lovingly sketched in the second part of the film. To locate the aliens have to use a motion sensor, and it only scans the terrain in front of you, so you should move back to back with a colleague mdash; single people here do not last long. And if you shoot close to a monster, you get significant damage flown apart in all directions acid. If we act in a coherent group of four people, defeat the aliens will be very real, the benefit of being killed they are much easier than in the movie.

about fun war and fragmented world

Of course, we do not ignore the closed presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Unfortunately, we had to sign a non-disclosure of information about a single game, but we can share impressions of multiplayer. The backbone of entertainment has remained unchanged since the old lady Modern Warfare. This, above all, laquo; strelyalkaraquo cheerful, in the entourage of the war near future. And it is aimed at discreet fun new modes (which we can not yet give details.) But the process involves outright mdash; within five minutes you frantically yelling into the microphone associates: laquo; This @ #! # 36, sat on a hill! Raquo;. Also undergone modernization character customization system. By itself it is possible to fit any little thing, and the number of skills and rewards for actions committed by a pleasant surprise.


The people we talked to laquo; IgroMireraquo, were representatives of the studio Snowbird Game Studios, shows the original strategy laquo; Eador. Lords Mirovraquo.; In fact, this remake igry laquo; Eador. Sotvorenieraquo, which was published a few years ago, only this time with modern graphics, licked balance and ground technical component. In any case, it is promised in the release.

The project is a fusion of several popular series. laquo; In our game there was a place elements of Civilization, Total War and Heroes of Might amp; Magicraquo;, mdash; developers say. From the first game went to the world map, more mdash; universe, in which the worlds revolve-island. Once they were united, but because of the disaster flew apart. The purpose of the fourteen mysterious demigods, one of which is our hero mdash; grab them all. And everyone will have their own motivation. Necromancer wants to destroy all life, and to equip a cozy world of the dead, and the noble warrior mdash; unite the land and create a paradise for all. Depending on your own outlook and goals with other higher entities can conclude peace treaties. In general, the question of morality is given much attention. Often problematic situations will arise that can be solved in different ways. And always with the consequences of your actions will somehow you were inclined to do good or evil.

Going down to a lower level, that is, to one of the islands, we are opening a new layer of gameplay, inherited from Total War. Every little world is divided into many provinces that belong to different factions. At this stage will have to equip your own village, build new buildings, to monitor the provision of all the necessary people and spread their power on and on. As usual, it can be done either by peaceful means or by force to wrest power. And then start shaped laquo; Geroiraquo.; Actually, it most accurately describes what is happening with a couple of reservations. First, the character is directly involved in the battle, as in Heroes of Might amp; Magic IV. Secondly, we can not hire hundreds of identical beings. Each soldier is one laquo; geksraquo, therefore, on the one hand, a myriad army buy not work, and the other mdash; on the battlefield is visually more fighters, making the action seem bigger laquo; Geroevraquo;.

Project looks very promising. Pleasant and organic alloy of various strategic genres can successfully fired, marking the first small step back Russian game industry in laquo; great igruraquo;.


Current laquo; IgroMirraquo, was very intense and is pleasant, the most successful in terms of organization. Spacious room, to find a quiet place, the almost complete absence of crush stands out mdash; all this has left a good impression. But to fill the last year has been rich. This time the reason behind left Electronic Arts and Blizzard, previously been permanent guests. There was not a Bioshock: Infinite, or Hitman: Absolution, or Crysis 3. Still, it was interesting: the constant competitions, demos many of the expected hits, the first in Russia to try his own Nintendo Wii U, colorful presentation. At least one Denk look at the first pavilion laquo; Crocus Eksporaquo, definitely worth it. Until next year, ladies and gentlemen!

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