I was there! Five services to map travel

Summer – the time when many people go on vacation, on a vacation and go on trips. Other cities and countries, colorful landscapes, attractions – so I want to share experiences with your family, friends and acquaintances back home. This is usually limited raspihivaniem images from the camera on social networks with captions like laquo; I Kolizeyaraquo background.; Some users write reports in blogs and gain much popularity (remember Sergei share or Ilya Varlamov). In this article we would like to draw your attention to one more way to tell others about his travels – to make an interactive map of travel, which will be especially interesting to avid travelers. Perhaps you fly or drive each year to new places, trying not to repeat myself and see the world in all its diversity: Thailand, India, Turkey, Egypt – mark this country on the map and show the others, adding to the collection regularly visited places! Today, there are some interesting resources to map the traveler. They work in conjunction with the map service Google Maps and make it possible to map labels or pictures of places you’ve been, but also provide other additional functionality. Let us consider them one by one.


By using this site, you can prepare a fascinating interactive videos that demonstrate your movement on the map Google Maps. They look like this: from one point to another in series is a red line indicating your route. In key areas the movement stops, the viewer to read the information and see a slide show of photos, all of which is accompanied by a musical composition. At any time, you can put on pause viewing, switch to manual mode and change the scale of the surface.

travel map, created using Tripline.net

To create a map, you need to log in to your account (registration is only supported via Facebook). After that you must click Create a new map, which is located next to the search box. There are three ways to create a map:

  • Manual (Create a map).
  • from a group of pictures (Create a map from photos!). To do this, download the pictures to a maximum size of 5 MB. They will be arranged by the time taken, from the early to the later. If the data contains EXIF ??geotags, they will also be taken into account, and you do not need to specify the location of each photo manually, is being done in the second step.
  • importing geotagged from the profile in social networks (Import places). Tripline supports integration with Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Tripit, Gowalla. If you mark a place in one of these services, you can create a map of them.
The table below

Manual editing. In the first step, you enter the name of card, its type (travel, hike, cruise, and the like- over twenty options in English), a place where you have been (eg, Europe and Africa), privacy settings (private, for friends , public) and check other options.

Creating a new map in Tripline.net

The next step will need to add the key points that make up the journey. The starting point is your location listed in Facebook,-, you can edit or delete it. Add new places to using the add places – they will be marked on the map by the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on. You can do this in three ways: by searching settlements on Google Maps, by entering the geographical coordinates and manually dragging the label on the map. However, in the same way you can change the position of the points that have been added automatically. For each point, not only is the remote location, but also adds the date, the time, and information such as title, description, personal notes, and how to display in the video: stop on it, drive by or view a slide show. You are free to determine how many points must be secured in the itinerary – though you should keep in mind that the service paves straight line between them, given no roads, no obstacles, and if you’d like to demonstrate the complexity and tortuosity of the route would have to create a set of points at every turn of the way.

Edit point on the map in Tripline.net

Before storing the card, you can re-edit the information on it, and select a song, which will be followed by viewing. Unfortunately, upload your audio file can not – you have a choice of content with more than a dozen standard tracks: African motifs, jazz, indie, and others. Adding photos is after the card is created, when you click on the icon with the image of the camera’s point of options. You can upload photos from your computer or import it from online albums Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa. There is also a description of a place to add a comment.

Adding photos

travel Tripline.net

Roller Share with others also in several ways: they provide a public link or copy the HTML-code to paste into your website or blog. If the privacy settings you select public mode, the movie will appear in search results on the site and in the list of recently added cards, so that others can view it and make comments. At present the vast community Tripline travelers: you have the opportunity to view their itineraries, ask questions, read the notes associated with travel, subscribe, add friends and write messages.


This Russian service, which aims – to help organize independent travel. This is the place FAQ travelers searching for flights and hotels, and in your profile may be noted the cities in which you have been and where are planning to make a trip. Registration is carried out in several steps. The first of these is necessary to place a tick next to the visited cities in Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Showing only the most popular of the city, you can add the rest later.

Register Tripster.ru. The first step

Pressing laquo; Get karturaquo, is the transition to the second step, where you need to enter your profile information – e-mail, URL for the service (type tripster.ru / user), the name and the name of your city. Then you can proceed to add the mass of marks around all the places visited: This mode displays a map Google Maps and a list of settlements matching this level of scale. If the center is located in the European part of Russia, in the list are Moscow, St. Petersburg and other, as if Siberia – the Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and so on. Works and organic search by the city.

Adding cities Tripster.ru

Ready Travel Map can be viewed in your profile, as well as to build a blog or personal website. To do this, copy the HTML-code of the card in the settings. It displays the site with Google Maps marks, and located above the map die at about the information: laquo; user has been in 28 cities and 7 stranahraquo;, and you can switch to a more detailed statistics, including the place and the result of all the users of the service. In addition, you can embed on your site with the same key information, but without a map.

Map of Tripster.ru, inserted in the post by LiveJournal

Service also allows you to mark the city where you want to go and collect a variety of information about upcoming trips. You can use these features to organize future trips.


Another Russian service, which houses a wealth of information from travelers. You can mark the locations visited, publish reports on travel and plan for future events, upload photos and videos to share reviews. The site is well-developed elements of social networking – you can view other members’ profiles, add friends, join the community. Passing the registration process, you can begin building your map. To do this, go to your profile and click the link laquo; Create and redaktirovatraquo;.

Creating maps trips Flagatrip.ru

First, you can add or change your current place of residence, and in turn specify the place where you have been. As you type, they are selected from the list, as elsewhere, the cartographic base used Google Maps. Please note that the addition of the places visited are not just here – they can be noted when creating reports. Report generation is performed in several steps. At first you need to select the start and end dates, to note its type (hitchhiking trip, with children, bike and so on), enter the starting point and destination, the latter can be a little – they can put a tick laquo; been proezdomraquo.; For each item, note the type of transport that was used to transport (they are presented in the form of icons – the plane, car, bus, boat, etc.), and at the destination, you can specify more and hotels where you stayed.

Create a report about the trip to Flagastrip.ru

The second step to the report add tags, and the third – enter a description. It includes the name of the report, the information about the trip (a visual text editor allows you to select the font, insert links, emoticons, photos, videos and tables), some facts and a folder with relevant photographs. After clicking laquo; Done! Raquo; report will be created, and your card will mark the items listed. You can customize the map size (small, medium, large or custom) and copy the HTML-code to paste into your site or blog LiveJournal, LiveInternet, Blogspot. You can also copy the button code laquo; I visited so many stranraquo, or laquo; I visited so many places in the of so many stranahraquo;.

Profile Flagatrip.ru

Places you’ve visited, marked on the map with flags. This is not the only category of objects – in addition to locations on the map icons can be located hotels, attractions, restaurants, entertainment, events, and activities. Switch between them using the buttons in the top row. To add an object to the map, you must leave a response, stating the name, location, evaluation and description. If you did it first, you will get the status of the discoverer of the site. Reviews are available for viewing by other users in the section laquo; Putevoditeliraquo, where travelers efforts generated significant knowledge base. Useful information from it can be added to laquo; Izbrannoeraquo.; In addition to reviews, you can post pictures and videos. Another feature that is worth mentioning – it is possible to plan future trips just as a report is already committed to.


This site is a community of traveling people. It is lined with a lot of background information, maps, books, are the routes is a calendar of events, searches for locations, schedules and tickets, hotels, and the board works and services such as online store tourist equipment, car rental. Among the functions it is possible to compile reports on the route and a map of your travels. Registration is unusual: you need to correctly answer at least three of the five geographical issues – where Kamchatka, Baikal and the like. What’s interesting, to answer to the marker on the map Google Maps; if you put it in the wrong place, you are prompted to choose one of four possible answers.

Register Marshruty.ru. Passage geographical test

Once you have given the correct answer, you must complete the registration process, then add at least five directions of travel by train or plane – it is necessary to create the initial travel card. Selects only the start and end points of the trip, as well as the transport type. The service uses its own database of geographic objects, which is not as extensive as Google Maps, and the most remote communities in the list can not be found. Remarkably, the routes are run with the existing railways and airlines, even showing the distance in kilometers (taken of the route of the existing carriers, in some areas is a link for more extensive information.) Although, if you specify a non-existent route (train in the U.S.), the distance between the two points would be held flat line. Upsets are just what the map does not take into account road links.

Adding initial directions trips Marshruty.ru

Completing travel directions, you will be able to mark locations visited, just pointing out the city, the sea, rivers, mountains and caves, where you’ve been. Cities are grouped by region and country, the other objects are also divided by region. It is worth saying that their directory is present in much lower than settlements (only the most famous – the Volga, Everest and the like), and you must specify the location of most of the conquered peaks and rivers traversed by hand. Specifying a summary of the facility – the type, name, description, where- and mark a point on Google Maps. All added objects on your map (mountains, rivers, etc.) are allocated symbolizing icon will also be highlighted in the regions visited and marked by extreme points of travel on the four sides of the world.

Map active traveler on Marshruty.ru

Syndicate can not only travel card, but reports on the route covered, links to them will be present in the description of the added objects. The new route is added in stages. First you need to enter a title, description, area of ??travel, start and end dates, indicate the kinds of activity (cycling, diving, and so on). You can then edit the interactive map of the route. This is done either manually or by importing the finished tracks, which can be downloaded from the GPS-navigator or create with the program Google Earth – supported formats, wpt, gpx, kml and kmz. If you build your own, you should turn to add locations visited (it can be both towns from the directory and laquo; halts on obochineraquo ;) and draw a line trip. The transition to the drawing by clicking on the map, you can create an unlimited number of points, forming a trajectory path. Also, the card can be linked pictures. Just add an album to upload the pictures and link them to the place, which is done automatically when they contain geotags to EXIF-information (there is another function – overlapping images by date and time with the track of the GPS-navigator), or manual mode, the cross mark on the map for each image.

Report Marshruty.ru route to plethora of information

Unfortunately it is impossible to embed maps into your website or blog – you can only share links to them. Visitors to the site can view your profile, which displays the number of visited countries, cities, and other locations, the total length of rail travel and aviapoletov (kilometers), the extreme point is reached.


Strictly speaking, Panoramio is not a service for travelers, but it is perfect for this role – but only in the event that you bring from their trips heap snapshots. This site is owned by Google, is designed to accommodate photos with geographic coordinates. The downloaded images will be displayed on your map in the places where they were taken, which will assess the geography of your movements around the world. In addition, after being moderated photos will be available for viewing by other users of the service, and will be displayed in Google Earth, with the active layer laquo; Izobrazheniyaraquo;.

Login to

Can register an account Google. After that, download photos, and they are imported from the album Picasa Web Albums or Google+. If the file contains EXIF-note of the geographical location, the service will automatically detect them, otherwise you have to assign photos to Google Maps. To do this, drag the label to the corresponding location on the map (you can use the search) and click laquo; Gotovoraquo;.

Snap photos to a map on Panoramio.com

Should know that the images will become available to the public after a certain amount of time to moderators – from a few hours to several days. In Google Earth after they become visible when updating the database, which happens several times a week. Regardless of the photos have been moderated or not, you can view your pictures in both ways – on the map in Google Earth, download the file with label format kml. Map will look something like the following screenshot – you can not post a link to wherever you want.

efforts of one person, of course, the card is done. But this should seek

Similar functionality is present on the site laquo; Yandeks.Fotkiraquo, with their service laquo; Photo on karteraquo.; If you are a priverzhentsem laquo; Yandeksaraquo, you can just as easily use a similar solution domestic company.


Summary of the review, we can not say with certainty which of the service is the best for a travel card – all used their own approach to the task. Tripline.net creates bright spots presentation about his travels. Tripster.ru to be noted all the cities and countries where you have been. Flagatrip.ru is more of a social networking site where users publish reports and reviews. Service Marshruty.ru holds some of the scientific approach in the analysis of travel. Finally, Panoramio.com will be useful for those who like to travel the world with a camera.

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