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In its best moments Absolution makes the player feel like a real killer-improviser, able to break the life purpose of thousands of different ways. Strangle a guard and change into a new form. Cap pulled down over the face, slip past his guard colleagues. Quickly examining the situation around the victim, and instantly decide to carry it out, and then disappear before they have time to understand something around.

This mdash; Hitman: Absolution in his Peerless radiance. Unfortunately, Absolution mdash; is also imposed on the linear segments, where we have to move forward obediently only possible way. This convention is stealthed, which make the project look bad in comparison with its predecessors. For every plus there is a minus easy. However, the work IO Interactive is contrary to the mathematical laws by staying on the positive side of the balance sheet. In short, you should just go out and buy the game. This is the case when no review will not replace your own experience. You do not hurry to go to the store? Well, let’s break it on the shelves.

Suit for each

As bright as a red tie Forty-seventh through the whole game is the main line mdash; great and pure desire of developers to make Absolution friendly as possible to a wide audience. The first mission is a discreet training, in which we demonstrate the basics gameplay mechanics. Very handy, because since Blood Money, much has changed.

Playing dress-up is still in place, but implemented differently than in the precursors, mdash; see through the disguise of Agent 47 Only those who wear the same uniform. This is a simple and logical solution that can be attributed to never play in Hitman man literally on your toes. In general, it works well, but it was away from the conventions failed. It is clear that the guards bigwigs know each other in person, but why exactly the same situation with the street vendors in the bustling crowds Chinatown?


In such harsh conditions to impress his home among strangers, our killer relies on laquo; instinktraquo.; By pressing a button the perception of Agent 47 is exacerbated to the limit mdash; become visible trails and silhouettes of people, hidden behind obstacles, as well as an opportunity to sneak past the eternally suspicious laquo; brothers odezhderaquo;.

New ability Forty seventh and altered masking system led to a significant change in gameplay. If you used to have to carefully plan each step and then act (usually in front of everyone), the Absolution in the price of spontaneous decisions and lightning action. Do not think that this is bad, mdash; pace of the game has increased significantly, but it is still a unique simulator killer. However, long-standing fans of the series of such changes will be less enthusiastic.

Silent Assassin on a leash

But freedom in deciding how to achieve the goal has remained in place. Best levels of Absolution mdash; is a large playground with sand castles as the unsuspecting victims. How to break the fragile structure, up to you. The supreme achievement is the title Silent Assassin, issued to those who only kills the target and never raise an alarm. Opposite extreme mdash; armed robbery style GTA, when, under the distribution contains all become in the way. The game constantly monitors perform action and demonstrates the current account for the additional stimulus by comparing it to the average in your country and in the world.

Relief for people from outside, who had not seen the eye-game series, there and here. It turns out our bald guy can give shape as any murderer or a camel laden with a cargo mdash; with them can easily be not only symbolic laquo; silverbolleryraquo, with silencers yes noose, but automatic, extra pistol, something explosive and sniper rifle . Furthermore, the game does not remember the current state of the transition from one part to another location mdash; smashing all at the foot of the hotel and took the elevator Forty-seventh meet only peace and quiet. This seems especially odd when you pass some short interval in minutes, leaving behind discarded with impunity prominently on the corpses.

Is all very easy to forgive when the game unfold in front of big eyes, full capacity level. The aforementioned Chinatown, closed factory complex, the main street provincial town in South Dakota mdash; everywhere we give a set of options on how to send the target (or, more commonly, goals) to the light. We will not spoil your fun by simple enumeration. Just trust me, IO Interactive can arrange all mdash; masterfully organized by accident overdose lead to the banal.

When what happens next is entirely up to the player, Absolution sees one of the best games of the year mdash; tense, intense and so nice unlike the vast majority of completely linear action games of recent years. On top of this there is a good black humor mdash; sigh of relief when the guard and says into the phone: laquo; I do not have cancer? Thank you, Doctor! Raquo;, and then a strong hand Forty-seventh accident throws out of the window, it’s hard not to smile. But in the midst of fun developers decide that it is necessary to move us further on the subject, and driving in another scripted corridor. Here the joy instantly disappears and is replaced by improvisation comes some, pardon the expression, Call of Duty.

Trouble is, what happens is often prohibitively mdash; almost half the time it will take the passing game, we conduct a scoping ticks. Go ahead, shoot, learn something important plot, and then we finally are released. Because of this approach are beginning to bulge noticeably disadvantages of history itself: whether it is filed inache mdash; and perhaps to obscure the motivation of the protagonist in the beginning no one would pay attention.

But the characters the writers IO Interactive not bad. Most individuals, whom we met in the Absolution, mdash; moral monsters of varying degrees of perversity, so send them to the light is easy and pleasant. In some places, however, the creators lay it on thick, resulting in what is happening is perceived somewhat grotesque. The main thing is that the story does not try to grasp the immensity mdash; no global conspiracies, incredible discoveries and giant piano in the bushes. Really frustrating but sluggish final, which certainly does not impress those who saw the culmination of Blood Money.

break up in six years

Absolution too loosely drawn from his heritage, so it is not exactly will like the most loyal fans of the series. But those who before the forty-seventh rounds of adventure by or belongs to a series without awe, definitely appreciate the efforts of IO Interactive. That’s just not like any multiplayer yet no other.

Only mode mdash; Contracts, which is so much talked about before the release, is suffering from over-capacity constraints and lack of unique content. We are invited to draw up a contract, having one level of the single player campaign in a certain way. The system tracks a few parameters: one you have chosen as targets, what weapon used, whether raised the alarm and so on. This set of factors is laquo; model for podrazhaniyaraquo, for those players who want to perform your job. Of no value creation and not talking mdash; we only adjust the conditions on the beaten during his exploration laquo; singlaraquo; levels. Multiplayer will revive unless DLC, which will add new locations, but in the current form it is of no interest.

In recent years, the genre of stealth-action games has changed, and Absolution is working to meet the latest trends. However, their best qualities, it shows when developers remember that it’s still Hitman mdash; game about the murderer who turned their dangerous craft to art and to invest the opportunity to create a masterpiece in the hands of the player. Catch the moment mdash; in light of recent statements by future series looks very tumannymhellip;

LocalizationFull sound system and an adequate translation of the text in a project now do not occur very often. Previously prescribed dialogues chattering among themselves extras, scene clips mdash; ear perceives it all well, but not so on irrelevant tones repetitive remarks alarmed opponents. Fonts are chosen well, serious errors in translation is not seen, the actors, for the most part, did well with the problem mdash; then why such a low score?The thing glitch that tightly laquo; veshaetraquo; game when trying to look into the telescope sniper rifle. After that you expect from some other location podlyanki, causing switch back to English is not drawn. At the time of publication of the review in Steam paved patch that solves the problem. In light of the fact that the pass Absolution can not just once or twice, it is the actual fix.Evaluation of localization: 7/8 (before and after the patch)


  • offer a selection of the best missions in the corporate style Hitman;
  • intense, dynamic stealth;
  • great potential for repetition.


  • many boring linear episodes;
  • sluggish multiplayer;
  • far from ideal cloaking.

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