Halo 4: There are many ways to tell a story

In the latest interview on Halo 4 is one of the leading developers, Frank Orsquo, Connor (Frank Orsquo; Connor), described the approach to the plot of 343 Industries. laquo; There are many ways to present istoriyuraquo, – he says. ndash; laquo; We have a whole it would seem, even those who have not played in the previous part of the series and not in any way familiar with the universe. All you need to know about the characters, the history and the Forerunners ndash; is directly Halo 4raquo;.

One of the instruments to the story will serve special terminals. They first appeared in Halo: Anniversary. Studying them, the hero receives additional information about the world, and recent events in the form of animated inserts. This time, the creators promise with them to talk about the complex relationship of humanity with the Forerunners. laquo; This will be done in such a way that you just laquo; bashnyuraquo picks, especially if you ndash; seriiraquo fan, – says Frank.