Halo 4 start of a new legend. A preliminary review

Many successful games that invested millions of dollars, are seasonal hits. However, the sign of true success in the memory for decades. In the entire history of the industry almost collected a dozen examples of this recognition. But it sure will series Halo. More than ten years ago, then a little-known studio Bungie working on the project of their dreams. And she was lucky to be seen Microsoft at the very moment when she was looking for a brand new console exclusives. Thus was born the cult series, and its permanent character, Master Chief, has become the unofficial face of Xbox.

again in battle

Hard to tell newcomers to the series on the fourth part, without expressing at least a short course earlier in Halo. In XXVI century, mankind already being plowed cosmic spaces and build colonies in different parts of the universe. All went well as long as people do not meet Covenant community is very hostile alien races. The war was not long in coming. During the battle for the planet Reach (which in all its glory says Halo: Reach and the book Fall of Reach) second home homo sapiens after the Earth humanity suffers a complete defeat, only one ship can go. And then begins the first part. Cruiser Pillar of Autumn leaves in the wide world of hyper-ring on the inner side of which life flourishes.

And then throughout the trilogy and a spin-off effect is gaining momentum, not even thinking to slow down the pace. It should deal with one threat, immediately there is another, even more terrible war turns into a battle for the very existence of races, and of all the riddles constantly circling the shadow of the ancient Forerunners.

Bungie always very kind to the stories. Halo world and its complex mythology, confusing and extremely interesting. The plot is not slipping into the banal story about how the super-soldier sets evil aliens heat. There was a place and drama, sacrifice, and philosophical reflection. The developers have put a logical end to the hero’s journey, but left a loophole for those who dare to pick up the baton. And Microsoft can not just throw in fact, the only remaining exclusive Xbox 360.

Continuing the work of young

343 Industries, which rests on the shoulders of a huge responsibility to keep the spirit of the original, not to strike in a simple copy of another material. Of course, the lack of confidence on the part of fan community is justified, but at least two things must inspiring. First, the studio has managed to give Halo: Anniversary, carefully moving the original on the rails of new technologies. This experience allowed the team to feel the universe, to experience, for what it is loved by millions. Second, the company has a lot of people from the most Bungie.

History of each part always kept a closely guarded secret until the release, and Halo 4 is not an exception. Wreckage of the ship, where Master Chief was finally able to dive into the calm soul deserved sleep, fall on an unknown planet called Requiem. The latter is a huge area of ??the artificial, constructed of the same ancient race of the Forerunners as the Ring. The developers say that they want to preserve the charming atmosphere of uncertainty and a sense of pioneers who was famous for the original. The scale of what is happening also down to the framework of the planet itself, which dwells in the depths of a new enemy more terrible and deadly flood.

like old almost

But without the old enemies and allies case could not do without. Requiem not only carries within itself a new threat, but the group is populated by hostile Covenant, which spat with a high steeple to a truce with the people, concluded the final Halo 3. Finally, on the planet crashed human spaceship UNSC Infinity, and to rescue the crew hurries Master Chief. At this point 343 Industries silent about the plot and with a sly smile has to be patient, because we are waiting for the birth of a new trilogy. The drama, philosophy, and interesting characters promise quality combat mixed with science fiction and progressive Opik short, do all the things that have e predecessors. Also promises more live chat hero in green armor with a faithful companion Kortanoy advanced artificial intelligence, which usually appears as a holographic blue beauties. In general, the Master Chefoo will be paid more attention. He appears not only and not so much the killing machine, but man, full of feelings, emotions, experiences, and even fear.

No hurry to share the details and on a single game. For some projects, which is few months away from release, the web would be littered with hours of gameplay, but in the case of Halo 4, even now have to be judged by a small video and rich promises of the creators. Series has always been famous for the openness of the situation. Polupesochnitsa some sort, where the story is strictly for spacious locations. And Bungie avoids scripted corridors a la Call of Duty. Thanks to clever enough AI and variety of opponents, each fight was turning into a kind of puzzle, where the victory consisted of a number of factors: good position, right choice of weapons, the knowledge of the habits specific enemy. In this encounter were incredibly spectacular. For example, knocked Banshee could fall to the enemy or to crush the hero, and a box of shock grenades exploding fly off so well that served as an excellent shelter.

New developers promise to keep the old traditions, but still pull up closer to Hollywood director. Unfortunately, this is the rail gap and can be seen on the web. And what about the freedom of action necessary to believe every word. However, 343 Industries wants to believe, too much enthusiasm in the studio talking about tactics and a high level of artificial intelligence. A new enemy named Promethean gumption to even the elite, to deliver a lot of trouble before the hero. This artificially created race is designed to guard against any encroachment Requiem, intentional or not. As well as the Covenant, they are divided into several types, each with their own tactics and objectives in the field. Crawlers, for example, play the role of cannon fodder. These creatures can even run up walls and easily would get in any shelter, but are only in the melee. Guardians serve a protective function and distracting, and the Knights of the main attacking force. They are able to teleport to any place and equally as deadly at long range, and at more closely. Developers have come up for them a vast arsenal of about a dozen trees which can wield and our steel-clad hero.

Brothers blaster

Multiplayer for this series of the same business card, like the sticky plasma grenade. Interest here rests not on getting the next level, as in the last Call of Duty, and the brilliant balance card five minutes brilliant game design and great tactical opportunities. Some locations affect the scale and designed for global encounters. Halo 4 in this plan is safe and mistrust in contrast to other components, the authors demonstrate the network game willingly and freely.

The first is to mention co-op, which has always enjoyed the series popular. 343 Industries has decided to not only qualitatively reproduce the old material, but also add their own. A lot of his. Spartan Ops mode is something completely new to the industry. In fact, this mini-series in game format for passing a joint. Each week after the release there will be new episodes of which is scheduled ten. Mission plans not anyhow be necessary, a refinement of the plot a single company. At some point even cross paths simple warriors, whose role we will undertake, and Chifa.

Course, the site remains a huge amount of fascinating network modes from classic to exotic Deathmatch Grifball, first appeared in Halo 3. Meaning approximately the same as in American football: A player has a bomb, like a ball, and to deliver it to the enemy base. While allies cover, and enemies, respectively, strongly interfere. The most interesting is that the weapons and swords moloty issue only for close combat. All kinds of multiplayer elegantly and simply woven into the overall fabric of the plot are exercises that take place in the training rooms of space flagship UNCS Infinity.

New Beginning

343 Industries realized the most important thing: Halo is a very complicated, complex product. It is beautiful, not only honed gameplay and intelligent, fascinating history, but also how all the components add up to a coherent picture. Like a watch of hundreds of small parts that work correctly only with meticulous precision installation.

New studio seems to catch the essence and this is going to raise it to the absolute. All components are interconnected, whether the story, cooperative campaign or simple network battle. Developers pay close attention to everything. Externally Halo 4 is magical. It would seem, Reach squeezed all the juice out of the console, but the detail and beauty of the fourth part is almost as Battlefield 3 on the PC. To record music, has always been an important element in the series, brought the orchestra and several choirs. We again expect spellbinding epic composition, combining classical and modern genres.

Halo 4 will be the last part of which will be released on the current Xbox 360. The following series of the trilogy will have on the console of the next generation of Microsoft. A new legend begins

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