Guild Wars 2 call the Elder. review

Invented universes do not die. Some sleep in the archives, and other continuous sweep over the eyes, and some are jumping on key events. Guild Wars series has chosen the second option, continuing to tell the story in two times. Changed to the style of the narrative interesting lecture presentation replaced old professor talented actor.

Events Guild Wars 2 takes place approximately 250 years after the first part, but the world of Tyria never found peace. Distracted inferior races attack human settlements, nightmares, sleep desecrate the forest people, the guardian spirits of the north are asking for help even the elements awakened from a long sleep. ArenaNet, having a rich experience of creating and maintaining one of the best online games of its time, has decided to tell a new story. Integration of previously warring races in the face of danger forgotten even chronicles the idea. The result of the works is the new legend in which we are expected not only fierce battle tested there even for peaceful thinkers. Alone, it will be difficult to save the situation but who says that all have to do everything myself? It is time for mere mortals against their will become heroes. One is you.

first steps hardened warrior

This time the character is not a faceless idol, which was pulled from the miracle chest adult and ready to go on a bear. He is the past, preferences and character. These options can be selected when creating his protege with a simple, yet feature-rich generator. For each of the five proposed races and eight classes of almost all the parameters are unique. For example, just born sylvari can not boast of life or military experience, characteristic of other races. The above features are not empty words, they still play a role in the development of personal character stories. Personal Legend spe series, and in Guild Wars 2, it is brought to the full story of mass dialogues and adventures. Executed this action as a separately generated cells in the world. Personal events do not see any foreign players, unless you create a group with them, when you need help, the opportunity is irreplaceable. Personal history is not embossed on a granite slab. Of choices in almost every job created hundreds of versions of the story. Plans to steal or kill the would-be villain, trace or burn spy lair of the enemy decides not the plot, and the player.

Basil, do not be a hero, just destroy the tank! the words of the famous Russian commander virtual fighter is the best characterize a beginning. Your hero, just bravo tells his backstory, it turns into a boiling cauldron in the first second, confused clutching a ridiculous weapon. Chaotic pandemonium common in new Tyria, but get used to it is not so simple. Looking around, the potential legend understands that the tank is not so bad, and colleagues around a lot. Having passed its baptism of fire, which is a demonstration of the dynamic (in the full sense of the word) of the event, the player is wondering what to do next. The simple answer is anything.

world in which we live

Once a total sandbox, we find out that there are no jobs. There are places where you want to make a difference. To do this, do not even need to speak to someone in need just go to the trouble zone. The variety of cases and affects all kinds kill prinesipoday apparently bored even by the developers. Minesweeper, a farmer, a climber, a spy, a mad scientist’s assistant only a hundredth of the possible reincarnation of the character. Most others have to pretend to be an acrobat jumping scenes in the spirit of platformers are another new feature that will make sweat. Jumping from one prong of the ancient city wall to the other, very sad break a meter away from the coveted goal because the reward is worth suffering. The inhabitants of the ruins trying to prevent players from simply attacking or meanly pushing to the edge.

During any test you are surrounded by other people, the presence of which in itself makes it, and if you work together … You can go to the ends of the earth, but if the location is too dangerous, the hero soon find himself in the stomach with the local wildlife. Experienced warriors in armor from the hide of the old armored train with a light hand sidekick-systems are weakened to the level of the location, so as not to divide by zero its inhabitants one spell. This system also makes the level of participants in the Battle of the maximum. Achieved by weakening or strengthening of the usual characteristics of the conversion is not only the player, but his outfit. As a result, even the elite characters will not seem easy test wolves ask bashing and low-level hero and winner of dragons. The principle of conversion is quite complex, but the balance is satisfied. High-level and dressed with the latest blacksmith hero still more novice.


World divided into two realities impressive. The first opponents are the only creatures controlled AI, from small to giant larvae dragons. This is the main world where players make history personal and general. At this point, are available for twenty-five more locations, eight dungeons and six large cities. The second reality Heart mists where overlap measurement. Here is the battle ground for the players to each other has a variety of battlefield and training base. In the mist of a separate sitting there crossing TPX casual gaming servers big world with castles and towers, key points, siege weapons, caravans (yes, you can), and global events, as in the main world. There are factions of creatures that can win over, help from them is welcome. This is called World Against World, access to it is from the beginning the way from novice to veteran here is through the battle with other players.

When it comes to the main course of dynamic events, it becomes clear that the innovation promised ArenaNet. Nonlinearity threatens almost every first online project, so the author modestly offers his experience of playing in this genre as an example of one adventure. In a classic MMORPG player comes to a computer character, over which hangs a sign the job. Miserable starts complaining (only in writing): These gremlins rest do not give, attacking travelers, take food and generally bad people. Valiant Knight marching into the specified map cave where grazing mindlessly watching gremlins. Obviously, they can not even get out of it. After a bloody battle when ten (no more, no less) villains are dead, and their bellies are found as many as five (and only five, but how else) meshkovnbsp, loot, it’s time to receive the award. Or reach the goal, or the failure of the task, and run it again. Another is not given.

What we see in Guild Wars 2? Once the mill Charr, a character hears talk: Formerly lived here forest lizards to deforestation. We must be alert of the thicket strange noises. Suddenly the bell rings, the guard grabs his gun sentinel saw the approaching group of Reptilians. Hissing, they attacked the workers, stupidly waved off axes. Repulsed several waves of attacking and picked up the wounded loggers hero hears the roar of the forest. Flies out great leader and begins to destroy the camp fence first, and then the main building. We must kill him before he destroys everything, otherwise slippery creature bolder and come running to their ancestral territory. After that we are free to collect materials to repair the sawmill, to accompany the caravan and engineers from the main fortress. Players join at any stage. Sometimes there is a map several events, and do not know where to run. Failure turns that have to wait for a new caravan or dislodge the enemy from entrenched positions. Taking hundreds of different chains, developers have bound them to a personal history of the character, having never seen before weaving. Online role-playing game where the writers are simply offering options. You have to choose.

Fire and Sword

Dynamics touched and combat system, removing the binding to the level of the character. Attacking skills depend on the weapon you have in hand. At first, the hero knows a trick for each species, but after long training possessed by five strokes with three right-handed and two for the left. At first glance, the arsenal poor, but given the various applications of skills, rapid recovery and the ability to change weapons in battle, will not be bored.

Attacking techniques supplemented with five cells, which the player fills in its sole discretion different skills here the choice is huge. True, all they have to buy skill points. Mechanic purchase includes a sometimes the most ridiculous, but complex tasks. To get to the cave with the giant worms to drink there of ancient ale, or laugh at the sign: Beware, evil griffin Treasured cell in the game story opens with the achievement of a higher level. Also for avoiding the enemies for the hero introduced last chance already lounging on the ground, the unfortunate warrior gets 4 skill. Using them, you can fight one of the enemies and continue the fight or wait for help from colleagues. In this simple way the developers have reduced mortality in Tyria several times.

The game is available

8 classes: warrior, guardian, thief, engineer, Ranger, Elementalist, Necromancer and illusionist. All of them are self-contained and do not require mandatory support of others, and the ability and the game mechanics for each unique. Also depends on the style of the selected combination of talent, arms and branches of magic. Each class can hold his own in melee and ranged warrior with a bow is not inferior to the engineer with a gun. Possible combination of skills such as traversing through thick arrows light up and do extra damage. Creatures of Tyria can also provide an unexpected rebuff, because the creators did not bother to teach their various techniques.

Flexibility is another distinguishing feature of the system actions. Standard skills on the skill bar are replaced with alternative, depending on the state of the hero, an interactive object, and even location. The huge underwater locations has its own abilities and weapons absurdities like waterproof fireball or swinging a hammer in the deep, we do not see. For one-time battles with players have a different set of skills and ammunition, which is available immediately ArenaNet felt that PvP-battles should not interfere with the extra work. For wars between servers using a standard set too young hero will remain inept in rags, although the maximum level.

Main principle combat in Guild Wars 2 more traffic. Standing still does not work, making even simple skirmishes very busy. However, it was not without the back of the combat system. Early learning skills along with the intrigues of equalizing mechanism leads to the fact that while the player is valued enough. The maximum level is only necessary to study the main story of the world, and there hastily issued an arsenal of skills quickly become boring. This artificial relief not to face the game, where you want to develop throughout the whole adventure.

Achieve maximum possible not only battles in Guild Wars 2, there are professions in which improvement is also developing a hero. The system allows the creation of things by trial and error to invent recipes available elements, which makes it possible to do unique things (while the recipe does not recognize anyone else.) Additional gameplay elements also include a system of achievements, collectibles and mini-games. Would like to mention sports to inflame passions throwing of barrels on the ice is not inferior to the taking of the castle. It is possible to get bonuses, giving no advantage in combat, such as room for an additional character or pet. You can do it as for real, and for the in-game currency. Huge minus for the absence of the usual genre mounts. They were replaced by the key points, which you can move for a small fee. Apparently, the developers decided that the journey on foot better immerse the player into the atmosphere of the world. However, this decision is unlikely to appeal to those who like to be carried around the world on a fast horse.

Earth animated sculptures

But see here is what. Qualitatively modified engine first Guild Wars is surprised by new technologies or excessive beauty. And good optimization is not shine castle siege will load even the most productive system. However, the developers managed to squeeze out of the technical component of the juices through a wonderful artists and designers. In the game there is the physical environment in a uniform style.

Holistic world of Guild Wars 2 is not inferior to many single role-playing games. High snow-capped mountains, concealing hidden inputs into huge dungeons, forests with deep ponds, bottomless sea and dusty desert. In thickets hide abandoned ruins, and on the bottom of ponds sunken temples. Almost all places connected stories, dynamic events, and secret trials. Examine each location would be desirable not only for the awards it’s just interesting. Special reverence inspired architecture of the buildings. Huge, monumental structures designed to the smallest detail and fit into the landscape, as in oil paintings. Interactive objects whether a pile of bones, silver vein or burrow in the ground, from which the climb enemies are ubiquitous.

Visuals beautifully detailed and fine work in tandem with your sound environment. Slow wave of heavy hammer accompanied by anguished cry of a warrior and a thump, and a fireball explosion echoed in the underground rooms. Feels mass, strength, scope and power of what is happening on the screen. The last time such luscious sounds of battle could be heard in Diablo 2. If you do not see where there is a battle, it really rattle battle will inevitably lead to it. Spoils the impression only a problem dubbing each other as smoothed, but not completely eliminated. Dialogues storyline sounded completely computer characters talk to each other and tell stories. Even heroes players talking to each other and shouting threats to the enemy. Howling of the wind in the mountains, echo machines in underground caves, voice beings masterful combination of audible and visual atmosphere created what sometimes missed by so many games of the genre.

Untold Story

Good online project its inevitable development they should not stop there. Beach all novoizdannyh online universe critical flaws, but Guild Wars 2 is well prepared for release, rarely showing the player annoying mistakes. Minor bugs in quest scripts are quickly corrected, will balance the combat system, graphics drawbacks. But the main thing will be plenty of new areas, battlefields, dangerous enemies, potential development.

ArenaNet showed the gaming community that can fulfill the promises and expectations surpassed. More famous competitors can be assured they challenged a worthy opponent. Guild Wars 2 was the most friendly to the player that can upset the hardcore fans consider interest crits and plan actions in seconds. And others just taken aback at first by the wealth of choice of boring cases simply does not. Principle rest playing here works with a bang, but a dangerous adventure not to be underestimated. Rest can only be pressing out, stand apart from the bubbling of events in the game world will not work. Move on the thumb track even if you want difficult set of circumstances, a combination of action, the efforts of hundreds of people and unpredictable outcome cause. Who knows, maybe it is you who will be the hero, who runs the butterfly effect? ??


  • huge beautiful world, boiling on the amount of available content;
  • easy, convenient and dynamic combat system;
  • linearity, dynamic events and the composition of the plot, unusual for the genre;
  • independent game classes and the variety in their development;
  • collective game unobtrusive cooperation in all fields;
  • good optimization network mode, preventing the gap from the other.


  • many minor technical flaws in the assignments;
  • few battlefields, dungeons and additional elements associated with the recent release of the game;
  • easy access to the maximum level in the player vs. player mode, which reduces the fun of development.

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