Great feast: free software to create virtual desktops

It would seem that the proliferation of widescreen monitors and increase the screen resolution, the problem of lack of space on the desktop should have stayed in the past. But virtual desktop manager today claimed as five to seven years ago.

Yes, the monitors are wider, but the desktop is sold every year less and less. People are increasingly working on laptops, which are quite suitable even for complex operations associated with the processing of video and graphics. And many have got more and netbooks, which are suitable for its compact size, but it does not boast a large screen sizes.

If you also do not have enough space on the taskbar, you may want to create a couple of virtual desktops and organize space. In this review, we collected six free virtual desktop managers – from the simplest to the most clever.

Desktops 2.0

  • Developer: Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Desktops can claim to be the simplest manager of virtual desktops. Download the archive with the program, run Desktops.exe – and use the application. The user appears three additional desktops. For each of them in a dedicated process explorer.exe. Switch between them using the icon in the system tray, and using hot keys (F1-F4 or ALT, Control, Shift, Win and Figures 1-4).

Each virtual desktop displays shortcuts for all applications, but the move running programs between desktops can not. In general, the basic functionality here, not anymore. The only extra configuration – is launched automatically when the system boots.

In addition, the developers have not made it possible to close the application – if you need to complete the job with it, have to resort to Windows Task Manager and stop the process.

WindowsPager 1.02

  • Developer: Jochen Baier
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

To switch between virtual desktops WindowsPager uses not familiar icon in the system tray, and two less common. First, in the context menu of all windows add commands for moving them between desktops. Also here you can choose to have the application on top of all windows on all desktops.

WindowsPager adds virtual desktop icons on the taskbar. On each of these icons can see the icons of running applications. To move a program from one desktop to another, simply drag its icon to another icon of the desktop. Moving the application is accompanied by an interesting effect – window laquo; uezzhaetraquo, appears on the screen and on the other desktop.

Approach to managing virtual desktops, which offers WindowsPager, seems very interesting, but not all of the program implemented as might be desired. For example, integration with the Windows 7 taskbar can be done more accurately (in the current version of the icons do not look very nice). You also want to implement a graphical interface for changing settings – now control the number of desktops and applications, exceptions can only be due to editing the file windowspager.ini.

VirtuaWin 4.4

  • Developer:
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Four desktops is not enough, you can apply to the program VirtuaWin, which allows you to create up to nine desktops. Switch between desktops, you can use keyboard shortcuts, the icon in the system tray and even mouse gestures.

In so many working environments are very easy to get confused, so the creators VirtuaWin should consider different ways of organizing them. For example, you can see a list of all running applications, with the number of the working table on which they are open. You can view all the applications that are open on all desktops, but the current, and quickly move to the right one desktop. And you can all running on different desktop program to transfer to one desktop. All these operations are carried out without delay.

With continued use the Virtual desktops can be certain habits. For example, a program to the desktop graphics can take number 4, and for browsers – Number 6. That every time you do not spend time on the organization launches an application, you can configure them to run on the right desktop automatically. To do this in the settings VirtuaWin need to create rules to specify in their window title or the name of the process and the number of desktops. If necessary, some applications can be displayed on all desktops.

Another bonus for users VirtuaWin – plugin support. Selecting among the two dozen most useful add-ons available, you can make the program even more functional. For example, with VirtuaPlus plugin can be configured to start automatically when you change some application to a specific desktop, give each desktop a name set for each individual wallpaper. Other interesting additions select KvasdoPager, designed to add a desktop shortcut to the taskbar, VWDesktopIcons, responsible for the appearance of labels on each desktop, VWPreview, outputting the contents of all desktops on one screen.

Virtual Dimension 0.94

  • Developer:
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Despite the fact that this program has not been updated since 2005, it works correctly on Windows 7. Virtual Dimension is interesting because it allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual desktops. In other words, they are not limited to the maximum number of possible applications, and the hardware capabilities of the computer.

All desktops are created in Virtual Dimension, can have their names and images.

To switch between them, you can use any hot keys, and a special panel, placed at the top of the screen. On it as a table showing all used desktops, and each cell can see the icons of running applications. An easier way to manage applications and you can imagine: just drag the icon to another kletochku- and here it is on another desktop. Click on this icon, and there was a whole set of commands to control the application. It can be displayed on each running desktop, maximized, or, conversely, minimize to tray, placed on top or make translucent. For each application, the settings, taking into account its location on the desktop and window size, can be stored and reused during the next session. Also note that you can manage application windows with keyboard shortcuts. Hotkeys can choose to change the transparency, change their size, installation of all windows.

Finestra Virtual Desktops 2.5

  • Developer: zhuman
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Finestra Virtual Desktops – is another program that allows you to create as many desktops as you allow your computer memory. However, even with the default settings, when on four desktops, Finestra consumes a lot – about 100-150 MB of RAM. Therefore, to create with the help of additional desktops can only owners of high-performance workstations.

Main feature of this program – Support for the Desktop Window Manager (DWM), which was first introduced in Windows Vista. Thanks to her, Finestra Virtual Desktops on a single screen can display real-time what is happening on all desktops. Thus, adding a window display of virtual desktops (the screen is divided into four parts), you can see, for example, ended a miscalculation clip in the video editor does not come any new notifications RSS-client, etc. Windows 7 users can watch the action on the other desktops and in small thumbnails that appear when the cursor to the icon on the task bar Finestra.

Settings at Finestra quite a lot – they are located in eight tabs. Among them you can find options to secure applications in a particular desktop, to rename a virtual desktop, to set different wallpaper on them. The program also allows you to work with multiple monitors, and provides an opportunity to determine whether to use virtual desktops on all displays- or only to some.

Dexpot 1.63

  • Developer: Dexpot GbR
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Distribution: Free for non-commercial use
  • Russian interface: yes

Dexpot – is the functional manager of virtual desktops from the selection in the survey. Its capabilities are much broader than just the creation of additional desktops and manage applications that run in a production environment.

All the basic functions that can be found in such programs, Dexpot implemented at the highest level. Here there is a clear idea of ??running desktops on one screen, and switch between desktops from the system tray, and view all the windows running on different desktops.

But along with this, and really Dexpot has unique functions. For example, the program can create a desktop password-protected and fully automate the behavior of applications that must be run on it. Using a flexible system of rules that can be configured to run applications when switching to this desktop and close them when you exit it. And if the user decides to quit with Dexpot, he can choose the desktop, which is still active, and decide whether to move it to the other desktop applications or be closed.

Another interesting feature – the creation of virtual desktops with different parameters. In addition to being able to set your wallpaper for each desktop, which is practically in any such program, Dexpot allows you to choose the resolution, set your screensaver, see how the system tray, taskbar and desktop shortcuts. You can also set the sounds that will be played at the entrance to the desktop and exit from it.

Some features

Dexpot implemented through additions. For example, they can be used to turn the program into a three-dimensional desktop manager to add to the taskbar button for quickly switching between desktops and so on. The relevant section of the program settings, you can view the most popular add-ons and turn them.


If you buy an expensive laptop c large diagonal or even placed next to the main monitor is another, not the fact that the problem of shortage of working space will be solved. Desktop space on the display of the modern computer, like five or ten years ago, had to spend frugally. Until there is an interface implemented by the computer’s control will continue to juggle the virtual desktops and put up with the need to use additional software. Hopefully, a new version of Windows to a greater or lesser extent their problem.

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