Gmail app for iOS received a push-notification

Google recently updated the Gmail email client for devices based on iOS. The main innovation of the application is a welcome push-notification. This means that users of the iPhone and iPad will receive a message every time their mailbox will get a letter.

Also, users can configure the mailbox so that instead of sending letters to the main alternative used mailboxes. In addition, the application has got a permanent function login mdash; this means that the session will not be completed until you personally do not get out of your account.

Worth recalling that the Gmail for iOS esch came in November and received a lot of negative reviews. The program had many shortcomings mdash; such as the lack of push-notifications and the possibility to use multiple accounts. Apparently, Google has decided to finalize the program thoroughly mdash; first function in it already, the second should appear at the next update.

Gmail 1.2.7812 is available for download at this link. To run the application you will need a device running on iOS 4.0 and above.