Games for PS Vita: the splendor of augmented reality

In the last few years, mobile devices started to gain popularity augmented reality mdash; combining images transmitted from the camera to the device from trhmernymi graphic elements, laquo; proetsiruemymiraquo, existing objects in the display, with the result that the creators rather interesting and unusual effect . Of course, the increase in the number of applications with similar features due to the improvement of optics and dies in mobile gadgets mdash; thanks mnogomegapikselnym camera image with pieces of computer graphics on the screen may look very impressive.

General, contrary to the predictions of futurists and science fiction writers, we are rapidly Nesmith already in the second decade of the XXI century, but it has failed to get the technology into widespread use of holograms or trhmernyh image projections. Stage of development of IMT in a slightly different direction. So, Google tells of his miracle-glasses, which he would have appreciated the Terminator. At the same time, there is one concept paper of questionable passage, which details the signs idea Microsoft Points combine augmented reality with its new game console and a special camera Kinect. Well, Sony with its recently announced Wonderbook mdash; also in the trend.

And no matter what actually happened in all of these companies (and not only them), it is clear that in the coming years will be a lot of experimentation, trial and error associated with the attempt to combine the display TV, mobile device, or in eyepieces special natelnyh gadgets virtuality with the surrounding reality.

Reality Vita

Actually, not to play in any position smartphones and tablets on iOS / Android, Sony has also provided support for augmented reality on its portable console PS Vita. At the moment, the projection of three-dimensional graphics on a camera image is used in several games mdash; the six case studies, and in general on the implementation of this technology in this device now and poydt it.

Before testing games by esch build any illusions about the ease of use of augmented reality in the PS Vita mdash; eg techno demo on the Nintendo 3DS, had seen a year ago, looked quite nice. So why do not Sony should be something worse?

In fact, Sun was very bad. Setting aside the quality of the laquo; igrraquo;, the whole venture is killing the console itself mdash; well, who today makes multifunctional mobile devices with VGA-camera with a maximum resolution of 640 by 480 pixels? In the case of the same poor quality 3DS camera to play a lesser role mdash; since there is less and the screen, so the low quality of the picture did not have fundamental significance.

Well, for Vita gorgeous OLED-display with high resolution mdash; and suddenly the entire width of the image is stretched to 0.3 megapixels. We feel very sorry for our screenshots mdash; they complete serze were made during the day (but not on the street), and with the best possible light, but disgusting quality images no Photoshop can not fix.


Terrible trouble with AR-cards. They need to be spread out on a flat surface in order to use the card as a makeshift platform for building virtual elements. It should be slightly reposition the camera, as the image nachnt blink, can highlight a message stating that the connection is lost. Sun then restored, but must appear on the screen original artifacts and any extraneous pieces of graphics. Needless to say, all this spoils the impression. Zoom-zoom out the camera is also not recommended mdash; constantly changing projection angle, resulting in a virtual objects move in some random direction, and the display looks very ugly Sun.

It turns out that the game is best to keep the console still increasing in certain point in the air. Not only is the hand of corny tired, so esch and some laquo; igrahraquo, (why the quotes mdash; learn further downstream) are encouraged to actively use the touch screen. Real torture!

It would seem that the whole point here is in the interaction mdash; secured card for a virtual object that you can move and rotate freely, as well as free to move relative to the surface of the device used. But in fact, all this is working very badly mdash; above laquo; diskonnektyraquo, and bugs Sun spoil without uchta mediocre quality of most pictures in general.

laquo; Game! raquo;

This will drive a multi-ton roller and by laquo; igramraquo;.

Course, the author is aware of that too serzno treat such poludemkam not worth it, but Sony shamelessly puts them on a shelf next to the full-scale project in the PSN, but for some esch and asks for money (perhaps even very symbolic, but nonetheless). Therefore, to assess the application, which demonstrates the possibility of augmented reality on the Vita, will be on the usual criteria for mobile gaming. True, without the traditional oboydmsya summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each application mdash; Sun laquo; igryraquo, are a solid and less misunderstanding.

Table Top Tanks

Oh no, do not rush to think that favorite laquo; Tanchikiraquo, with NES survive another revival right on the surface of the kitchen stool. Table Top Tanks, maybe similar to the iconic Battle City, but very otdalnno mdash; various modes here a little more, but the game is, unfortunately, impossible.

First, there is a complete idiot with the construction of the projection level. In the game it is advisable to use the five AR-cards mdash; four of them to form the corners of an imaginary field of battle, and the fifth set in the center. Some modes offer select the size of the arena, but even the middle option hardly fits into the camera’s mdash; any cards are always laquo; kadromraquo for, and with a strong distance VGA-node loses the ability to distinguish between objects and communication rvtsya. A large field generally failed to create even once.

Second, the administration, which deserves its own song. For some reason, all manipulations with the movement of the tank was assigned to the left stick. The ride is simply not mdash; very difficult to navigate, where the front of the car, where the rear, especially uchtom almost freely dangling tower (we manipulate it using the right stick).

The Table Top Tanks have several tasks, calls, funny in concept, but difficult to implement (due to control, of course): Collect a minute so many markers, destroy objects and other such-like that. It also provides local variations laquo; desmatcharaquo;, the game of survival and capture the flag. But for special izoschrnnyh masochists seeking like-minded, thoughtful developers realized multiplayer via a direct Wi-Fi-connection.

Despite a priori weak implementation of augmented reality on Vita, of this game could end up with something sensible. But a wheel control, buggy card and monotonous process trigger off Table Top Tanks and never come back to it.


  • 1/10

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    Earth flies to a huge asteroid and the only way to save the planet mdash; zashvyryat outer body missiles. To launch the projectile to a cunning way (no, BPM is not tricky) to the beam with reflectors to a power source.

    Gameplay is structured as follows: In a directed beam and multiple mirrors laquo; in karmaneraquo, which are AR-card. We have the card in the right place mdash; does not appear out of the rotating mirror, which should be fixed in position. Quite so obvious to solve the problem in one stroke prevented any walls and other objects, so the laser beam to refract in a few moves, avoiding interference. In addition, the lead time is always limited, and meteorites fall from the sky and spoil our equipment.

    Actually, PulzAR would not be so bad, if not entirely spoiled disgusting augmented reality. Barely missed the installation of card-mirror, I decided to move the object mdash; wait until Vita finish fit for signal loss and try to re-synchronize the Sun. Promised the opportunity to look at objects from any angle is also a very weak mdash; artifacts shifts projection and glitches to full flower in bloom.


    • 2/10

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      Cliff Diving

      Of all described today small laquo; igrraquo, for Vita Cliff Diving, perhaps, the most beautiful. Although there is probably the least ugly. Affects what is used only one AR-card, so minimized various visual bugs and other stuff.

      The place cards grows pretty hill, above which there is a man by the name of Cliff. He’s going to dive from a height into the pond, and we have to help him to perform a trick. It depends on us the trajectory of his Polt and technique of various pirouettes executed by a guy in the air.

      Cliff Diving properly managed and, unlike the other heroes of today’s article is not capable of causing trauma to the user. Another thing is that spending time playing Sun would not want: little tricks, hills, buildings mdash; too, and all the acrobatic action tied to chetyrh buttons. Author of the review, for example, a vague idea of ??the man who would become a lay cards (even one) at home on the table and thoughtfully in this play.


      • 2/10

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        In place

        AR-cards appear mansions, whose territory fireworks. The player is required in time to poke a finger in a flying firecracker that exploded that beautifully. The higher the difficulty, the more and faster to laquo; obrabatyvatraquo with screen.

        All this looks nice and even relatively little neglyuchno mdash; colorful fireworks fly around laquo; neburaquo; outbreaks. Fireworks, as well as Cliff Diving, podoydt well as a demonstration of augmented reality on Vita. But hold on a full serze time in this game and, God forbid, earn points, trying to beat the online rekordyhellip, almost like a sane person will be engaged. TPX more minutes here doing nothing.


        • 2/10

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          Table Football


          Table football management which is so painful that can cause to regret his actions the last sinner.

          Trmya AR-cards, we will create a field other mdash; stands and displays for schta. First of all, Table Football mdash; better example of malfunctioning of the projection, which is constantly shifting and consistently pleases gets out motion artifacts. Oh well, it is still above description is enough to fully give up on Augmented Reality on Vita.

          Most plunges into despair and sadness The local administration. Why it was necessary to hang passes, punches and movements of players on the touch screen? What prevented to a simplified model of a la FIFA / PES and tap a button? Require the user to keep one hand exactly console (preferably do not move), and the other is to try to control the on-screen idol. Of course, neither of which is not exactly the question IDT mdash; you will always miss. Esch game offers to actively use the zoom in or zoom mdash; uchtom with all of the above, it generally does not need comments. If you happen to overpower the level of training, mdash; safely hang on the wall of the memorial award for an easy feat, for which a complete unknown.

          And if on our system, you have to put games rated lower than one, the author would be happy slapped -273. Worse than simply impossible to imagine.


          • 1/10

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            Reality Fighters

            About this game is we wrote a separate, not the lestnyy review.

            In fact, compared to other nedoigr in Reality Fighters all-still there is any gameplay, normal control and relatively sane implementation of augmented reality. But even here the just rights laquo; still hvataraquo;, failure of which is fraught with extruded fighters off the screen. Well, the whole bucket dgtya makes a hundred times already mentioned weak camera mdash; image is displayed in a very low resolution.

            Otherwise, mdash; again boring and uninteresting game, the only special feature is the operation of the device camera.


            • 3/10

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              Conclusions on the implementation of augmented reality on the PS Vita, I think, obvious. This does not mean that the PS Vita mdash; bad console. Under it there are many interesting and truly playable projects. That’s only augmented reality on her looks, well, mediocre.


              • might wonder development of modern technology, in case you left behind and do not follow what is happening in the world.


              • bad VGA-camera, as a consequence mdash; terrible picture;
              • Sliding

              • projection artifacts disconnects;
              • desirable and sometimes even necessary to keep even the console, review the virtual objects from different angles does not work well;
              • lack of interesting games where you used doprealnost.

              total trailer:

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