Games for iOS: Issue 2

Grand Theft Auto 3

GTA 3 needs no introduction, because ten years ago, it made a splash. Open to study three-dimensional city, complete freedom of action, the possibility of driving mdash; it was incredible. Of course, around the same time began to appear similar games with similar capabilities, but Rockstar has turned out better than others to convey a sense of reality. Then there was a project to port on a PC, thereby entrenching success. Later came two GTA for Playstation Portable mdash; joy knew no bounds. Still, after all this is a real Grand Theft Auto, but also on handheld console! You can play anywhere, in transport, in the bathroom, secretly at work on his studies mdash; versions depended only on the extent of your depravity. Now, the project got to mobile phones and tablets. Well, let’s look at this landmark game in e iOS-incarnation.

The main issue was the adaptation of management under touchscreens mdash; common sense tells us that the game will be uncomfortable. The lack of physical buttons provides some opportunities and closes others. Unfortunately, the fears were confirmed. First, on the iPhone fingers closed around a third of the screen, which is not very good. Secondly, the touch analog stick is only available for walking, not for driving. When the hero gets in the car, on the left at the bottom there are two arrows: laquo; vlevoraquo, and laquo; vpravoraquo;.

Ride so to say the least, uncomfortable, and smooth traffic flow can not be called at all desire. They too turn to pull, but because of the heavy traffic and all kinds of violations of traffic rules a player is fraught with constant clashes. Besides GTA 3 ported straight from 2001 mdash; any improvements there. So weird moments like quickly light after overturning cars also remained. After the fourth part of the series this situation a little unusual, but in a flash back in those days, when laquo; spontaneous vozgoranieraquo, was considered the norm.

Next item claims are shooting. If you recall the Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, and there it was quite convenient: laquo; bamperomraquo, to aim, click to shoot the other. But in iPad, iPhone or in the side buttons do not. Therefore, the target defaults to the game, but if you do not get confused and stick in the desired character, the hero would send arms to him. Shelters either, so shooting is as follows: two or more persons are facing each other and methodically stuffed opponents lead. But get used to fight a battle you can get by, but the constant visits to the gun shop for body armor still reliable.

As for everything else, the changes from the original, as we have said, no. Schedule is rather good for laquo; smartaraquo, or tablet, given the limitation period of the project. But optimization slight limp. Even with the latest update for the moment in the particularly hot moments noticeable drop in the number of frames per second mdash; and it’s iPhone 4S.

In truth, it is not clear who will take seriously GTA 3 on the iPhone or iPad. Not in order to see how it looks on the tablet / phone, and then to say with a straight face familiar: laquo; I’ve been in the mobile phone GeTeA Three igrayuraquo.; And so, in order to really: follow the plot, beautiful pass the mission, to perform all sorts of tricks and find laquo; paskhalkiraquo; developers. The appearance of such a project for iOS mdash; this event and a PR stunt, but no more. By the way, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is much more interesting play on the phone, even if it costs five dollars more.


  • GTA 3 on iOS mdash; this alone dignity,
  • game moved in its entirety, without change,
  • good price mdash; # 36; 4,99.


  • inconvenient administration,
  • observed drop FPS.


  • 7/10.

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    Clear Vision

    Enough shooter for iOS, but that’s worthy of them is too much. It is interesting that here, as in the PC and stationary consoles, sniper theme somehow bypassed. Probably, it is believed that this is boring for most players spending: look good position, calculate the distance to the goal, to make allowance for wind speed and direction. Finally, the guys from FDG Mobile Games GbR decided to remedy the situation and released a Clear Vision. Project almost immediately burst into first place in the ranking of most downloaded apps. After beating the game, you can safely say that it has got into the top for a reason.

    Tyler mdash; regular cleaner, whose life has not worked. Head clearly disliked him and constantly find fault with every little thing. Finally, the hero is tired and he is dismissed. After a couple of unsuccessful interviews our ward decided to go into killers mdash; benefit customers with more than enough right up to old age. Such is the sudden change of activity.

    Necessary to begin from the most primitive rifles both simple tasks. The first time, the goals do not even move, but in the nature reigns calm. However, soon he will complex missions that may require weapons and training seriously. Every now and then the job on time. For example, a character is sitting on a train to the appropriate station. You need to find the target and eliminate it, while transport is not left to stop.

    What’s interesting take on the rifle has not always mdash; sometimes you need to act like a real crime boss. So, to perform one instruction from Tyler want to talk with the character. Of course, the release of information simply because it is not intended. But when a guy puts his in a car that is about to be disposed of, mdash; incentive pour out his heart blood money instantly appears. From time to time required to simulate an accident, although such tasks, unfortunately, very little.

    The process needs to be treated seriously. The shot is given to only one, if not caught or killed another mdash; restart. We have to take into account the wind speed and direction, the distance to the target. More expensive models of rifles (of five) have heaped sights, they can work a little easier.

    Quest Tyler gets a first note, and then, becoming rich and becoming well known in certain circles, by e-mail at all as these laquo; chistilschikovraquo.; Allowed, by the way, walk around his apartment, which is implemented in the spirit of panoramic quests: click on the door mdash; find ourselves there. However, nothing particularly interesting in the apartments will not see. But please newspapers that appear material about the adventures player. This is very similar to the Hitman: Blood Money, where forty-seventh read about their success in the press.

    Story is not limited to only orders. History develops gradually, there is an essential love line. Albeit slightly crumpled, but shows the process of becoming a full-fledged assassin, went from apprentices to professional. No cost and no competition with colleagues who do not want to suffer in his laquo; trudaraquo market, a new face.

    Clear Vision has one drawback mdash; slowly it takes only an hour. On the other hand, will probably be continued. First, the large volume of sales that clearly helps, and secondly, the end clearly hints at a sequel. The game ends at the most interesting moment, and I want to believe that the second part will not be long in coming. Horror as wondering what will happen next!


    • interesting gameplay;
    • good story;
    • cute stylized graphics;
    • variety of tasks;
    • a cheap price.


    • game is too fast pass.


    • 9/10

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      HEIST The Score

      Bank robbery

      Mdash; is always interesting. It appears in the most crime films, and certainly is a kind laquo; kareryraquo crown, in the underworld. But these days, thanks to all sorts of security systems filled up as John Dillinger, an institution, a shot into the ceiling and loudly declare: laquo; Nobody move, this is a robbery! Raquo;, difficult. But in the thirties and forties, there was a real blossoming of such accidents, which is devoted to HEIST The Score.

      Team severe men in expensive suits with the same laquo; tompsonamiraquo, broke into a bank with clear intentions. Soon, everything starts to go not according to plan, and in the group and then fights happen, further exacerbating an already difficult situation. Our hero in this turmoil will clear the way, and from time to time to knock the door.

      Gameplay game turns ordinary shooting range. Most can not move, you can only hide and move from one secure location to another, if necessary. The arsenal, addition to the above machine has a rifle, pistol and shotgun. For killing the enemy does not put much effort needed, all too easy. One or two shots to the head mdash; and that’s that. Minor problems only arise when the enemy is too much or they are on a long distance. In this case it is necessary to aim better and generally act more prudently, without exposing himself unnecessarily. Main mdash; quickly escape from an abandoned grenade right under your feet, because piecemeal glavgeroya collect no one will. For the administration claims there is no mdash; all very easy and simple.

      But frankly weak schedule. Setting the cardboard, and the lighting is anything but quality, and the characters as if cut with a blunt ax. Animation also stars in the sky are not enough mdash; movement bluff. But the game is stable, almost no annoying performance drops.

      HEIST The Score is able to interest fans of gangster atmosphere, which is, quite adequately. The rest is ordinary shooting, to which you will spend an hour and a half, and ninety-nine cents.


      • convenient management,
      • gameplay albeit simple, but fascinating.


      • weak graphics and animation,
      • monotonous gameplay eventually get bored.


      • 6/10

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        Kung Fu Rabbit

        Great visuals and funny, charming protagonist ensure almost two-thirds of the success of any arcade game that appears in the AppStore. The remaining third is ndash; is gameplay, which is not fun to do all the strength. But the creators of Kung Fu Rabbit managed all three elements to fulfill the maximum quality, so much so that to find flaws in the game is very hard.

        The Temple Rabbits attacked creepy monsters, capturing students protagonist. Managing these long-eared character, we will release his relatives ndash; one for each location ndash; and fight the invaders and collect the scattered bonuses (three small and one large carrot). We can not say that the levels of brain twisting complex, but many of them require outstanding agility and concentration. Rabbit is able to do three things: to jump, bounce off walls and use unarmed combat when faced with opponents.

        Combining these skills, the player must overcome obstacles, jump over deadly black goo, smeared on the walls and ceilings, and get from one corner to another location, where he was waiting for a prisoner in chains rabbit pupil. But this will prevent opponents, each of whom has weaknesses. Some can be killed from behind, helpless against the other jumps on top, and some have not printed on the wall and spit black slime in rabbit ndash; such unwinnable.

        When all levels are complete, the available high level of sophistication ndash; here it will torment at the first location, as all sixty levels transformed, filled with new enemies, and require a different strategy for the full course. It turns out that only 99 cents a player gets 120 original levels and 10 bonus ndash; quite a lot, especially in comparison with other representatives of the genre. And, most importantly, the gameplay is not for a moment boring ndash; developers all know the measure, without creating too much of locations and placing on small levels sufficient obstacles and enemies.

        To simplify gameplay in Kung Fu Rabbit created shop ndash; so called dojo, where the collected carrots you can buy useful things. Some of them are one-off: the ability to put on a sophisticated level, the control point to the death back to it, or death ray, which destroys all enemies on screen. Such items are very cheap ndash; even taking one level enough to buy. There is another type of things that do not go away after the first use, but all the while wearing a rabbit can not ndash;’ll have to choose just one. The player takes or carrot juice, which allows to run faster and jump higher, or claws that slow slip on the walls, or something else that is available in the dojo. This equipment will cost several hundreds of carrots, but it can help in the most intricate levels.

        In visual terms Kung Fu Rabbit bit like Fruit Ninja, especially in the interface. But the location itself ndash; this unique artistic design work, painted in bright, soft colors. The walls of houses, interiors inside them and rest of the environment are made in the Chinese style, as well as music that can be heard motives inherent China. But a little frustrating for many downloads, sometimes continuing for five or six seconds, ndash; often long waiting new level prevents fully enjoy the game.

        Another flaw is the absence of the leader board and stop watch, calculating how much time was spent in a particular location. Because of this, Kung Fu Rabbit no replayability ndash; after completing all 130 levels is unlikely anyone would want to start over again. However, what is in the game at the moment, will be enough to entice the player in the long term.

        Kung Fu Rabbit can be easily entered into the list of the best platformers on the iOS. Great visuals, high-quality level design and addictive gameplay few people indifferent. For a minimum price on the AppStore developers offer a large amount of content, and buying the game only once, it can be enjoyed on the iPad and iPhone, and the iPod Touch and Apple TV.


        • large amount of content for a low price;
        • beautiful visual style;
        • master addictive gameplay and level design.


        • loading some levels takes time;
        • no leaderboards;
        • low replayability.

        Rating: 8/10

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