Games for Android: Issue 2

Another World

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First, our heroine breaks all patterns. It’s just amazing remake of the good old (not really, of course, good) Action-Shooting Another World. Remarkably harmonious, but frighteningly dangerous world in which virtually every creature wants to kill you, mdash; in such an atmosphere is not cold sweat from stress, fear, interest and easily. Goose bumps and long hours with a smartphone in hand you provided!

The story begins with a young red-haired scientist named Lester Chaykin decided to work overtime on a cyclotron (this is something like a small hadron collider), and at night. The experiments powerful magnetic field attracts the storm, in the installation of lightning strikes and hapless minister of science, flying through the wormhole, falls into a different world. And there waiting for danger: his body stretched tentacles, huge leech trying to poison sting, and predators, are a mixture of known terrestrial hazards, eager to eat it. During the escape from one of the local fauna suddenly come to the aid of the inhabitants are more reasonable, but they drove a predator in order to take the boy prisoner.

Was found that the socio-political level in this world is not all right: some other oppressed in general mdash; everything as on Earth. As a result, Chaykin is suspended in a cage with one of the planet’s inhabitants. Spontaneously organized escape, during which you have to fight together for freedom. At the disposal of our hero is crushed blaster cage guard mdash; very effective weapon. From it you can shoot conventional beams, and put the protective field and under overload to break barriers and some of the walls.

Fellow sufferers also provides an invaluable contribution to the rescue, but he does so only within the plot. However, it still looks great, smooth and unobtrusive. You will have to disembarrass him from captivity after he heroically cover you while you get away from his pursuers through pipes. Feel of the game mdash; as you watch a cartoon, in which he played a key role.

Graphics Another World is in perfect harmony with the plot and the action itself. At first it may seem that it is a bit outdated, but it should take a closer look. In 2005, the developer completely redesigned all graphics, added modern lighting, shadows, and other delights. Now refreshed graphics are used to create a port to different platforms. New effects considerably enlivened image as a modern, fully three-dimensional graphics would ruin the gameplay. In addition, the game has low system requirements and will loose almost any smartphone.

Sound even on the phone significantly enhances the atmosphere. Drops in the caves, which seem payudat around you, the sound of flowing water mdash; this sounds juicy and always locked. May seem a bit archaic except voice shots.

The game must move on the platforms. Within the limits of the screen can be a lot of different levels, objects and enemies. From opponents fairly easy shot, but if the screen is more than one, then it is a problem mdash; help shields and speed of reaction. Doors perfect break out with a strong shot congested blaster. Life as it is here, or rather, there is only one. Was alive mdash; became dead. After the death of the game continues from the last checkpoint.

Control in Another World praises worthy individual. The virtual keys displayed on the screen in the form of unobtrusive paths, and located so that it is not obstruct visibility. Management is done in such a way that everything goes by itself, no need to worry about what to press. Hats off to the developers: they have something truly fantastic. Excellent management and adapted for Xperia Play mdash; igratnbsp, on the controller was quite convenient to recall the old consoles and Grooving nostalgia.

In conclusion I would like to say that Another World has all the ingredients for success mdash; excellent story, exciting gameplay, easy and intuitive operation, and indescribable atmosphere. If you have not played it, it is strongly recommend that you fill the gap.


  • well thought-out story;
  • enjoyable gameplay;
  • beautiful graphics;
  • exciting atmosphere.


  • no.


  • 10/10

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    Duke Nukem 3D

    Download Duke Nukem 3DNext game

    Mdash; unequivocal hit remake of 1996, is remembered, perhaps, everything. Duke Nukem 3D mdash; first-class shooter of his time with the excellent gameplay, a great choice of weapons, crowds of monsters arrogant and asking for a bullet in the forehead, and unique humor of the protagonist. In general, if you have not played the original version of the game, you have lost much. And now you have the opportunity to catch up, and absolutely free.

    Plot in Duke Nukem 3D is simple, as in the German laquo; movie about lyubviraquo.; The protagonist of the game is one Duke mdash; pumped blond guy with a big gun and jokes to any event happening on the screen. He will have to battle an army of monsters, who chairs the malevolent Dr. Proton.

    In the first episode, you have to move on zlachnym places of Los Angeles: brothels, shops and cinemas laquo; for vzroslyhraquo, and other life-affirming locations. Everywhere on the road will fall aggressive minions doctors who must immediately lead stuff. After another murder hero likes to let sarcastic comments as superheroes. Unfortunately, the game is provided with the original English voice acting, but some will remember a great pirate transfer, where the Duke frazochki sounded even juicier.

    At the disposal of our

    Ambala has several weapons. In addition to the gun, the arsenal includes a shotgun, a machine gun company, as well as pistols, grenades, and managed many other security hassles enemies. When out of ammo mdash; does not matter, there comes into play corporate army boots of Duke.

    Weakest point of the game is control. As a player has as many as five buttons: laquo; Ogonraquo;, laquo; Choose oruzhieraquo;, laquo; Prisestraquo;, laquo; Aktivirovatraquo, and laquo; Prygnutraquo.; All are located on the right side of the screen, causing too crowded. As a result, very little space is left to rotate the camera. The left side of the virtual joystick to move. If desired, you can change the style of management on Dual Stick, but in a way to fight the enemies more difficult. So, get used completely and did not work, but more or less tolerable to play out yet.

    Graphics in the game has not changed since that 1996. Of course, now it looks archaic, but it is not the main thing in the game. Walls, floors and corridors are made three-dimensional, but the enemies are made of sprites, so looks like a flat plate, always turn to face you. Sounds and music also remained the same, as the Sun in the classic version. Perhaps someone from the younger generation of readers game seem outrageously outdated, but similar hits live forever.

    In the end we got a game with amazing gameplay, not at all corrupt porting to Android. Duke is still tough, harsh and hilarious, let excellent jokes and relentlessly shooting villains, eye on Earth. Keep it up! By the way, the game is free only in part: for laquo; takraquo easy, and you can get just the first episode, but for the other two will have to pay for 99 cents.


    • classic gameplay intact;
    • original graphics and voice;
    • free first episode.


    • not very convenient control.


    • 8/10

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      Free Heroes 2

      Download Free Heroes 2

      Remember how you spent hours pants playing laquo; Geroevraquo;? How to play with your friends turn on one computer, for Hot Seat mode then seemed so easy and does not require a second computer? We present our remake of the legendary turn-based strategy Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, originally released in 1996. You again waiting for the exciting battle for the city and the territory, economic development, a lot of characters, races and monsters, as well as the unique atmosphere laquo; geroyskogoraquo; fantasy.

      Unfortunately, we have no official port, and the creation enthusiast nick pelya. As a result, the game was not quite full mdash; no campaigns, must be content with only a single card. However, this is reason enough to play, mdash; most users Heroes II is remembered for some very successful cards.

      Gameplay, as in the previous game, has remained unchanged since 1996. One only has to select the desired map, race, and the number of competitors and the level of their skill. All six classes in the game heroes (and, accordingly, locks): knight, barbarian, witch, sorcerer, magician and necromancer. Each class has its own special abilities, such as necromancers are able to turn after the battle of fallen soldiers in skeletons. Besides these three main characteristics (attack, defense, magic power and knowledge), the characters have a number of secondary skills: navigation, logistics and others, each of which is developed in three stages. On receipt of a new level of hero offered to pump one of the two secondary skills offered a choice.

      The city has seven types of structures, each of which produces a certain type of monster. Structure, and with it the appropriate monsters can pump once. Every move in the game mdash; it one day, and soldiers can be recruited once a week. During the fighting, the hero uses spells that were practicing in the Mages Guild. The latter has five levels mdash; every time you improve it grows more on one floor and the result is like a fantasy skyscraper. Actually, the magic is the main purpose of the hero in battle, he can only conjure.

      Game uses the original version of the files, you just copy it to a flash drive mdash; all. After installing the file from Google Play application itself offers to download the files. The fact that the game is not an official port, imposes on it a lot of restrictions. In particular, it is used to control the mouse emulation. On the small screen smartphone is very uncomfortable, you need every finger to aim carefully. This is particularly felt in the battle, when you can not get at the enemy with the right hand. Tablet users will be much easier to handle the game.

      The graphics and sound in the game remained intact. After installing and running a game file you can download everything you need cash mdash; separately, music mdash; separately, flies from cutlets also separately. The game is all it works without problems. There are, however, some failures. In particular, it was noted the desire of enemy heroes walk on water like Jesus (see screenshots).


      Of this decision can be said: the attempt mdash; not torture. Pelya tried my best, but it alone without problems so complex game to move to another platform mdash; no easy task. However, fans of the Heroes 2 will close on eye problems. We must pay tribute to the programmer mdash; application is constantly updated, getting rid of bugs. Perhaps, over time, make money and campaign, and added passable management.


      • retained many features of the original game;
      • excellent graphics and sound;
      • gratuity.


      • inconvenient administration on the small screen;
      • numerous bugs.


      • 6/10

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        Ur-Quan Masters

        Download Ur-Quan Masters

        Whole galaxy with multiple star systems, stars and planets, dozens of races, each with its own history, space ships, technology, and world view, well designed dynamic battles in space mdash; here’s what the game of Ur-Quan Masters. You will be able to obtain the resources to develop its fleet and fight for the good of the oppressed races against the evil space invaders Ur-Quan.

        Game is a remake of the legendary Star Control 2, and the change of name due to the fact that the trade mark is registered, it’s not in use. However in 2002, the source games are accessible to everyone for free. And the project was born Ur-Quan Masters, based fans of the game.

        Story begins with the fact that in the midst of war between the Alliance of Free Stars and the Hierarchy Earthlings sent a research ship to a distant part of the galaxy. The purpose of the mission was to study the artifacts left by ancient Forerunner race. Expedition discovered on a planet huge factory ships Baptist. While scientists were flying, the Alliance managed to lose the war and ended up in slavery. As a consequence, the researchers did not come for the rescue shuttle, and they were forced to colonize the planet. After years of living in a new house people have managed to build a factory Vindicator Forerunner ship and go back to Earth to find out what happened.

        During the game we will need to explore the world in search of minerals and perform multiple missions aimed mdash; attracting allies. Some of them can be bribed someone mdash; deceive or intimidate, but many agree to cooperate laquo; for ideyuraquo.; As the game Vindicator must fly almost all the information submitted on the star map the galaxy. It is very much mdash; the game has hundreds of star systems, each of which has the world to visit.

        We should describe the mode Super Melee. This arcade battles in space, it is very exciting and interesting. In the original version you can play together, but the port is only available on Android battle with the computer. You compose yourself and the opponent team of available vehicles (available all but Vindicator) mdash; and more! In combat, each ship has a unique number laquo; zdorovyaraquo, as well as the characteristics of mdash; velocity and rotation, and of course, weapons. The victory is not achieved power, and skill, which makes Super Melee addictive pastime.

        Management in the original game seemed at times difficult, but compared it to the port of kindergarten. The fact that the virtual keys on the display cover review that is particularly painful during the battles. Ships mdash; as yours and opponent mdash; may be directly below them, which often spoils all the fun out of the battle. Also, it is very difficult to send the ship to the desired planet mdash; arrows virtual joystick operate strangely.

        In view of the fact that the game is ported to non-professional forces, it was worth waiting for from her various laquo; glyukovraquo.; But it works on udivlenienbsp, smoothly and without a glitch. The graphics and sound are still exactly the same as in the original version for the console Panasonic 3DO (exactly with the code and entered it into the public free use). By the way, this console is famous for the sound quality, so experience is not necessary for him.

        We wish Mr.

        Pelya continued success not only in the port, but also in bringing to mind the existing ones. We hope that in time he laquo; dopilitraquo; management. However, even in this form Ur-Quan Masters is incredibly fascinated.


        • interesting and exciting plot;
        • great gameplay;
        • good graphics;
        • everything running smoothly.


        • not very convenient control;
        • missing some features of the original game.


        • 8/10

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