Games for Android, Issue 1

Aeon Avenger

If you like Japanese RPG in the tradition of Final Fantasy, Aeon Avenger is definitely for you. Huge world, many locations, time travel, robbery korovanov, good and evil characters, each with its own history, destiny and purpose, mdash; what could be better for the detachment from reality!

Game begins with the selection of, available options Normal and Hard. After that, the heroine mdash; cute anime girl named Rin (to name, however, can somehow) falls into a church, where his kind attendants bring us up to speed. It turns out, the game is filled with various monsters and dangers and combines magic and technology. Temple allows you to travel through space and time, which we did not fail to take advantage of being in the same place 200 years before the original event. The first task of the heroine mdash; find his great-grandmother, which governs the world of the past.

Immediately after the move is that Rin on yourself laquo; classifies grandmother pirozhkiraquo.; We continue to play is from the person of another character, and not the last in a row. It should say that the abundance of different story lines makes Aeon Avenger both exciting and confusing. However, the latter can be attributed to the pluses mdash; puzzle would be superfluous. Moreover, user-friendly menu and map of the area will not give quite lost.

Fights here are step by step mdash; similar to how it was in the Final Fantasy. During battles you can use their own skills and various items of which the world is lying in abundance. Arsenal is divided into eight categories, each of which is effective against certain types of monsters. If your hero is trapped in a fight is not alone, before each move to determine in advance who will win and what will strike. Most of the characters we met something puzzling: bring it, serve it, save my dog ??and stuff mdash; usually interesting quests.

When performing tasks we are faced with all the troubles. If the monsters do not depend on the storyline, their location in the location is determined randomly and the appearance of another monster by surprise. If the story puts us into some dungeon, castle or a forest, there is necessarily a small-town boss. Before the decisive fight the health of all members of the team recovering. To do this, a special drink from the fountain, courtesy set by someone (perhaps, the villain himself?) Near the site of the battle.

Bleeding in Aeon Avenger automatically. After the fight, the player and all the members of his team gets a certain amount of experience. If laquo; ekspyraquo; collected enough to get level, we simply put on notice that the characters are now more powerful, tenacious, accurate and impermeable.

Control of the game is very easy and can be adjusted individually. There are optimized for Xperia Play, making play on the smartphone Sony Ericsson even more convenient. Aeon Avenger very low system requirements mdash; smartphone even after half an hour was still cold. Completes the picture a good schedule. In many ways, it repeats the style of the first pieces of Final Fantasy, but the effects, battle scenes and pictures of characters look much more modern. Still in XXI century living.

Should say a few words about the sound. Music score written qualitatively mdash; is good at Japanese composers. The main drawback lies in the short duration of the melodies that looped and start to annoy you when you’re on a long one location. But glad that each have provided their composition. Sound effects also sound good.


  • pleasant, but not burdensome for the smartphone schedule;
  • customizable management and optimization for the Xperia Play;
  • interesting and well-researched story.


  • high cost;
  • not automatically save before exiting.

Rating: 8/10

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    Before us, nothing less, mdash; one of the most beautiful and spectacular games released for Android. All the way on the way to high-end we will pursue the dark, oppressive atmosphere of technological future and permanent laquo; nezhdanchikiraquo, as crowds of harsh and ruthless enemies. ShadowGun keeps the tension, which can be removed only generous portion of lead to the head of another foe.

    ShadowGun mdash; tehnoshuter gloomy, which was set in 2350. The plot is quite hackneyed mdash; eventually fuel and precious metals began to run out, people mdash; grow poor, and social situation escalated significantly. As a result, one is not a good company caught in possession of almost all of the remaining resources.

    The protagonist of the game is

    Mercenary John Slade, whose purpose mdash; destruction of the main villain, Dr. Edgar Simon, the number one culprit in charge of genetic experiments. Various mercenaries and bounty hunters here and call ShadowGuns. This profession is in great demand in the future world.

    Game begins with a flight to the ship, which crashed over the Atlantic and falls on one of the planets. Our hero accidentally survives and begins a difficult journey shellip; training. This helps him a guardian angel mdash; computer with a pleasant female voice. After successful training fun begins mdash; endless battle! After all, the best place to fight and not to think, because this planet is (by coincidence, of course) Laboratory Edgar Simon, where he puts his experiments.

    Battles in the game

    Mdash; is not familiar to unpretentious mindless shooter shooting laquo; chest on pulemetraquo, in the style of Doom II. All the battles are a deliberate and thoughtful position shooting from cover. Prefer to attack enemies and groups come from different sides. From certain death often save various barriers behind which to hide, to assess the situation and then pop out to shoot the head nearest adversary. As contenders are various robots, cyborgs and mutants ndash; more pleasant targets for revenge presumptuous corporations and e manual doctor can provide.

    At your disposal there are several types of weapons that can be altered as required. We start with the good old assault rifle. Generously scattered throughout the cartridges, but still not worth mindlessly shoot at everything around mdash; ammunition tends to end at the crucial moment. First aid kits in ShadowGun not provided, but you can die after a few seconds luring flying lead with his body. Otherwise, John Slade only breath and continues to destroy the piece of iron in batches.

    Graphics in the game and really excellent. Moreover, if she was born seven years before, no problem could rival the most beautiful hits for PC and consoles. A match for her, and audio mdash; gunshots, explosions and the roar of the mutants made very juicy. Music more pumps already troubled atmosphere.

    But the menu and control nothing special remarkable. Embarrassing moment: the game can not be saved, the record is automatically on the control points, which were not identified. Overall ShadowGun mdash; excellent shooter who will appreciate not only fans, but also ordinary people. That is what all developers should strive mobile games.


    • excellent graphics and sound;
    • interesting and exciting gameplay;
    • low price.


    • high hardware requirements.

    Rating: 9/10


    Game can be in the Android Market for # 36; 0,49.

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      King of Frogs

      Who would have thought that jumping on sheets of paper pads frogs can cause such interest! It turns out they can. Game King of Frogs mdash; addictive puzzle game, the strength of emotional impact comparable to Angry Birds. There are no harmful green pigs with criminal manners, but there is a unique and very nice world.

      Essence of the game is to bring the frog king of the cage, made as a lily pad on the right. Rule to move reminiscent leapfrog mdash; king and his subjects can move in a straight line, jumping over one square, which must necessarily be another frog. If it is a mere mortal, it disappears, but you can jump over the king arbitrarily times. Thus, the frog king lead to their goals can be very problematic. Very useful is the undo button, thanks to which you can return to the level of the required number of moves ago.

      Gameplay King of Frogs quietly but firmly pulled into the network. Despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay is surprisingly addictive. During testing, the game author, without knowing it, had it for two hours and came to his senses when he began to run down the battery. All levels of the test failed, as their number is comparable to the add-Angry Birds mdash; hundreds. There are three game modes: Story (normal passage levels), Bonus (extra levels, opening only after the key in Story) and Challenge (complicated version Story, for the victory must use all available frogs subjects).

      If the gameplay is no problem, the graphic is disappointing. More precisely mdash; low resolution, which is interpolated to the big screen. As a result, all of the objects gets a little hazy. On plates with their resolution graphics will look even worse. The sound in the game is excellent, every action is accompanied by a characteristic frog croaking and splashes of water, and the music is not irritating, it is quiet and peaceful.

      Download an application from Android Market is completely free. Studio provided him pay additional monetization opportunities as game credits. After downloading, each player receives 10 credits for free. They help to discover new levels, not caring about the passage of the previous ones. Every whim for your money!


      • interesting and exciting gameplay;
      • good sound design;
      • free version without ads.


      • low quality graphics.

      Rating: 8/10

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