Game GamesCom 2012 Part Two

Resident Evil 6

Developer: CapcomRelease date: October 2, 2012 (the console), 2013 (PC)Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Capcom brought to the exhibition a good piece of gameplay Resident Evil 6. As you know, the plot will be divided into three stories, each of which we will operate the different characters. The idea is that each campaign should be recognized for its unique gameplay and atmosphere. Although it is the difference only amounts to a slight shift from shooting on trips to the dark places. We will be happy to make a mistake.

Scene playing Jake mdash; brother Albert Wesker himself mdash; painfully reminds one of the initial moments of the Resident Evil 4. The main character, along with co-worker barricade in a small wooden house in the middle of the snowy mountains, all the forces fighting against an influx of zombie mutants carnivorous flowers instead of heads. On the other side of the house fire out some bad guys. Our character has a special blood, so equally effectively resorts to not only weapons, but also the methods of close combat. Famously putting it offensive, Jake with his companion im run the avalanche of snowmobiling.

Gameplay for Leon Kennedy is closer to what we used to call laquo; Abode Zlaraquo.; Hero with a friend moves on dark underground tunnels filled zombies. There are so many, it seems that instead of Resident Evil, we show the new part of Dead Rising. Shoot all just physically will not work, so you have to sound a retreat. The combat system changed since the fifth. At last we were able to shoot on the move, the characters have become much more mobile, have learned to roll and jump back to the sides of the dangers in Hollywood falling back with a gun aimed at the enemy. Unfortunately, it’s toll on the atmosphere. Have nothing to fear, because even without cartridges can easily scatter the enemy in hand-and-run. At every step there are QTE-scenes: it is another dead hang on the neck, the piece of iron will want to deal a blow to the head. A time by pressing a button, you will spoil the zombie attack and crushed his skull own trumpet.

Only point of all seen that causes some semblance of power, mdash; is when the characters were close to the cars, which barely flickering light, and the sides were dead, as if ready to jump in at any time. It is hoped that the full version will be more of these episodes.

Capcom also showed in the fourth action heroine mdash; Ada Wong. E adventures almost no different from the adventures of Leon. The only pity is that its brand red dress she had to change to a dull outfit.

Lost Planet 3

Developer: Spark UnlimitedRelease date: Spring 2013Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Lost Planet 3 manages to surprise each time more and more. The game, which is created is not the most successful developers (on account of Spark Unlimited number of boring shooters middle poshiba) having on hand the reputation of a failure of the second part, manages to look like it was, if not a highlight of the year, it just going to beat the original on all fronts.


Before us mdash; prequel, telling the story of the colonization of the planet EDN frosty III. Conditions for life is very hard, but still miner Jim sent this ice ball in order to produce fuel and earn money for their families. And he will have to try hard to come back home alive.

On its predecessor Lost Planet 3 looks much more dark and adult. From Japanese action with a bias in the anime style, it became a fantastic adrenaline thriller. Enemies on the screen is much smaller than before, but also to fight them has become more difficult. Locusts mdash; insect monsters living in the bowels of the planet, mdash; increased in size. Have to actively use the shelters and constantly change position in order to avoid becoming a delicacy for them to dinner.

But should move with their fundamentals in two huge walking robot, as the balance of forces is changing immediately. Perhaps, this time hiding the most important difference from the new part of the first two. In Lost Planet 3 is not a small place laquo; mehamraquo;, stuffed to the eyeballs with machine guns and rockets. Instead, mdash; giant laquo; hodokiraquo, equipped with drills and hooks. As soon as we get into this, the view over the shoulder is moved to the cabin, and what is happening is more like a battle than a skirmish. You have to block the blows of claws, counterattack and trample smaller opponents like cockroaches. Developers managed to convey a sense of well-control huge machine mdash; steps are accompanied by trembling earth, and every stroke felt tremendous power. It makes you want to shout: laquo; HA-A-A-A-LC! SCRAP-A-A-A-IN! Raquo;

But while the familiar features of the series have remained. Gameplay is still divided on the pedestrian side and walk on the robot, have not gone away and picking up energy from killed locusts (now, however, it is spent on upgrades, not the preservation of life from the cold), and a hook-cat, and, of course, great and original bosses.

DmC: Devil May Cry

Developer: Ninja TheoryRelease date: January 15, 2013 (the console), 2013 (PC)Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Many remember how controversial was the reaction of fans of Devil May Cry to the announcement of restarting the series. The story starts from the ground up, and Dante is a punk teenager who likes to build from a bad guy. People, this situation did not like. But with each new roller Ninja Theory again proved that knows what to do with the franchise. And, thank all the gods, she changed her mind and transformed design a universal favorite of the public. Initially, he did vyglyadelhellip; not attractive.

Gameplay is still the same. Correct the sword and two pistols do not know rest, destroying demons of all shades and sizes. Corporate identity are instantly recognizable, is to look at local fights. Dante still makes rapid lunging forward with a sword, throws opponent into the air, bouncing himself and beat them, paying no attention to the force of gravity. And, of course, do not miss the opportunity to make fun of another demon for a few seconds before sending it back to hell.

Story is very similar to the old one, and is quite famous among a small film mdash; laquo; nasraquo of Aliens, John Carpenter. There ugly aliens trying to enslave humanity and make them weak-willed slaves through hypnosis and mass media-production. Ninja Theory have almost the same thing, only instead of aliens mdash; demons, and degree of madness and irony over ten times. Much of the action will take place in Limbe mdash; world that is incredibly close to ours. So much so that you can see the silhouettes of a simple inhabitants of the Earth. He is like a translucent veil, but there is on their fantastic laws. The buildings are transformed right before our eyes, large chunks of land floating in the air, and the environment in a moment can drastically change the layout.

Attention developers to detail is amazing. Dante is young, energetic and extremely arrogant mdash; is clearly seen not only on the sarcastic remarks to the cyclopean bosses, but also in his movements. Some wags sword deliberately sloppy, like the hero of nearly stumbled, but at the last moment a blow to the adversary helped himself to resist. Numerous references to the last part, no doubt, will please fans. For example, in the form of demonic Dante coat color changes to red, and his hair is turning gray, and become slightly longer, as in the good old days. At GamesCom we first learned that there will be a DmC and Virgil, the brother of the hero. But in his new incarnation, he is fighting on the side of the good guys and the Order directs the fight against the demons. Although if you remember the other parts, in the end, all may not be what it seems.

Command amp; Conquer

Platform: PCDeveloper: BioWare VictoryRelease date: 2013

Interesting fate continuation of one of the most famous series of strategic. Command amp; Conquer: Generals 2 unexpectedly turned out a complete strategy Play4Free-project with a focus on online and subtitled deleted from the title. Initially, except online battle, the players do not offer. Also, it is not known what kind of laws will operate a common world, uniting all users. But all this does not mean that we will have a cheap hack based on the legendary universe.

Electronic Arts just wants to explore a new model for non-proliferation at the same time try to sustain the quality bar on the AAA project. This is evident even in appearance. Command amp; Conquer works on the engine Frostbyte 2 (by which, if anyone still does not know, so Battlefield 3 looks fantastic). Of course, the level of the project DICE models and environment as far as China, but that does not stop us in good conscience call the new Camp; C strategy, the most beautiful of our time.


Project meets BioWare Victory, assembled from personnel EA Los Angles, mdash; company plans to develop its creation by the IMO-laws. This is only the beginning we find a very small selection of modes and only two sides of the conflict. Over time, developers are going to introduce more and more content, including not only a map and a set of techniques, but a new faction, and scripts, as well as a full single-player campaign.

This approach

Mdash; very fresh for the genre, the foundations of which have not changed for more than a decade. Expensive in every sense of RTS, which everyone will be able to try out for free. However, probably somewhere hidden catch. Brand new tank for 0.99 # 36;?

Of Orcs and Men

Developer: Cyanide StudioRelease date: September 2012Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

If you are told that the next game is the story about the opposition of men and orcs with goblins, your first thought will probably be roughly as follows: laquo; Well, here again, it is necessary to cut the greenskin horde slow-witted bullies and small quirky karlikovraquo.; And if you’re about the last one can not go wrong, in the first part of the sentence at Cyanide Studio another look.

Writers Of Orcs and Men dared undermine the principles of the fantasy genre. In their universe green-mdash; oppressed people, but people do not put in the best light. I mean, not all the people, and the mad emperor and the Inquisition, declared genocide orcs and other non-humans. At the same time out of favor with the powers that were magicians of his tricks were persecuted and shot on the spot. Of course, to put up with this state of things is not going orcs. One of them mdash; brave soldier, next to which Marcus Fenix ??with all his armor looks skinny schoolboy, goes to fill with blood the throne of the Emperor. In the nearby village to his company imposed a fine goblin, the sharp-tongued. This couple is the main characters of the game.

Very original story, but the gameplay is more familiar. Of Orcs and Men is a third-person RPG, the sensations recalling previous studio project mdash; A Game of Thrones, only performed at a higher level. The combat system is associated with Damp; D mdash; we suspend the action, giving out orders to subordinates and there was further massacre of opponents. Impressive difference between the characters makes some variety. Goblin mdash; plain old thief, who hides in the shadows and prefers to remove opponents secretly. Orc is, as you probably guessed, packs chops enemies in open battle. During the passage will need to combine their talents, or fail to save her from the oppression of the human race.

The video demonstrated by our friends had to eliminate an important inquisitorial cone. First grumpy dwarf quietly slaughtered couple fellows, and then came into play laquo; tankraquo, with a huge cleaver. Here the developers show one example of the interaction of the characters mdash; goal hidden behind small group of guards. Orc grabbed the small companion and threw right to the inquisitor, and the diverting others. Using the unique abilities, the characters quickly filled the earth with blood, and then went on a long journey.

Course, Of Orcs and Men is not in the genre will be a revelation or a smart hit: not the scale, a modest budget, the average graphic performance. But to please original script, interesting characters and entertaining combat system is just able.

Laquo; Tolkinistamraquo, try with caution. Apparently, the local history they might not weak, they say, laquo; break shablonraquo;.

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