Game E3 2012 Part One

NFS: Most Wanted

Nowadays out remake of the cult, or just once a popular game mdash; not uncommon. Another thing mdash; undertake laquo; perezagruzkuraquo, where since the release of the original was a little more than five years. And with the next Need for Speed ??happened that way. The new part of the series is subtitled Most Wanted is an ideological continuation of the same name by NFS: Most Wanted sample in 2005.

Almost all of the features

Predecessor left in place for ever the golden sunset on the horizon, street racing in different urban areas and annoying cops on his tail. Only now the emphasis has shifted somewhat. Which way mdash; easy to guess, one has only to look at the graph laquo; Razrabotchikraquo.; After all, when a case is taken authors Burnout, without mass destruction and a whole lot of special effects it will not be.

Apparently, and will, because of the gameplay shows a mile breathes corporate identity of the authors. Sense of speed passed as expected: without tons laquo; blyuraraquo, but melteshaschy sight kaleidoscope of landscapes suggests that the car is racing no slower than two hundred kilometers per hour. But nothing of dismantling hard road and can not speak. Push opponent under counterflow cars or type it into the building on a steep turn mdash; surest way to ensure a good mood and the first place in the race. When comes into play yet and the police, it starts Shaped madness all around is full of special effects and sparks accidents. Last kindly demonstrated in slo-mo, choosing the most juicy angles. And thanks to excellent graphics performance is not the destruction of sin and admire.

Of course, we have to continue to Need for Speed, with his usual open city and licensed cars that will not break the way it was in some Burnout Paradise. But still massive car accidents remain the main reason for the Most Wanted sample in 2012 is expected.

Beyond: Two Souls

Despite what about Beyond: Two Souls very little information, we just could not tell you about it. In the end, when David Cage says he’s going to try again to turn the video game industry, it is worth attention.

Creators Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain has finally announced its new project. And, apparently, he will again experiment in laquo; interactive kinoraquo.; However, recently told Cage that he was disappointed by what came out of their last game, that she was very warmly received by critics and ordinary users. So, I think we can hope for a new approach to the gameplay, which will be able to offer something more than a long QTE-scenes.

The story of a teenage girl Jodie Holmes. However, as a teenager it will be only at the beginning of the game closer to the finale we see is almost an adult female: Beyond show fifteen years of life of the heroine. Life is very busy and very severe. The fact that Jody has supernatural abilities. Clearly demonstrated in the video we just telekinesis, through which a cup of coffee flew into a wall. But judging by the action-packed scene with the exploding cars, destroying the buildings and fight with riot police on the roof of the train, our lady knows how much more. Here to stay and familiar to the founders of non-linearity in the story and the strong dependence on the choice of subject and the success of certain actions.

Unfortunately, try all this happiness can only owners of PlayStation 3, which Quantic Dreams again refused to change. The exact release date has not mdash; announced a murky laquo; goduraquo somewhere in 2013;.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Next series about the adventures of Sam Fisher has produced very mixed impression. The story begins six months after the final Conviction. Except that if the last time the writers honestly tried to somehow surprise by making a small step in the direction of the show laquo; 24raquo;, then this time, apparently, we have to feed another story of poor Iraqi terrorists (thanks though, that non-Russian) in the spirit of Tom Clancy. Although we would be very happy to make a mistake.

Over the last six months of meeting Sammy changed noticeably. Although more precise to say mdash; reclaimed old style: short hair, a small beard, a good old spy suit, a lot of the latest gadgets in your pocket and, of course, three green eyes, forehead burning.

But in the methods of fighting the enemy classic does not even smell. No, secretive passage still be at the forefront, but it has become extremely aggressive. As shown at E3 Miss Fisher breaks into a typical village of the Middle East and methodically cut the entire population consisting entirely of terrorists. As soon as we show the new combat system called the killing in motion, the ideological successor mark n kill the fifth part Splinter Cell. The meaning is similar: to mark certain characters, press a button, and Sam himself all shoot accurate shots to the head. Only this time, all this can be done on the move, passing practicing methods of close combat.

Looks very impressive: you laquo; pomechaeteraquo, three opponents, ran out of cover, press the button: time slows down, and now the two are falling with bloody holes in his head. Jerk cover the distance to the next evil Arabs, on the move to cut his throat, butt shot the fourth, again click the special button, and the last enemy falls lifeless to the ground, picking up the pillars of dust. Fisher learned many habits and Altair with Ezio. Now you can climb on the roofs of houses and climb the steep ledges Aki zapravsky tracer. Although, of course, the skill is second Assassins, but makes up for this new-fangled gadgets. In our arsenal will be various types of grenades, electric darts, remote cameras, and more.

Despite laquo; stelsraquo, project-based, and sometimes you can get a gun and go to a frontal attack. In itself, it is a pointless exercise: several bullets lively character sent straight to the recent victims of the agent. But if before to place traps in the form of minutes, throw a couple of bombs and finish the job by calling a point airstrike, you can gloriously fun. Splinter Cell: Blacklist, no doubt, be a qualitative game, but here are the origins of the series mdash; very far. Even Michael Ironside not please us with his charismatic voice. But at least return the network mode laquo; Spy vs. Naemnikaraquo, which at the time the public liked.

Dead Space 3

Nobody doubted that after the ending hints at a sequel Dead Space 2 appearance trikvela mdash; only a matter of time. Rumors about it long hovered in the vast web, and recently held a full announcement of the project. For E3, the authors prepared a trailer and enough gameplay to add the first glimpse of what awaits us.

Venue change significantly. Instead of dark corridors and rooms of space ships and stations await us snowfields planet Tau Valantis. What brought it easy there Isaac and his companion Ellie mdash; yet unknown. From scraps of dialogue in the trailer you can only make out something like laquo; mestoraquo is ideal, and laquo; They found there istochnikraquo.; However, the expedition had no luck from the start. During landing ship crashing into two parts, separating our heroes. When he came to, Clark picks up a gun, wearing a suit with a plain old bar life on the back and goes in search of a friend. Along the way he meets a new character, John Carver, with whom he fights the forces of the Church and the Necromorph Unitologov.

John will not be just an extra, and a full game character. Dead Space is increasingly removed from the genre of horror, is now offering a full-fledged cooperative. Can connect to the game at any time, if a session is opened, and destroy an alien plague, side by side with one another. And once laquo; pugalkiraquo, finally went to the third plan, the Visceral Games has decided to focus on the action movie. Therefore, it is necessary not only to confront monsters, but living people with guns in their hands. And this, in turn, has led to the introduction of Dead Space 3 items such as rolls and shelter. The gameplay promises to be the most dynamic in the history of the series, but can provide a dense and dark atmosphere mdash; unknown. Demonstrated video shows how the characters on a snowy plain laquo; igrayutraquo, in something like Gears of War, and later appeared on the scene a huge worm that turns what is happening in the spitting image of Lost Planet.

Hopefully, Visceral Games will be able to save your own face, and left them a couple of creepy scenes in underground bunkers, alone with dozens of horrific creatures. Know this is true or not, will not until early next year.

Watch Dogs

Preview Watch Dogs at Ubisoft conference was a real surprise. Few could have predicted that the company, for which recently entrenched notoriety serials punchers, two years secretly working on something completely new. And the risk is definitely worth it. New game for one small gameplay video was for yours truly one of the most anticipated projects.

Near future. At first glance, the average man lives a fairly straightforward and simple. Computer technologies have penetrated into every industry, every aspect of human existence. The system guesses desires and adapt to the user. It controls everything from choosing a movie for a family trip to the cinema to the city’s power supply. Her name was mdash; ctOS. And the one who sits on the other side of the curtain and pulling the wires and circuits, is the most powerful on the planet. And of course, the role of the villain stands a large corporation, the slogan of which is necessarily something in the spirit laquo; Future mdash; every home! Raquo;. Some with this state of affairs is not willing and ready to fight the system. One of these people, as you’ve probably guessed, is our hero mdash; Aiden Pierce.

Action takes place in an open world in the style of GTA. In public demonstration of our mission secretly alter ego gets into a bar in order to lure a big shot. The process is somewhat similar to the elements of Hitman Deus Ex. Aiden scans visitor entertainment venue with crafty computer finds the target, which is destined to serve as bait for the bigger fish. Then begins the hunt for him, he ran out the back door, on the way laquo; vyrubayaraquo, guard, and is on the street. The main target in the meantime arrives at the intersection at the club. Hero laquo; vzlamyvaetraquo, traffic lights, and soon formed on the road a lot of small-broken machines. Knotted shootout. Action from the first sight is a common position third-person shooter, but made with high quality and detail.

Attention to detail makes truly admire developers. Comes to the fact that we can save or leave the random destruction of drivers. In the first case, Aiden bubbling to the car, opens the door, firing, pulls the hapless civilian from the car and with the mat sends far away, covering his escape. Arms felt like something really powerful mdash; no sense firing on mannequins of plastic toys.

In the arsenal of the hero have a couple of interesting tricks. For example, it is capable in the manner of Sam Fisher to jump over an obstacle, while a hole in the skull next opponent. Mission ends with how Aiden drops into the nearest sports car, and that there are forces get away from the police. Firmly in the drawbridge, he picks it up right before your car to make a dramatic leap, but do not give chase to follow themselves.


Watch Dogs also impressive. Detail is amazing. Unwittingly surprised when a sudden gust of wind picks up realistic hem of his cloak, shaking the tent and trees, chasing papers on asphalt. Patterns, textures and special effects at the highest level, and we are, frankly, terribly interesting, what laquo; zhelezoraquo, will provide a comfortable game. If we reject such kind of system requirements, it is safe to make a preliminary conclusion mdash; at Watch Dogs have the potential to become one of the first projects for the new generation of consoles.

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