Game E3 2011 Part Two

Assassin s Creed: Revelations

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Release date: November 15, 2011

Demonstration project at E3 makes the following conclusion mdash; continuation of the saga of a family of assassins will be even bigger. Narrative thread is associated with each representative of the dynasty known to us, from Altair to Ezio and Desmond. Most of the time the player will hold the body of 50-year-old Ezio, but plot details are not disclosed. We only know that this time the Italian will fight against the Templars in Constantinople. We are also waiting for the trip to Desmond laquo; dark storoneraquo; Animus.


Been sanded, but the essence since the Brotherhood has not changed. In opposition to the Assassins and Templars Ubisoft Montreal will present us with new game modes, maps, and avatars. Implementation is very annoying security mechanism redesigned mdash; now repel assassins became easier. The mechanism of target selection has also been reconfigured to improve usability.

Addition, demonstrations were presented several new multiplayer abilities mdash; example, a kind of mining. laquo; Minuraquo, conveniently placed on the ground in narrow aisles or the most likely departure. Also uses the hook of the single player game that allows Ezio moves quickly on the ropes. Setting the character becomes deeper, but laquo; naletavshieraquo, many hours in the multiplayer Brotherhood will be disappointed to learn that progress can not be transferred to Revelations. However, the most fervent promises not updated until the bonuses.

Far Cry 3

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Date: 2012

Laquo; I told you that this madness? raquo; mdash; says Vaasa, a guy with a mohawk on his head. He is clearly not all there. Arguing about it and not paying attention to the fact that his friends kill other prisoners, Vaasa suddenly infuriate mdash; dislike him as Jason Brody, bound captives and the protagonist of Far Cry 3, looking at him. laquo; Crazy irokezraquo, stands up, and Jason notices attached to their feet concrete block. Vaasa repeats the phrase about madness as if does not remember that it spoke a moment ago, and then kicks the block in the top flight with a waterfall. The rope is pulled, and the main character sets off after.

Welcome to the island of madmen. The girl disappeared, boat unichtozhenahellip; The plot resembles the original Far Cry, is not it? However, according to developers, this time the stories and characters given much more attention. Given how intimidating looks Vaasa, Ubisoft Montreal can take a word mdash; such memorable villains is not in every action movie.

Jason freed from the shackles, almost choking under water and explore the island. In the ensuing exchange of fire demonstrations happening, our hero grabs a helicopter, but the attempt to escape ends with a crash. Lying on the floor of the helicopter, Jason sees an approaching pair of legs. Suddenly approached bends, and we know our old friend Vaasa. He asks: laquo; I told you that this madness? Raquo; seems, Far Cry 3 claims to be the best episode of the series.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Target platforms: PC
  • Developer: BioWare
  • Release date: 2011

With The Old Republic BioWare company plans to plot a revolution in the genre of MMORPG, which is still not too bestowed fans great stories and colorful characters. Of course, from crafting, PvP, PvE, and other elements of the genre are not going to abandon Canadians, but not much attention will be paid to the background of the events taking place within a few hundred years since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

At E3 BioWare episode brought on Tatooine mdash; players can appreciate the vast sandy expanse of the world, moving your own transport and a few quests, and a couple of fairly laquo; prokachannyhraquo, characters of different classes (a total of eight, four on each side of the conflict ). In particular, the Imperial Sith Inquisitor, specializing in the destructive aspects of the Force, as well as a bounty hunter, armed with flamethrowers, pistols and other high-tech gadgets. It has already been declared by the main feature of the latter class, namely mdash; need to monitor overheating battle suit, which is the use of special abilities and weapons. This point seems to have been processing mdash; basic attacks now almost overheat suit, providing more freedom in the conduct of fire.

Developers talked about a lot of crafting in The Old Republic. It is an important part of the economy game, and the level of items crafted largely depends on the player. Committing crafting all the time, experienced craftsmen can provide themselves pay and have the opportunity to create items better than those that can be found in the performance of high-level raids (herein referred to as operations). You can not drown in the craft with his head, but then you have to look for other sources of income, and the quality of created objects will be only slightly above average.

The example Tatooine BioWare demonstrated how huge locations The Old Republic. One study even take a lot of hours, and then there is the personal starship, which can be improved (similar houses in other MMORPG), prescribed in detail the plot, battles in space, companions, operations, and the notorious crafting quests, allowing many ways to achieve the goal. Specifically, Canadians prepare landmark game that already stands out among fellow genre.

Mass Effect 3

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: BioWare
  • Release Date: March 6, 2012

Demonstration at E3 finds Commander Shepard torn alien invasion on Earth. Here Mass Effect 3 gives feel the full magnitude of what is happening mdash; giant fighting machine Reapers plagued the cradle of humanity, seething around a hopeless battle, rather reminiscent of the carnage. Developers use a short portion of gameplay to tell about innovations and hint at what to expect in the final part of the trilogy.

In the arsenal commander

Laquo; Normandiiraquo, has a new trick mdash; harmless previously grown omni-tool blade, allowing Shepard became much more confident feel in melee (it is not known which of the classes will be able to take advantage of the new ability). Finished with enemies, the commander went to the bench and showed another innovation Mass Effect 3 mdash; fairly lengthy laquo; tyuningraquo; weapons. Apparently, we can choose the type of ammunition, equip laquo; stvolyraquo, various attachments, and change their characteristics.

The details about the plot of the BioWare guys are mean. Shepard associates scattered across the galaxy, the invasion caught everyone by surprise, so we certainly can have many chance encounters with old friends. Of course, the promised new characters, but the specifics were not disclosed. Home News, which was brought to E3 developers, mdash; exact release date. Mass Effect 3 is slated for March 6, 2012. Specifically, gamers will be busy for the International Women’s Day (for the greater laquo; radostiraquo, hero of the occasion).

Batman: Arkham City

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios
  • Release date: October 18, 2011

In the first gameplay video of the band The Heavy with his song laquo; Short Change Heroraquo; states that there is no place in Arkham hero. This malicious misinformation. Heroes will be, and, as we already know, we will not only play as Batman, but for Catwoman. Fans of slender female figures, covered with black latex, rejoice.


Charming kitty is not just for the entourage. According to the developers, the game as Batman mdash; is justice, strict moral rules, rescue babies 24 hours a day, and other sentimental act. In short, the righteous boring. Catwoman mdash; quite another matter. It uses the creating chaos in the city and Batman at the same time for their own purposes. It is a pity that the playing time spent in the company of a clever lady, will be only 10% of the passage.

Key point presentation mdash; demonstration updated combat system. In Arkham Asylum melee fights caused only positive emotions, but what is happening in the sequel, can not be a meaningful description. In Arkham City is the place fight one on one, but at some point Batman can withstand more than 30 (!) Opponents simultaneously. New combat techniques are made to match the increased laquo; profnagruzkeraquo; mdash; creators claim that their number increased just twice. The main character is also learned to catch something thrown at it, and run them into enemies.

No less interesting is the system of movement. Compared to the size of locations of the first part of the available research area has increased significantly, so that you can quickly move the hook to cling to projections and soar, spreading his cloak. The system is very similar implemented in Just Cause 2, but with a unique touch of superhero inherent in games and films about Batman. Rocksteady Studios has promised that the players will do in Arkham City besides the main plot, but not in a hurry to disclose details mdash; know only that the total duration of the sequel will be about 25 hours.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software
  • Release date: November 8, 2011

Dispute between the series Call of Duty and Battlefield for the right to be called the best network entertainment did not stop even during E3 mdash; Infinity Ward, as well as DICE, the multiplayer showed a new episode of its series. Presented in a DLC for Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops mode will go into third. Added to it Survival, which was the maximum detail in the exhibition.

Survival mdash; is a game for two, and as a second computer can act as a partner, and a real person (via the Internet, and in the case of the console version of the game is added on one screen). With a partner, the player must confront enemies that become stronger and more numerous with each wave. At first, the soldiers equipped with pistols, had to find new weapons from dead enemies mdash; benefit past quickly replace shotguns to sub-machine guns and assault rifles poserznee.

Alternative looting acts buying weapons scattered all over the map in the stores. Game currency is spent not only on themselves laquo; stvolyraquo, but also on special abilities, ammunition and various accessories such as machine-gun turrets. When enemies rod from all slots, support automatic guns will not be superfluous. Developers understand that players of different levels, respectively, someone will make a killing more, some less. Therefore provides an opportunity to share the money with a partner mdash; highly relevant option, especially when you consider that one person can buy only one turret.

There are other, very exotic possibilities for investment. For example, for a tidy sum can get support detachment laquo; Deltaraquo; mdash; six brave men under the control of artificial intelligence desantiruyutsya map, helping to cope with the enemy. When it comes to such serious shopping, the enemy has a lot of indecent, they bypass the flanks, brandishing heavy armor and bulletproof shields. Communication between the partners is a critical moment, and the game becomes acute and requires maximum impact. It is difficult to say who will be better in the end mdash; Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3. Apparently, each of these multiplayer games can boast a high level of performance.

Serious Sam 3: BFE

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Croteam
  • Release date: Summer 2011

Army invaded Earth. Save all Serious Sam can only. So laquo; glubokoyraquo, strings, spitting in the face of brazen smart shooter with a strong storyline and complex characters, we have not seen in a long time. Welcome to Serious Sam 3: BFE!

In the demo level

Sam is in Cairo completely unarmed. But do not underestimate our old friend mdash; barely comes into view unfortunate gnaar (remember, this one-eyed Gumba with big toothy maw?), Our hero has learned to close battle, with his bare hands rips his eye. Krovischa gushing at Sam, on the sand, all around, and here comes a nice awareness mdash; third of the Serious Sam have a bright future.

Sam finds his first weapon mdash; heavy sledgehammer, has two modes of attack. Normal blow designed to point getting into benevolent, while the circular sweep of great help to clear space around them. Good solution for the game in which the main character is always surrounded by raging hordes of unimaginable creatures. Croteam wisely left the core gameplay intact, but modern technology went Serious Sam’s favor. Built on destructible levels, so take a breath, hiding behind the wall, as was done in previous games, no longer happens. Likely to break over the demolition of the wall and the building for the company.

Everything that happens in the demo level, made in the best tradition of the series. Huge bull rush at Sam tossing it into the air like a rag. Shoot all bulls (by the way, is now the main character learned to look through the scope, as in some Bad Company 2!) Leads to hordes of screaming headless suicide bombers, which is becoming more and more. When not even breathe after the massacre of the headless, the developers throw the savior of the Earth a couple of huge monsters with pistols instead of hands. Here it is, meat happiness!

Such blatant arcade approach certainly entertain fans Serious Sam mdash; developers are trying assumed a serious face and change course. The guy in the white T-shirt, still runs to meet millions of monsters, processing them in the dust with a vast arsenal. At least, though some of the things in our world are neizmennymihellip;

Bioshock Infinite

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Irrational Games
  • Date: 2012

Flying dream city of Columbia, in which events unfold laquo; pravilnogoraquo; sequel Bioshock, made it to E3. Irrational Games has demonstrated how surroundings can affect the dynamics. If lost in the depths of the underwater halls Delight contributed viscous, slow movement and detailed shootings, Colombia mdash; their complete opposite.

As the main way to get from one point to another is used overhead rails, bizarre twists which vividly reminded of a roller coaster. The main character, a former detective Booker DeWitt, uses device called Skyhook, allowing him to cling to the rails. DeWitt picks up and carries with incredible speed, up and down constantly changing places mdash; players with a weak vestibular system in Bioshock Infinite will be in difficulty.

But do not think that one of these clever DeWitt, mdash; enemies just as crazy as he is. Skirmish on the sidewalk can turn into a joint flight of the tracks, and for the greater interest of the developers did not laquo; privyazyvatraquo; characters to the end of the trip. The main character can jump to the next line or fall, clinging laid down below the rails.

The exhibition Irrational Games showed an episode in which DeWitt required to enter the airship. Air machine hangs near a sharp tip of tall buildings, hazy clouds, and our detective stood on the sidewalk, his head thrown back. The combination of incredible heights and constant jumps from one track to another is an awesome experience. Reaching the airship, DeWitt had sabotaged and jumped down, whistling flying a good distance, and nearly broke, but it caught on the rails and down.

Obvious that developers are preparing a sequel, quite different from the original as on the part of visual aesthetics, and in terms of the pace of action. The search for Elizabeth, e relationship with DeWitt and the fate of Colombia mdash; all this, of course, interesting, but a dizzying demonstration easily replaced from the head of any subtle matter. Give only to quickly go over the rails!

Dead Island

  • Target platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
  • Developer: Techland
  • Release date: September 6, 2011

The press, to try co-op game in Dead Island for four, agree mdash; is in no way a clone of Left 4 Dead, which the authors want to cash in on the popularity of offspring Valve and zombie themes in general. If Left 4 Dead is an adrenaline race from point A to point B, in which the cause is mainly firearms, Dead Island mdash; more measured (if it can be expressed with respect to the zombie action) game, which places emphasis on the near combat and RPG-elements. But first things first.

From role-playing games in Dead Island came woodworking skills that are open four of the characters, and quests. At E3 group was invited to paste up flyers around the island with the announcement of a missing relative of one of the survivors. Four of us to do it much easier, because the chance to stay alive is increasing significantly, but it can be spread out and explore the island alone. Zombie movies have taught us that separated mdash; bad idea that can occur to the main characters, but in Dead Island is not prohibited.

Another RPG-element mdash; tinkering with things. Scattered around the island a lot of things and all sorts trash from which to produce the murder weapon. For example, an ordinary knife easily turn into a blazing analog laquo; shishkebabaraquo, of Fallout 3, if adapted to it lighter and deodorant. All this increases the degree of the creating on the island of madness, to participate personally in which it will be possible at the beginning of September. Cook baseball bats, gentlemen hunters zombie!

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