Game adaptation: Tekken fighting on cams

Tekken (in Japanese mdash; laquo; iron kulakraquo ;) is one of laquo; provozvestnitsraquo, three-dimensional video games, and games in the genre of fighting game. Although, it is recognized to this day popular 2D-fighting game is not abating, as evidenced ndash; huge success BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

game series Tekken

Part Tekken appeared back in 1994, has created its notorious Namco. The original version was for arcade game machines, but it is also transferred to the console. Being similar to many fighting games, the Tekken there are differences. Thus, each button laquo; privyazanaraquo, to a certain body part fighter, which makes it easier to remember the hits for the combined attacks. In addition, the Tekken characters basically repeat the movement of the real martial arts, though, of course, there are differences.

Tekken has always offered players a large list of available fighters, but only four characters are present in all parts of the series ndash; is Heihachi Mishima, Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix. Among the popular characters involved in most of the series, you can call Leigh Vulong, Anna Williams, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, Jin Kadzamu, Julia Chang, Kazuya Mishima, King, Marshall Law and Wang Dzhinreya.

Game Lowe ndash; copy of Bruce Lee

Games Tekken universe on a scale comparable to the Mortal Combat. As the rod acts Mishima family history, telling of the characters faces four generations: grandfather Dzinpati (appeared in the 5th part), grandfather Heihachi, Kazuya’s son and grandson Jin. However, for many years the fate of other characters in the series are also closely intertwined. Today in the world of Tekken has six projects:

  • Tekken (1994);
  • Tekken 2 (1995);
  • Tekken 3 (1997);
  • Tekken 4 (2001);
  • Tekken 5 (Dark Resurrection, 2004);
  • Tekken 6 (Bloodline Rebellion, 2008).

sixth part series looks spectacular

screen adaptation

Year mdash; 2010. Directed mdash; Dwight H. Little (Dwight Hubbard Little).


  • John Fu (John Foo) mdash; Jin Kadzama;
  • Ian Anthony Dale

  • (Ian Anthony Dale) mdash; Kazuya Mishima;
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) mdash; Heyhachi Mishima;
  • Lateef Crowder (Lateef Crowder) mdash; Eddy Gordo, Nathan Jones (Nathan Jones) mdash; Craig Marduk;
  • Kung Le (Cung Le) mdash; Marshall Lowe;
  • Luke Goss (Luke Goss) mdash; Steve Fox;
  • Darrin Henson (Darrin Hanson) mdash; Raven;
  • Gary Daniels (Gary Daniels) mdash; Bryan Fury;
  • Merien Zapiko (Marian Zapico) mdash; Anna Williams;
  • Candice Hillebrand (Candice Hillebrand) mdash; Nina Williams;
  • Temlin Tomita (Tamlyn Tomita) mdash; Kadzama by Jun;
  • Roger Huerta (Roger Huerta) mdash; Miguel Caballero Rojo;
  • Kelly Overton (Kelly Overton) mdash; Christie Monteiro;
  • Gary Ray Stearns (Gary Ray Stearns) mdash; Yoshimitsu;
  • Anton Kasabov mdash; Sergei Dragunov.

Jin Kadzama


Filmmakers decided to impress the viewers another version of a post-apocalyptic future. Got it from them, to say the least weak. Universal devastation bomzhevatogo kind citizens in the streets, the paramilitary patrols, and of course, cereal gate ndash; all this a thousand times we’ve seen in other films. The fact that many of the food and other things will be in the ruined cities of rare mdash; also heard. From a lack of protein and vitamins in a dystopian future suffering many heroes. That’s the main character Jin Tekken Kadzama so tired of protein soup, that steals the modem, and used the money to buy an orange and doroguschy coffee that brings a beloved mother. This state of affairs should be, according to the writers to justify the desire to win the tournament Jin laquo; Iron kulakaraquo, to heal better than merchant deficit. However naive Jin, who not only internally but also externally looks throughout the film frail teenager, drooling on erotic pictures, has no idea what kind of story in it is involved through his own mamochkehellip;

Orange mdash; forbidden fruit Tekken

Jin’s mother, as it turns out in the course of the plot, is not so simple. Besides the fact that she taught her son the tricks of martial arts, she has unwittingly made him heir to the empire Heyhachi Mishima. The fact that the son Heyhachi ndash; Kazuya ndash; once raped mother Jin.

The game mentioned trio relatives (grandfather-son-grandson) plays a very important role, especially Heyhachi and Jin. First appeared in the first part of the Tekken (1994) and went on to become one of the most recognizable and popular characters in the game series. Second introduced in the third episode. In the game of relatives relationships are complex, and that was quite convincing in the film transferred.

Jin’s mother in the movie strictly forbids his son to participate in the tournament, which carries Heyhachi Corporation. He seemed to listen, the more that comes to his girlfriend and to lean more pleasant experience. However, after the murder of the mother corporation Jin people decided to take revenge, but to get to the boss, took part in the tournament.

Passing qualifying stage, Jin fights with one of the men named Tekken Marshall Lowe. Another contender for the fight was a big guy who got cold feet as soon as Lowe threw the ring next opponent. Well, height and weight does not guarantee the brave of heart, but the fight scene with the big guy Lowe could fill in the picture of one more good fight instead of meaningless dialogues.

As expected, the successor corporation could not lose laquo; what-toraquo; Tekken fighter in whose veins the blood is not flowing Devil Kazuya. Incidentally, the film is just advertised internal struggle with the devil gene Jin father. However, the battle is already very quiet and discreet. According to the plot rather believe that Jin and Kazuya in common exorbitant desire for the female sex.

Lowe in the film is similar to the yard boy

In the worst traditions of films about boys karate Jin during combat support image Master. In the case of Jin mdash; is his mother. Memories of her class raise beaten to death a young man to his feet, allowing plunge enemy a crushing blow.

By the way, in the game, Marshall Law, which appears in the first part, is a master dzhitkundo and clearly looks like Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee). But looking at the fatted Lowe of the film, the viewer even after a dozen tips would guess about laquo; skhodstveraquo, Marshall and Bruce.

Won fighter Tekken, Jin is at the center of attention and gets on the coveted tournament. This competition is central to the film. It was there as a spectator closely acquainted with relatives Jin, and with the other fighters.

Turns, angry son Kazuya wants to take the place of aging father Heyhachi. The latter is not in awe of dissolute living son, but still wants to win the tournament. Heyhachi also with interest the clink. Kazuo is of a DNA database to know his relationship with Jin. In a blind lust to destroy the heir to send for a purpose he jin killersh Williams, which, however, fail the mission.

Dragunov mdash; future Russian Spetsnaz?

Regard to the recruitment of fighters, it is rather poor, especially as some of them have not appeared in the ring. Instead of the actual tournament, where the winner of one pair of men goes to the winner of the other couples, we mainly showed fighting Jin, whom he held as many as four (against Rojo, Yoshimitsu, Fury and Kazuya).

Fighters themselves, recognize outwardly look impressive, but in some cases it laquo; vpechatlyayuscheraquo, has a negative color. For example, Russian commando Sergei Dragunov is presented as a metrosexual, that place is not in the ring, and in the cabin of his namesake Zvereva. Well, mentioning that the Dragoons was in the gulag, you can not even comment.

Kazuya Mishima, a cruel and vicious

Substation Dragunov-killershi twins Anna and Nina Williams. Their forms are pleased male eyes, but these actresses would be useful in more films of a different genre. Actually, no wonder we find them in the bedroom Kazuo, where the trio engaged not training.


If the tournament is not fragile at all, in the arena of computer Nina brings with another laquo; simpatyashkoyraquo; mdash; Christie Monteiro. Last from the first seconds of meeting charmed Jin, who mumbled something about her well-honed movements, and he kept his dilated pupils with a gorgeous figure. In the game for the first time Christie appears in the fourth part, and appears as a master of Capoeira. With jin in the game series she has no relations, especially sexual plan.

laquo; Sweet parochkaraquo;: Jin and Christie

General, for a martial arts film Tekken replete with erotic scenes. It would be better focused on the creators of Tekken staging fights, which turned out not too impressive. Although the director does not have fights anyone anyhow, and the famous Tracer and Raffaello fighter Cyril (Cyril Raffaelli), known for films laquo; Kiss Drakonaraquo;, laquo; Die Hard 4.0raquo; Novels and laquo; 13th rayonraquo;.

somersault not helped Gordo

Although different fighters should like to own different styles, view tournament gives a very vague idea of ??the martial arts world. Stand out against the background kapuerist Eddy Gordo and, of course, the samurai Yoshimitsu: the first effective (but ineffective) is engaged in combat acrobatics, and the other attracts luxury suit with mask. Average out and Fury’s charisma renowned kickboxer and actor Daniels showing in 47 years of excellent physical shape.

Yoshimitsu in the best

As actors in general, the superstar in the film is not observed, in contrast to the same Mortal Combat, where he was involved Christopher Lambert (Christopher Lambert). But laquo; krepkihraquo, actors missing, and among them are many moviegoers with the experience, not without satisfaction noted make Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heyhachi. In 1995, Tagawa flashed along with Lambert in the movie Mortal Combat, playing the villain Shang Tsung. Fifteen years later, aged Tagawa again poses terrible grimaces and angry eyes sparkling. Was quite good, and Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya villain. He, however, unnecessarily laquo; otlakirovanraquo, but degree of self-hatred ably supported.

Tagawa as Heyhachi Mishima

Perhaps the most stupid place film is escape the tournament. Frankly, at this point I was expecting fireworks started highlights. Well, I naively thought, now these superheroes headed grandson Heyhachi lead fair fight with the system and, in the end, be released if not the world, at least the United States, whose flag is so beautiful fell in early paintings. However, the elite fighters like rabbits caught the ears and put in a cage. After this film, rolled to his boring razvyazkehellip;

each an orange

Unintelligible final Tekken logically completes a series of absurdities film. The worst thing that no one in the picture to empathize. Freedom fighters? They showed a glimpse of, and they are more likely to brush off ushlyh hackers. The common people? They were quite comfortable in the bar, where the drinks they watched the tournament. Jin himself? Sorry, but sympathize with petty thieves, sissy and slobber womanizer somehow fails. Neither external nor internal Jin not laquo; tyanetraquo, the savior of the nation. What will this new empire heir Heyhachi? Will distribute to each according to orange? ..

seems Jin and he is not happy victory

Not without irony, one can conclude that the creators of Tekken did everything possible to film can be attributed to the pictures of the infamous category laquo; Vraquo.; Maloosmyslenny plot and dialogue, weak in most scenes acting, intrusive and inappropriate flashing of female beauty, a fair share of trash mdash; All this suggests that the case of German director Uwe Boll (Uwe Boll) is alive and well.