Game adaptation: STALKER about people and the Zone

This zone, brother, do not forget. Not dead today mdash;’ll die tomorrow.Stalker Iceberg (Dark Soul) not recommend shove through the swamp at night looking mdash; Bloodsuckers torment.Hunter (Heavy earth)

In search of an answer to a question about the growing number of fan films (the mdash; fanfilm), inspired by the computer game STALKER, I came to the following conclusion. In all three parts of STALKER principal place allocated at the Zone with its monsters and anomalies, and people. These people may be different (military, gangsters, stalkers and others), but it was tied around Sun action, area and monsters are like background, which brings out the best or the worst features of the person. It is no coincidence game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. laquo; vyroslaraquo; film adaptation of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers fantastic laquo; Picnic obochineraquo; (laquo; Stalkerraquo, Andrei Tarkovsky).

Clear that spiritual matters were always closer Russian man. In addition, shoot amateur movies about people less expensive than making a screen version of such iconic shooter as DooM or Half-Life.

It would be easy: find a post-industrial ruins of the former USSR, to gather a group of like-minded, computer graphics arm mdash; and can shoot full-length motion picture about the heavy stalker routine. So, but not quite. Recently, I came across the first part of the film laquo; Dark dusharaquo, then curiosity led me to another fanfilmu mdash; laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo.; That’s what these two fan creations and will be discussed below.

laquo; Dark dusharaquo;

Under its original name laquo; STALKER Dark Soul (Episode 1) raquo; film in 2011, was released by Russian creative association laquo; Kvadrifoylraquo;.

Directors: Denis Aynetdidov and Alexander Rhine. Writer: Denis Aynetdidov.


Picture: 00:43:44.


  • Stanislav Assumption mdash; Sparrow;
  • Yegor Dony mdash; Iceberg;
  • Dmitry Kholodilin mdash; bill;
  • Constantine Dronkin mdash; Cactus;
  • Denis Aynetdidov mdash; voice;
  • Daniel Romanov mdash; Hell;
  • Arthur Ravens mdash; Ivy;
  • Ivan Shishkov mdash; cabinet;
  • Cyril Vdovin mdash; Polyphemus;
  • Alexander Rhine mdash; Zombie.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Dark Soul (Episode 1)

Film laquo; Dark dusharaquo, conceived by its creators as a serial, because the first episode lasts less than an hour. It is called laquo; One day in Zoneraquo.; Since this article does not avoid comparing two amateur film adaptations, then immediately focus on this concept, as air. In laquo; Dark dusheraquo, it does not exist at all. Bright sunny day on a background of dense vegetation, not knowing even poisonous fumes dichlorvos, mdash; is that very laquo; Zoneraquo one day.; Guitar chords as musical backing deadly duels stalkers sound is not the topic, with vividly recalling another laquo; voenizirovannomraquo; series mdash; laquo; Soldatyraquo;.

whole life stalker mdash; gunpoint

Plot complication is the flight of the military (Sparrow) with a cordon of their own former comrades that have plagued him in the helicopter. Maneuvering in the grass, Sparrow safely hidden, and rushing at such speed that the Zone game STALKER he would have already hit the anomaly. Anomalies, by the way, in both amateur film adaptations mdash; not a lot. In laquo; Dark dusheraquo, displayed, rather, describes the anomalies laquo; Myasorubkaraquo.; Viewer show only shatters into pieces bolt caught in it. Well, the paucity of the budget are felt.

What we must pay tribute to the creators laquo; dushiraquo dark, so this is special effects. The first special effect pleases the viewer is in the 6th minute when a sparrow falls from a grenade into a helicopter and the beautiful falls, smoking from all holes. Yes, in terms of special effects laquo; Dark dusharaquo; beats laquo; Heavy zemliraquo.; Just two minutes after the loss of the helicopter the viewer is invited to see the bloodsucker! And it is not fake, and entered into a real bad place computer monster with all his habits. One of the stalkers clan throws his cigarette away, but if he stumbles in the void at the invisible barrier. As you know, the bloodsuckers have the ability to be invisible, that perfectly capture the film. Kill the monster also classically mdash; shot in the head at close range.

a second Bloodsucker die

As we see everyday clan stalkers working on the influential merchant Cactus difficult and dangerous, as in the game. Sparrow by chance falls into this group. His task mdash; find the sniper who killed the merchant artifacts, and take his money, and artifacts. In turn, the sniper who bites stew and tightened cigarettes laquo; Imaginary drugraquo;, the message comes from an informant on the PDA that sent him chase. But then the sniper did not logical mdash; leaving, threw food and cigarettes in the grass. First, since it is elementary laquo; palilsyaraquo.; Second, in the zone throwing cigarette smoke and food is just silly. Within seconds, this behavior sniper clear. Throw useful things it vynudilhellip; scenario mdash; follows him out of the woods Zombie immediately headed for the stew and ate it. Sniper yet calculated, and the wounds in a shootout Sparrow, leaving the battlefield artifacts. Speaking of battles mdash; during combat all moving very slowly, like a walk.

Concludes the first episode of a strange event. Cactus, holding an unusual artifact gains power through which breaks the cup in his hand like a loaf.

Summary, on laquo; dusheraquo dark, and you can say the following. Series, if he gets that continuation, becomes a strong amateur film about the area, laced with some good special effects and all the features the game: monsters, artifacts, anomalies, interesting locations the like. In addition, the series has a meaningful story behind which is curious to watch. Outs (perhaps only episode 1) are a poor choice season mdash; summer in full swing mdash; and lack of a clear track, which passed a dismal, oppressive, and at the same time mysterious atmosphere STALKER

About acting a lot to say no, because the demand from young people level Gosha Kutsenko simply naive. While the desire to give the characters a screenwriter laquo; vypuklostraquo, worthy of praise, to that in Episode 1, we meet not with abstract stalkers or scientists, but with a fairly well developed characters. For example, the Devil mdash; like a little demon, and swearing constantly. Polyphemus was nicknamed because of the loss of one eye, and Sparrow really looks like his frail figure and long nose a frightened sparrow, which almost caught the cat.

laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo;

This movie was filmed TO laquo; Kinostalkerraquo;, which included participants Video Competition GSC. The painting consists of six parts (laquo; Vybrosraquo;, laquo; Preobrazhenieraquo;, laquo; First hodkaraquo;, laquo; Predelraquo;, laquo; Big serdtseraquo;, laquo; Skifraquo ;) and an epilogue. The film was shot by the studios of the cities Fokino, Great Luke, Lipetsk, Kemerovo and Kiev.

Picture debut was in 2009. Duration: 1:43:00.

laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo;

Laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo, compared to laquo; Dark dushoyraquo; mdash; is radically different approach to the image areas. Oppressive atmosphere of the game passed with flying colors. This is achieved by embedding a series of black and white frames, slow motion, pull the camera and of course, thanks to a good musical accompaniment. Especially good are the soundtracks to the first and fourth of the ambient style.

The very presence of six parts of different crews assumes no plot. So it is, but the common thread in laquo; Heavy zemleraquo, comes the theme of a wizard who appears in every part with the same mask, even when he talks calmly cost without it. In addition, the Master mdash; one of the protagonists of laquo; Predelraquo.; In it she tries to track down the sniper master, with her mind from time to time on the brink of the real and the unreal.

terrible death of the scientist

Indeed, laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo, produces nice laquo; tyazheloeraquo; impression. Doubly enjoyable because the film makes vspomnitraquo; Stalkeraraquo; Tarkovsky. Both paintings are literally laquo; fonyatraquo; human suffering. But if laquo; Stalkereraquo, the suffering of the spiritual quality, in laquo; Heavy zemleraquo and it is mainly vested in the physical form. Thus, in a series of laquo; Vybrosraquo, scientist after a failed experiment gets the ax into the forehead of his colleague. Part laquo; Preobrazhenieraquo; bandit knife kills geologist, and then followed by two more deaths mdash; weak lamb by killing two pals transformed into a hardened gangster. In episode laquo; Big serdtseraquo, an automatic ubitogo stalker guy hurt in the stomach in an attempt to present the same age as a rare artifact. And so throughout the film, blood, murder, misery, smertihellip;

Girl Zone!

But we can not go

And past weaknesses laquo; Heavy zemliraquo.; They, unfortunately, we can count a lot. First, the film is almost no such thing as special effects. If laquo; Dark dusharaquo, delighted the audience and shot down the helicopter and bloodsuckers, and fly to the bolt in the anomaly, the laquo; Heavy zemleraquo, nothing like this will not meet. One can only remember the current anomaly, which came the soldiers, in the sixth series. Again, the lack of funds is not allowed to remove what could happen to a person, because tselehonkogo soldier dragged and explained that, well, now the anomaly went feeble.

Kontrolr local bottling

Monsters in laquo; Heavy zemleraquo, came even more amusing. Appearing in the sixth of Kontrolr not like a monster, and the man in the white fever after heavy libations. Acting, as in the case of laquo; Dark dushoyraquo;, very detailed analysis is not subject. However, I note that in laquo; Heavy zemleraquo the actors overplay more, especially in terms of laquo; Preobrazhenieraquo.; As to the cast, any fan of the game STALKER be surprised to see women in the Zone. The lack of female characters in the game mdash; classic, even if it is laquo; goryacheyraquo, the topic of discussion on the web.

Finally, the image of the Master. Perhaps it is crude, and possibly mdash; is simply a claim for something. Anyway, for the Master does not feel force. His nervous conversation in the epilogue to Albert Goverdeylom through a gas mask is in the nature of hysteria, which is almost unabashedly takes the opposite side. Goverdeyl proposes to burst, which will make the Zone laquo; three times and opasneeraquo, and this is the radius of 300 km. Master throws curses and insults, but in the end could only utter disappointment: laquo; And God will judge! Raquo;

The same mysterious wizard

In summary, we can say that laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo; mdash; almost art house, the movie is not for everyone. Perfectly conveying the atmosphere of the Zone, the film still suffers from a lack of special effects, without which to film based on the computer game fondly. In addition, many of the events and characters in the film too naturalistic in its cruelty, why sometimes it seems that the screen turns ordinary criminal drama. But it mdash; already costs of modern culture.

Two approaches

Fanfilmy laquo; Dark dusharaquo, and laquo; Heavy zemlyaraquo, are a clear indication that, based on the universe of STALKER can be removed completely diverse films. And the creation of new lines of narrative will seem sacrilegious to the fans, as the main feature of STALKER is laquo; fripleyraquo, (free play). This freedom is not expressed in the original game (although there can deviate from the plot and main tasks), but gained strength in the fan versions, like AMK MOD and others. 


Laquo; Dark dushiraquo, shows that you can remove laquo; svetluyuraquo; version of STALKER, focusing on the story, characters, special effects and classic locations. A sample laquo; Heavy zemliraquo, gives us an idea of ??how the area could be the basis for almost any story, to which only the ability of the human imagination.

Will professional filming?

More on the exhibition

Laquo; Igromir 2008raquo; famous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko with game developers from GSC Game World gave an interview in which told of his role in a possible adaptation of the game STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. Kutsenko said that the theme close to him, because he served near Chernobyl. To the great joy of the fans, Ghosh admitted that he enthusiastically played STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, which he loved to wander alone, collecting artifacts and other useful things. In addition, he said that the first aid kit readily shared with the wounded stalker (though he and invent. Mdash; approx. Ed.).

Gosha Kutsenko image stalker

Kutsenko said mdash; STALKER universe allows actors to be themselves, revealing their personal, including negative character traits. In comments to the interview it was said that the film can be expected in two years, but, as we see here, GSC Game World has not been without protracted. Among the other rumors about the upcoming film adaptation of mdash; news of the shooting possible not only full-length feature film, and television series.

And while fans dreaming of a picture, for reasons still looking at the pictures in the image Gosha Kutsenko stalker, which were made during the photo session under agreements with GSC Game World. For me, it turned out very good stalker. Only too chistenkiyhellip;

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