Full stuffing: Web services to automatically install applications

Buying brand new laptop or computer – always a great pleasure, but this event is sure to involve the hassle of installing the necessary software. They can not be avoided and complete reinstallation of the system, which will sooner or later have to face all of us. Those who often reinstall the system, often have their own disks on hand to manually created installer for automated installation. Running this installer, after a while you can get not only the running operating system, but all the necessary programs. But this approach has a disadvantage: many programs are updated frequently, so the discs become obsolete at an incredible rate.

In order not to waste time searching for the latest versions of programs on the official websites, you can use web services to automatically install applications. Their idea is that a striking majority of users want the same applications: browser, IM-client, media player, archiver, mail client, etc. That is why such services can be found for most of the programs that do not waste time to visit the directory software or home pages. New version adds to services such almost immediately after the release, so the relevance of the need not worry.

Also features easy download and installation, web services, which are discussed in this article, offer some additional benefits: automatic shutdown adware installation, fast boot updates already installed programs, compiling their own lists of applications, synchronization between multiple programs computers, Startup Manager via a browser, etc.


Ninite – it is the leading web-based service to automatically install applications, and his fame is not coincidental. In contrast to many other applications to find and install software updates, Ninite allows you to install and update software in a fully automatic mode. All you need to do – on the main page of the service check boxes in the checkbox in front of the applications that you want to add or update the system, and then upload the generated service installer. Then you can sit back and go for tea.

Ninite installs programs one after the other without question. The installer will choose the most appropriate version of the application – 32 or 64-bit, and if you have multiple interface languages ??will install the program in your native language. If the installer has some additional options, such as promotional offers to install toolbars, they will automatically be skipped.

Way, because, at the end of last year the number of supported programs Ninite, lost CCleaner, Defraggler and other free programs from Piriform. Software developers, earn well in installations of toolbars, presented a claim to the creators of Ninite, and the latter had to be removed from the popular software of its service.

Installer generated Ninite, always download the latest version of the application, so it can be used repeatedly, not only for new installations, but also to upgrade existing installations.

Total service supports more than ninety popular programs, and the list is constantly expanding. Among them, four browser, a dozen IM-and VoIP-clients, a dozen media players, several applications for viewing and editing image files, dozens of office suites and programs for working with PDF-documents, three archiver, popular codec packages and services to customers data synchronization. In the list there are many users of popular applications like Evernote, TeamViewer, TrueCrypt, FileZilla, ImgBurn, etc.

Although the automatic installation has many merits, before using Ninite, you must also take into account some nedostatkinbsp, such an approach. Due to the fact that the user does not pass independently through each step of the installation, there is no way to influence the parameters. For example, you can not change the folder and drive installation, so if you are used to install applications on a separate disk, it is worth bearing in mind.

Also free web service, Ninite also offers customer value # 36, 9.99 (one computer) designed to automatically update applications. It runs quietly in the system tray and immediately after the detection of updates one of the supported programs signals this.


Allmyapps is positioned as an independent application store for Windows. The service offers thousands of applications, most of which are free. Working with him is through a web interface, as well as with the utility for Windows, which is made in the interface in the style of Metro.

Traveling on site, you can make your own lists of interesting applications. These lists are displayed in the application Allmyapps. All programs added to the list, you can install with a single click.

However, full automation, as Ninite, not here. For many applications still run the installer, and you need to click laquo; Daleeraquo, and select installation options, but there are some programs, the installation of which is truly laquo; tihoraquo;.

If the software can not be installed automatically, after loading under its icon appears Click to install, but if user intervention is required, the installation will start by itself. It should be noted that Allmyapps enables completely disable the automatic installation. In order to fully control the process, you just need to clear the Enable one-click installation when available in the application.

My apps tab, you can monitor installation progress: while some of the selected programs are downloaded, others are already installed.

Lists applications are convenient in that persist even after the programs have been installed. So in case you reinstall your system you can always quickly restore its own set of the most desired applications and install them a few mouse clicks.

Allmyapps application also analyzes all already installed on the computer and finds out whether it is necessary to update them. List of software for updating is displayed on the tab updates. You can see the current and the most recent version of the program, the amount of updates and update all applications with one click. Progress of the download and installation of updates is displayed in real time, and as soon as the program is updated, it disappears from the list.

Another interesting feature Allmyapps – Sync installed programs between computers. If you install an application on multiple PCs, then tab my devices, as well as in the corresponding section of the web interface, you can observe the list of devices and applications installed on them (of course, you will see only the programs that are supported by the service). Allmyapps compare lists and offer to install on other devices missing program. You can do it too in batch mode by clicking Install All.

Allmyapps can be used as a normal program to run. All installed applications are displayed in a large visual icons, and a list of tools you can sort by name, date of installation and date of the last run.


Soluto offers a little more than just laquo; tihayaraquo, installing applications. Using the service you can:

  • track applications that start with the system, and remove them from laquo; Avtozagruzkiraquo;,
  • monitor the status of hard drives, and perform their cleaning,
  • watch the temperature of the processor and motherboard,
  • monitor the discharge of the battery on a laptop,
  • control system security,
  • does change the default, as well as to manage installed plug-ins and browser settings.

All this can be done directly from a web service interface. Soluto also shows a model for the laptop and the name of the motherboard for a desktop computer, the operating system version and the time over which it works on the computer, and the computer calculates the power on a scale.

To work with applications installed Soluto uses the above service Ninite. Client analyzes all the installed programs, and marks those that require updating. You can select some of them or mark to update all programs. Download and install the updates performed fully automated, no dialogs does not arise. From the Web interface Soluto can also be set at the most popular applications: Skype, Picasa, OpenOffice, VLC, Adobe Reader, PDFCreator, Google Earth and others. The list, of course, the same as in Ninite.

Soluto allows you to watch not only for older versions of applications, but also for operating system updates. If automatic updates are disabled, the service informs.

Particular interest is the module to manage applications and services, will be launched together with Windows. For it to work, you must at least once after installing Soluto restart. After that, the service will display information on how much time it takes to boot the system, as well as share all automatically run applications on the necessary and minor.

Load programs and services referred to mandatory disconnect with Soluto can not, you can only view information about them. But for applications that auto-loading, according to the service are not mandatory, you can choose one of two options: disable autorun and postpone it. In the second case the program runs automatically, but not right at the start of Windows, and a little later. Thanks to the launch of the system decreases. Just how could run faster, you can immediately see the Soluto.

In one Soluto free account, you can work with five computers. In Control Panel, the service is the ability to add their own computers or operating machines of other people who need support. When adding your own computer it will need to go to your account and install the client Soluto.

Adding another computer from the control panel, the service user is sent an email with a proposal for technical support. Once the link of such a letter respondent will download and install the client, the data of the computer appear in the web interface. Now you can remotely view information about your computer, to analyze problems, to update the program, etc. It is interesting that such a remote technical support is completely transparent to the user of the computer. In other words, this is a great way to remotely monitor the state of the system and the computer hardware parents and friends who can not set their own programs.

If Soluto finds a problem to be solved, in the list of connected devices, your computer is marked with a special icon. In the transition to the device you can see that the problems discovered rendered at the top.

Soluto also keeps track of which applications are most often crashes, causing problems with memory or CPU consumption. Statistics are collected and displayed in a special section. After a while it can be analyzed, for example, replace the media player, which often fails, others.

Special attention is paid to the Soluto install Dropbox. Through the service, you can quickly install the client on a remote computer, using the authorization or your account details or account information of another person. Right across the Soluto can remotely download and install the client on another computer Dropbox, and create a new account and send the user manual.

Same applies Skype: directly in the web interface, not only vypolnyaetsyanbsp Soluto, installing the client on a remote computer, and enter the authorization data, and if necessary – create a new account.

Note that Soluto service is available as a Metro-apps for Windows 8.


Each of the considered service has its advantages: Ninite is convenient that the installation is completely automated, and thus off toolbars, and other promotional stuff. Allmyapps offers a wide list of programs and allows you to synchronize your installed applications across multiple devices. But though Soluto leverages Ninite for detection and install new programs, also offers a very interesting tool to control auto and osuschestvleniyanbsp, remote tech support people.

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