Forza Horizon celebration of life. review

Series Forza Motorsport mdash; best thing that happened to the racing genre in this generation. And do not, please do udivlnnye eyes and timidly begin to object. That being said, the objective reality: three consecutive high-quality games, each of which is flawless in visual terms, is full of different content and alone udelyvaet same Gran Turismo 5 (well, compared to Shift once even indecent). Therefore, simulators question was finally closed esch last year, when the issue was released chetvrtogo franchise.

It is time for the spin-off in the new format mdash; existing strengths, the engine and the physical model of the god ordered to use to create a cool arcade game. As the main developer was involved freshly formed Playground Games, who founded the people once worked on the series Colin McRae Rally, Project Gotham Racing, Burnout, and Driver. Well, the creator of the main parts of Forza, Turn 10 company, this one stood on the sidelines, helping new studio.

Brave Colorado

Forza Horizon

In all competitions scattered wonderful open world. In the virtual Colorado can meet a wide variety of scenery and landscapes: orange desert mountains with streamers, flat corn fields, waterfalls, pleasant towns with low-rise buildings and lush forests. In this, perhaps, the whole point of the game mdash; to fall in love is not about a single appearance, on local roads on a deeply subjective reason is simply to be comfortable. And no matter what you do at this point mdash; bear with a speed of 200 km / h to the finish line or just ride for fun in their spare time races, mdash; lgkosti local atmosphere and serenity just can not feel and do not feel.

Fact, and what to do in this beautiful edge?

First of all, the festival Horizon. The user is at a certain nameless driver who arrives at a local crowd of racers. He handed the first pass to the competition mdash; during laquo; kareryraquo; need to get into the top division (a total of seven), picking up points in the races and winning famous competitors. The general concept is somewhat similar to Most Wanted by Criterion mdash; we just collect the necessary number of points (in any of the festival events to choose from, go straight Sun optional), to eventually fight one on one with laquo; bossomraquo, and take away his wheelbarrow .

All this is served in a minimalist format of the plot, although the full story is out of the mdash; Sun just in words. DJ’s on the radio coverage of the course of the festival, and the girl-curator date tips, advice and motivation for further achievements. Videos and some special intrigue almost there, but it is, perhaps, no need mdash; voiceover cope well with the scenario rationale is happening on screen.

Festival races are only two kinds of mdash; ring races and sprints. Strange monotony, why could not, for example, to make a drift (engine also allows) or, say, a sprint to the line segments at a time? In addition to career races, you can take part in illegal street racing mdash; fundamental difference is the presence of laquo; grazhdanskogoraquo, traffic on the roads and higher cash prizes. Otherwise mdash; same laquo; koltsaraquo yea sprints.

The optional event was a place the original ideas: you can compete in speed with samoltom-maize, and even vertoltom balloon. Air rival on the line with no problems and udelyvaet supercar, but here on the corners of the car a chance. Also the curator periodically offers a closer study the world mdash; map marked area where hidden special rarity car. There is an opportunity to join in the quick race a couple of kilometers from the random moving car during the free skating mdash; just like in Underground 2.

arcade simulator

As with other representatives of the series, Forza Horizon simply smart fleet. The widest range of brands and models, each mdash; unique behavior and management. Presented by the Sun, whatever you want, from the usual laquo; golf klassaraquo, like Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Honda Civic Type-R to a half dozen of Ferrari, Lamborghini and every Dodge Viper GTS half with Fiat Abarth 595. Only 160 cars in the game (by contemptuous looks to the Most Wanted 2012) mdash; and still is there so many favorite view from the cockpit.

Provides a convenient system of categories mdash; All models are divided into classes according to performance ratings, so it’s always clear what machine is suitable for a particular event. There esch and conventional tuning (automatic: just before the start of the pumped-in vehicle to the desired level), although a little sense in nm.

Even if

Career pass on a minimum mdash; completing only major events mdash; no problem with the lack of money for new cars. No one forces you to go where he is not interested, so there is no problem finding a suitable class race. And money is not as hard to earn mdash; multiplayer give bonuses even in the last place in the heats, but also simple street fight at hand.

Feels like the game is a lot like the simulator Forza Motorsport, but adjusted for uproschnnuyu physics. Damages were only visual, cars are easier controlled skid, and in general the requirements for a player is not so high. However, you can always tweak the difficulty level: a reduction in the form of a graphical help correct trajectory slopes, improve the AI ??opponents to choose mechanical box and disable the traction control and ABS.

Be that as it may, here and go to a really nice mdash; game fair to the user, at least annoying cheaters rivals and dirty tricks like traffic from Need for Speed, though especially in the way in the emerging laquo; slepomraquo; turn. Plus great feeling gamepad: the soft touch laquo; kurkaraquo, a car accelerates smoothly, and if vtopit gas to the floor, then, depending on the surface at high risk of skidding. Same thing with the brakes mdash; careless when using laquo; shiftovraquo; car may well go skid and lose control. These purely simulyatornogo details are successfully entered into the local arcade physics and make Forza Horizon really interesting and comfortable to play.

In multiplayer, there were no special surprises besides the usual circuit racing and sprints are offered polushutochnye (not too exciting) modes such as cats, mice, when the participants are divided into two teams and one interferes with the other to come to the finish. Easy setup your own events through the lobby, efficient and quick search for alien mdash; Sun is necessary. The only wish: I would like an asynchronous network mode during the free ride. Why do I need to compete with the dumb computer, if the other players in your career modes travel in exactly the same open world?

Forza Horizon adequately secures the success of his older brothers simulations. Total organic performance, great design and a huge fleet of vehicles make this game one of the best arcade racing games of recent years.


  • impressive and diverse Colorado;
  • optimal physical model, which also is configurable;
  • fleet, in which every player naydt yourself something interesting;
  • soundtrack mdash; into the topic;
  • great graphics.


  • not many types of races.

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