FAQ on Pod2g: jailbreak iOS 5.1.x release will be a couple of weeks

Apparently, the hacker Pod2g tired receive numerous questions by e-mail or Twitter, and so he set up a small FAQ, where he decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about iOS 5.1.x. To slightly laquo; razgruzitraquo, hacker, providing him time to work on the tool to jailbreak, we publish his small post on our site for Russian users.

So, FAQ on Pod2g:

Survey on whether to release the jailbreak now or wait for iOS 6.0, the results ended 64% / 33%, to be ready as soon as possible. Where is he? What percentage has already been done? As I reported on Twitter, still need a lot of things to do to produce a convenient and proven tool to install jailbreak on user devices. Expect a release in a couple of weeks.
Will it be compatible with my lt; casual iOS-gadzhetgt;? It will be compatible with any device running iOS 5.1.1, except the iPod 3G, iPhone 3G and ATV3 (it is now, in the future this may change … no one knows).
Why so long? Why not make a version for the iPad 3.1 now? There are 16 different devices that will run the jailbreak. They all need to check. It takes a long time.
Can I be a beta tester? No, sorry. Only trusted people (whom you can count on one hand) can not yet access the jailbreak. I do not want to be there was some kind of leak.
What happens if I offer you $ 1 million? This will not change anything.

So while incorruptible Pod2g is working on creating solutions to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1, users can only wait for the official release, which will be held, according to the hacker, a couple of weeks.